The Sweet and Spicy Gourmet Mother’s Day Gift Basket

The occasion of Mother’s Day honors the essence of motherhood and acknowledges the profound influence a mother has on those around her. It is a time to reflect on the person she is, her tireless efforts, and her significance in your life. A mother embodies love and beauty, like the divine goddess Venus herself. She is a remarkable woman, deserving of a Mother’s Day gift that reflects her worth, and our Sweet and Spicy gift basket does just that.

This Mother’s Day gift features a three-piece variety set of TRUFF hot sauces coupled with sweet delectable treats. TRUFF adds the perfect balance to this luxury gift basket for mom.


Mother's Day Gourmet Gift Basket

The Sweet and Spicy Gift Basket Featuring TRUFF

Each basket in our Mother’s Day 2023 collection is crafted by the skilled hands of international female artisans, who weave each piece with unwavering dedication and commitment. These fair trade artists invest their precious time and talent into this inspired craft, creating a truly priceless and unique gift.

The Sweet and Spicy Mother’s Day gift basket is tailored to satisfy the tastebuds of those who relish distinctive culinary blends. Crafted from palm and raffia, this basket is bountiful with an assortment of delectable sweet and savory treats. Embark on a decadent taste adventure with gourmet chocolates and TRUFF’s piquant sauces while experimenting with sweet rose petal confit and spicy chilis to enhance the flavor of your favorite recipes. This gift also includes an eternity® rose, a timeless keepsake to cherish.


TRUFF Venus et Fleur Gift Basket

Why We Partnered With TRUFF

Our genuine passion for the delicious flavors of TRUFF hot sauces makes this gift unique. With this enthusiasm as our guiding principle, we included TRUFF as a special component in our Sweet and Spicy Mother’s Day gift basket. Our friendship and productive collaboration with TRUFF founders Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni is a testament to our shared dedication to outstanding quality.

TRUFF hot sauces are recognized for their delicious, unforgettable flavors that enliven the senses. The Venus et Fleur® rose petal confit, gourmet truffles, and other exquisite delicacies further enhance this experience. Incorporate these exquisite flavors into your preferred baked goods and beverages to add interest to your culinary creations.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these divine flavors with the same passion as we do. The Sweet and Savory gourmet Mother's Day gift basket is one to relish.


Mother's Day Gourmet Gift Basket

Discover Your Favorite Mother's Day Gift Basket 

We offer an assortment of Mother’s Day gift baskets in addition to the Sweet and Spicy gift basket. The handwoven Goddess Bath spa gift basket is ideal for moms who relish indulgence and relaxation, featuring luxurious bath products and skin-softening items to enhance their self-care ritual.

The Le Cuisinier Mother’s Day gift basket is curated for those who enjoy culinary exploration. This gift includes wooden kitchen utensils, Picual olive oil, and more. Each basket also features an eternity rose, a timeless keepsake to be treasured throughout the year.


Venus et Fleur Mother's Day Gift Basket

Delight in a Mother's Day Gift From VEF 

Make Mother’s Day 2023 memorable with a luxury gift basket from Venus et Fleur. Our unique Mother’s Day gift baskets turn her everyday moments into cherished memories.

A mother's love is a reflection of beauty, just as the goddess Venus embodies this quality. Show your appreciation and love by gifting her something equally beautiful this Mother’s Day.


Sweet and Spicy Gift Basket



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