The Lovely February Birthday Flower

February’s name is derived from the Roman festival of purification, Februralia. This celebration of atonement occurred yearly and was named from the Latin word februa, which means “to cleanse.” Although the shortest month of the year, February bears many holidays and special events within its days, including Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and President’s Day.

The coldest month of the year, but one with plenty of special occasions, February offers many options for luxury birthday gifts. At Venus et Fleur®, we offer customizable gifts and long-lasting eternity® flower arrangements perfect for any birthday month. Explore more details about this month of love, as well as the flower, birthstone, and zodiac signs for those with a February birthday.   


Amethyst, the lilac crystalline quartz crystal, is the birthstone for those born in February. This purple gem is regarded as a stone of peace, said to produce peaceful dreams and mental clarity. Ancient Egyptians often utilized amethysts in amulets, carvings, and jewelry. It has even been said that St. Valentine donned a sparkling amethyst ring intricately carved in Cupid’s likeness. Amethyst, both traditionally and in modern times, is considered the birthstone of those born in February and symbolizes true love. This cherished purple gemstone is often bestowed as a romantic birthday gift for those who were born in February.


The February birthday flowers are Primrose and Violets. Representing everlasting love, faith, and innocence, a gift of the deep blue-purple violet in the Victorian age was a statement of deep devotion. People of Ancient Greece considered the violet-colored flower a symbol of fertility and love and often used its essence in mystical love potions. 

Primrose and fairies were often linked during Celtic times, and it was believed that the flowers were a gateway to the magical realm of fairies. Primrose were thought to provide safety and protection, in addition to evoking true love. In the Victorian era, the gift of Primrose symbolized a person’s never-ending affection.

Purple flowers are a beautiful birthday gift idea for a friend, especially when designed in a personalized arrangement by Venus et Fleur®. Each eternity rose arrangement flaunts real roses that last a year® or longer. Whether it's purple roses or a mixed floral arrangement, you’ll discover the perfect February birthday gift for anyone you desire.

Aura Porcelain Vase With Special Eternity Rose


Pisces and Aquarius are the zodiac signs for February birthdays. Those born in the beginning of February are Aquarians. They possess traits of optimism, individuality, and self-reliance. The later half of the month is allocated for Pisces. Their gracious and sympathetic nature allows them to adapt to their surroundings with ease. Pisces also have an imagination that never ceases. 

Both Aquarians and Pisces are honored in the Venus et Fleur® Zodiac Collection. Our luxurious eternity rose arrangements consist of real flowers that last a year, hand-crafted into the likeness of each zodiac sign. Every unique flower bouquet offers stunning beauty for an online flower delivery or birthday gift not soon forgotten.


February is perhaps most regarded for being the month of love and Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate with a partner, spouse, family member, or friend, Valentine’s Day is meant to show someone you truly care. The most gifted presents for this time of year include Valentine’s Day flowers, chocolates, and luxury gifts. It’s the perfect time to send a surprise gift box or floral delivery to the one you love. 

Every year, Venus et Fleur® designs a special Valentine’s Day collection of eternity floral arrangements. Each arrangement consists of real roses that last a year and require no water or maintenance. It’s a flower gift your Valentine will cherish all year, until the next holiday season.

A Beautiful Purple Flower Arrangement for Birthdays or Valentines


February is the month of love and purity, and a time to celebrate those with a February birthday. Whether you seek a bouquet of flowers for a friend or Valentine's Day flowers for someone you love, Venus et Fleur® arrangements make the perfect gift. Design your own personalized gift or choose from our zodiac flower collection for the present that suits them best.

Venus et Fleur® eternity arrangements are designed with real flowers that last a year or longer. Each floral arrangement showcases lasting beauty that requires no water or maintenance. It’s the perfect luxury birthday gift for a friend or anyone you hold dear.