The Meaning of Rose Colors

Roses are incredibly beautiful, especially when they’re sent as a congratulatory gift or delivered as a complete surprise to the recipient. Did you know that the colors of the roses that you send actually have different interpretations? While the tradition of sending specific colors to an admirer or friend may not be in full force today, writing an explanation as to why you chose the shade of roses will mean even more to the recipient. Next time you plan to send flowers to an individual who is close to your heart, send a Venus ET Fleur arrangement. Traditional roses are beautiful and sure to please, but when you send a stunning Eternity™ rose arrangement, it will be a gift he or she will never be able to forget. Full of vibrant color, a Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement can last up to an entire year, making this floral delivery continue to thrill and excite for months on end. Next time you’re planning to send flowers, send a Venus ET Fleur Eternity™ rose arrangement. It will completely make his or her day for up to a year! Shop now!

Red: Red roses are by far the most popular shade of flowers chosen, but do you understand the meaning when you send a dozen stems to a significant other? Traditionally, they mean love, but they can also convey beauty, respect, courage, romantic love, and passion. This definitely explains the hue choice for Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning to express your love to someone you’ve recently fallen for, an arrangement full of fragrant Venus ET Fleur roses will be sure to make the event even more meaningful.

White: When you choose to send white roses, you’re expressing that you think the recipient is innocent, pure, or youthful. These are often a choice for baby showers or bridal luncheons and bring an air of elegant virtue to an event. If you’re searching for the perfect alabaster Eternity™ rose arrangement, you can also choose a pristine white Venus ET Fleur box to continue with the theme of purity.

Yellow: The color of friendship, yellow roses are the perfect choice to send a dear confidant or companion. The happy hue is also an excellent option to send to someone you’ve recently begun seeing in a romantic manner without appearing too forward. Yellow can also convey joy, delight, and gladness. As yellow is the color of sunshine, it makes sense that it expresses excitement and pure elation.

Lavender: A soft and delicate shade, lavender is a special color reserved for celebrating success and accomplishment. This is the perfect color to send as a congratulatory surprise to a work colleague who has recently been promoted, a friend who has completed his or her higher education, or as a housewarming gift to a new homeowner. You can custom-mix several lavender Eternity™ roses with other shades to send a complex and meaningful arrangement to the recipient.

Pink: The traditional meaning of femininity, pink is a lovely color to send to a family who has recently had a baby girl. Alternatively, pink can be viewed as a hue of thoughtfulness and falling in love. A lucky lady who receives a beautiful blush shade of Venus ET Fleur Eternity™ roses from her beau will be smiling for weeks.

Blue: A blue rose arrangement expresses sympathy, serenity, and calm. The peaceful shade makes this the perfect color choice for a get-well-soon or grief arrangement. However, if you’re searching for a perfect shade to convey trust and commitment, you can also choose this hue for an arrangement for a love interest. To further communicate your feelings, whether sympathetic or assuring, Venus ET Fleur also has beautiful selection of blue boxes to contain your Eternity™ rose choice.

Green: While it may seem like an odd color choice, green is actually an extremely popular choice to signify good fortune, new life, and renewal. To convey harmony to a close family member or friend, choosing our hunter or mint green Eternity™ rose arrangement is the perfect decision for a new baby’s arrival (and also works beautifully if the parents have decided to not reveal the baby’s gender), a job change, or renewed wedding vows. Whoever receives a verdant Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement will be honored by your heartfelt thoughtfulness.

A special way to convey life’s joys and experiences, taking the time to choose a specific color to convey a distinct message will definitely honor your friend or family member’s experience or life event. When you send Eternity™ roses from Venus ET Fleur, you’re sending the absolute best in luxury roses that you can purchase. With incredible customer service and stunning roses that last up to a year, the recipient will feel celebrated and honored by your caring gift. Browse our site now for the perfect rose arrangement for that special someone in your life today!