The Perfect Engagement Surprise

Are you planning a special engagement to the love of your life or have a dear friend or family member who has recently agreed to forever with his or her love? Trying to choose a gift that will speak to the special occasion can prove difficult at times, but you can never go wrong with sending a perfect bouquet of flowers. While a floral arrangement is always a delight to receive, take your gift to the next level with a delivery from Venus ET Fleur. When you send a real rose arrangement from Venus Et Fleur, the recipient will truly feel celebrated and loved by the incredible thoughtfulness and personal touch our rose arrangements convey. In this blog, we’ll detail a few ideas that will make the newly engaged couple feel incredibly special. Browse our easy-to-use website today for an entire selection of our colors, designs, boxes, and arrangement options. Celebrate a decision to be in love for eternity with an Eternity™ Rose bouquet!

The New Initial


If the recipient is planning on taking his or her future spouse’s last name, you can make the engagement even more exciting by sending a gorgeous rose box with the new initial designed into the arrangement. The best part of Venus ET Fleur real rose arrangements is that they are completely and totally customizable. You can choose the size, the shape of the box, the box color and texture, the colors of the roses, and the floral design. Choose the perfect color combination and size of arrangement that will perfectly compliment the new couple. If they have happened to choose their wedding colors, you can even have the initial and surrounding roses in the wedding shades. The best aspect of Venus ET Fleur roses is that they will last for an entire year, meaning that if the happy couple plans to wed quickly, your gorgeous gift could even be part of the wedding decor! The bride-to-be will feel incredibly honored and special by your thoughtful gift. She or he will continue to smile for many months after the engagement when she or he glances at his or her new initial set in stunning Venus ET Fleur roses.

Also, an real rose initial arrangement is a perfect way to propose! Imagine your love’s surprise and joy when he or she lifts the beautiful lid of one of our boxes and sees the new initial appointed in Eternity™ Roses. To even further induce tears, screams of excitement, and joy, you can place the ring box or ring in the roses so as soon as the lid is lifted, all you’ll have to do is drop down to one knee. You can plan to have the roses delivered on a special day or anniversary, or even surprise your loved one at an intimate restaurant, a special place that means a lot to you both, or another meaningful venue with the gorgeous box. He or she won’t know what to think when you give the box to him or her. It will truly be a day to celebrate and to remember with a real rose initial arrangement that will serve as a wonderful reminder of that special day. Who could ever say no to a gorgeous ring and a stunning arrangement of roses from Venus ET Fleur!

A Sweet Heart


Forever the sign of love, a heart arranged in roses will always be sure to please. Take a minute to think of the bride-to-be or groom-to-be and what colors of roses he or she would like. With our incredible selection of vibrant saturated and pastel colors, you’ll be sure to find exactly what hues you feel the new fiancé or fiancée would adore. You can also customize a box that will flatter the color combination perfectly. The best part of a heart rose arrangement is that it can be a constant reminder of the newly engaged couple’s love and new commitment. Since Venus ET Fleur roses last a year, it also will serve as a gorgeous remembrance piece of the special day and the agreement to forever made by both individuals. Also, the lovely Parisian-inspired box can be used for years on end to contain beautiful special mementos from the engagement day and will be the perfect reminder of that marvelous day. A Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Stylish Ombré

A perfect nod to an individual who loves color and style, our Ombré design will be a showstopper. Available in purple, pink, blue-green, or yellow-red, these gorgeous arrangements will be sure to stun with our perfectly curated color combinations. Glorify the beautiful shade range of deep saturated colors to delicate and soft pastels. If you’re unsure of what type of arrangement to purchase and want to ensure that the delivery has thought and consideration in it, an Ombré arrangement is the ideal selection. The lucky recipient will love the unique design and the gorgeous colors, and it will be a wonderful conversation and decor piece. An Ombré arrangement showcases seven rows of gorgeous Eternity™ Roses, perfectly selected in hues that will compliment and flatter each other. And since these are predesigned, you don’t have to worry about choosing the colors, box, or design. Whoever receives this beautiful box will be stunned and incredibly honored.

A Special Number

Are you planning an engagement to your girlfriend or boyfriend and have a specific date picked? Maybe it’s to reference your first kiss, the day you met, your dating anniversary date, or another special day on the calendar that has special significance to you both. Luckily for you, you can also have our gorgeous real roses placed in that particular number. Our custom designs can make all of your floral design dreams come true, and we’re sure that when you see our color selection and the stunning quality of our Eternity™ Roses, you’ll realize that the Venus ET Fleur reality is truly better than your wildest rose dreams. That special someone who receives a gorgeous delivery from Venus ET Fleur won’t be able to contain his or her excitement when he or she lifts the lid and experiences our real roses that last an entire year.

Guess what? It gets better! You can also customize the lid with six different messages. For this occasion, the “Engaged!” option is the perfect choice! Once your loved one sees the significant number and reads the special lid message, he or she will begin to put the pieces together and hopefully by then you’ll be down on one knee! If you only want to join in the celebration and the new couple is part of your family or dear friends, the “Engaged!” lid message is still a perfect selection and will bring another wave of joy to the excited couple.

Simple Solid Elegance

If you perhaps don’t know the new fiancé or fiancée well but still want to send the gift of flowers to celebrate the commitment, our gorgeous solid rose arrangements are always an excellent choice. Perhaps you know that he or she has a special affinity for a particular color, we probably have that exact color. You can also easily customize the box that holds the roses to better flatter his or her personal style. We are proud to offer black and white classic boxes, luxurious white, tan, black, or blue suede, and trendy black or white marble. We also have debuted our absolutely stunning Lé Clair™ Collection, which consists of gorgeous acrylic boxes that showcase our beautiful roses perfectly. Even if you feel as if you don’t know the new couple that well, your gorgeous gift will be sure to surprise and thrill its recipients and truly mean more than words could ever say. All of our boxes come with the option to add a personal message, so you can convey your joy and excitement to the excited couple. Whatever box and rose combination you decide on, you can rest assured that it will always be a showstopper and an extravagant gift.

Celebrating a new engagement is one of the best aspects of life, and sending the lasting beauty of Venus ET Fleur roses is a perfect way to celebrate alongside the happy couple. With all of our incredible options and gorgeous colors, the recipient will truly be honored and floored by the immense beauty of our roses. If you’re planning to give a box of our Eternity™ Roses alongside your heart and a beautiful ring, we’re sure that you will stun your loved one and he and she will always remember the special day with fondness. Shop Venus ET Fleur today!