Ultimate Bridesmaid Proposal Guide and Gift Ideas

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A marriage proposal is an exceptional milestone, and soon after the moment, planning begins. It is customary for the future bride to send a bridesmaid proposal gift to their closest friends and family as an invitation to join the formal bridal party. Each gift is a token of gratitude for the shared time and involvement in this special day.

In our ultimate bridesmaid proposal guide, you will learn everything you need to know about designing a memorable occasion by bestowing the perfect bridesmaid proposal gift.

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What Is A Bridesmaid Proposal?

A bridesmaid proposal is a formality of asking a few close friends or family members to participate in your wedding. This request is usually presented with a small gift expressing your appreciation for their time and involvement in the events leading up to the special day.

Bridesmaid proposals occur after the official engagement and wedding date are set. Give your loved ones ample time to plan for your big day, preferably six to nine months before the wedding date.

Bridesmaid proposal gifts may include a customized flower arrangement, a thoughtful card, or a planned group activity. Express to your closest companions exactly how much they mean to you by bestowing your heartfelt gift with a formal invitation to join the wedding party.

In addition to the bridesmaid proposal gift, you may also present your bridesmaids with a luxurious Bridesmaid Bouquet or bridal Corsage on the day of the wedding.

How Many Bridesmaids Should You Have?

There is no limit to the number of bridesmaids required for a wedding. There are, however, several aspects to consider that may help with your decision.

Symmetrical wedding parties consist of an even number of guests on the bride and groom’s sides. This precise number allows each bridesmaid to match with a groomsman for the ceremonial procession. An even-numbered wedding party is a simple way to narrow the guest list.

Opting for an odd-numbered wedding party is also acceptable. Allow a wedding planner to arrange the guests in a way that allows the procession to run smoothly.

Another way to decide the number of bridesmaids to include is to consider the wedding budget and cost for each guest. It is customary that each bridesmaid pays for their dress, shoes, and alterations. Determine your budget and also decide whether a professional will style hair and apply makeup for your bridesmaids.

Finally, choose reliable bridesmaids who can commit their time to the wedding and related events. A bride typically chooses her sister(s), cousins, best friends, or roommates as bridesmaids. Ensure their calendar is free for the special moments and memories you will create. Once you have considered these factors, select your perfect number for the ultimate bridal party.

How To Create The Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

 Design the perfect bridesmaid proposal gift or memorable experience with the following bridesmaid proposal ideas:

Design Your Own Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

The ultimate bridesmaid proposal gift box starts with Venus et Fleur®. First, plan your budget and prepare to design your own bridesmaid proposal flower box. Begin by selecting the flower box, flower gift basket, or vessel. Eternity® rose colors matching your wedding theme are the perfect place to start.

Include the wedding invitation, “save-the-date,” or handwritten card with the occasion details. Get creative by proposing to your soon-to-be bridesmaid inside the card or on the flower box lid. Compose a calligraphy message that reads, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” to create a unique presentation.

Add a flower-scented Nue Tuberose Candle, a sentimental necklace to wear on your special day, or a Le Mini Round with a single red rose for the finishing touch.

For a spa-inspired proposal, fill your gift box with items that pamper your future bridesmaids. Choose a plush, soft luxury robe for stylish relaxation on the morning of the big day. Our luxe robe features the classic Venus et Fleur logo and fits all sizes, making it the perfect gift for your bridal party.

Finally, include smaller gifts to accompany the robe, such as a silk sleep mask or rose-scented room spray. Hydrating facial masks, exfoliating scrubs, and rich moisturizers are also great options. Your friends will enjoy receiving this thoughtful bridesmaid proposal gift box to use in preparation for your big day.

Custom Flower Arrangement and a Card

Send your loved ones beautiful eternity flowers and a card for a simple and elegant bridesmaid proposal option. This is a particularly great option if your friends live abroad or when you prefer to send one flower delivery gift.

Venus et Fleur eternity flower arrangements coordinate any wedding theme. Customize your gift by choosing a flower box, a flower arrangement, a combination of rose colors, and a thoughtful handwritten letter. Each bridesmaid will love your heartfelt gesture and feel honored to be included in the events leading up to your magical wedding day.

Plan a Bridesmaid Proposal Group Activity

Plan a bridesmaid proposal activity or weekend getaway for an extra special proposal. Get creative by surprising your loved ones at the end of the event by asking the big question: “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Spend a day at your local winery or a weekend getaway to a vineyard. Gather your friends and enjoy mimosas and pedicures for a spa day or plan a picnic lunch in the park. Any event you plan expresses gratitude for the time you spent together.

Bridesmaid Flower Gifts From Venus et Fleur

Whether you give your future bridesmaids a thoughtful gift or plan an exciting activity, each guest will be excited to be your bridesmaid. They will feel honored to stand by your side on your wedding day and for years to come. Shop the Venus et Fleur selection of eternity roses and eternity flowers online or at our flower boutiques to find the perfect gift for everyone on your wedding guest list.


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