The Lé Clair Collection

At Venus ET Fleur, we’re always passionate about providing a truly luxurious experience when you purchase an Eternity™ rose arrangement from us. Everything from the quality of the rose to the way they’re arranged in the box to the craftsmanship of the box is important to us. We’re proud to offer our stunning Lé Clair Collection. Our stunning Venus ET Fleur roses are artfully placed in an on-trend and luxury acrylic boxes, perfect for any modern home decor and design. The effect is ethereal, and it seems like the gorgeous roses are almost floating in mid-air. You’ll be able to enjoy the roses for up to a year, and then the box can be utilized in your home as a permanent decor piece. In this blog, we’ll discuss some ideas that include using your Lé Clair Collection acrylic box. Shop The Lé Clair Collection today to order your own limited-edition box from Venus ET Fleur!

Jewelry Display

Because our boxes are made of the finest clear acrylic, you can place your favorite jewelry pieces in it to display them in an unexpected and stunning way. Don’t hide your favorite rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in a traditional jewelry box. Instead, put them on full display and let them shine in our Lé Clair Collection acrylic box! You can leave the box on your bathroom counter, in your bedroom, or anywhere else that you would prefer to show off your favorite pieces. Since the boxes have two levels and a pull-out drawer, you can display a necklace on the top level and perhaps a ring and earrings in the drawer. Don’t forget that these limited-edition boxes also have “Venus ET Fleur” inscribed in gold on them, so the beautiful metallic details of the box will perfectly complement the mixed metals of the jewelry that you choose to display.

Memento Box

If you received a delivery of The Lé Clair Collection as an expression of affection from a beau, then the beautiful acrylic box will be the perfect place to keep your favorite mementos. Keep hand-written notes, ticket stubs, playbills, love letters, flower petals, and other special items that mean so much to you safe in this gorgeous box. The box itself is a memento, and you’ll love how it instantly brings back memories every time that you see it. It will be sure to make you smile for years to come, and be a treasure trove of love and commitment for you to look through every so often. You can also keep other special mementos and souvenirs in the incredible acrylic box as well so you’re always reminded of how much that you’re loved. Since our acrylic boxes are so well-made and trendy, you can definitely display it in your bedroom, living room, or wherever else that you feel like it has a place.

Makeup Vanity

Are you a serious makeup lover and adore displaying your most loved and used products? Instead of keeping them stuck in a drawer or hidden away in a cabinet, display them with pride on your bathroom counter or bedroom vanity by using our Lé Clair Collection acrylic box! Show off that beautiful packaging and your favorite palettes, lipsticks, eye shadows, and blushes by creating a one-of-a-kind display with our Lé Clair Collection box and your favorite products. Place your favorite palettes in the top portion of the box, and then a few prized lipsticks and liners in the drawer for a unique way to show off your current most reached for products. Not only will your vanity look beautiful, but everyone who sees your makeup displayed so perfectly will want their own acrylic box from The Lé Clair Collection! Whatever makeup products you choose to show off, they’ll definitely be taken to the next level by placing them in a Venus ET Fleur box!

Display Piece

You can use our gorgeous acrylic box to place seashells or other small objects in, or simply display it on a bookshelf, mantle, or a table for a unique and unexpected piece. Everyone who has the chance to see it will be sure to love it, and you’ll love how beautifully it complements the space. Also, since the box is clear, it will work in any room that has any color palette or paint color. If you have multiple acrylic boxes, such as the box from Design Lé Clair Vingt-Cinq, Design Lé Clair Neuf, Design Lé Clair Cinq, and Design Lé Clair Un Clair, you can even make an incredible tower of these boxes that will perfectly display whatever you choose to place in them. Since the boxes are clear acrylic, you could change out the items inside the boxes to reflect the seasons and bring a celebratory and festive feel to whatever holiday or event you’re decorating for. The possibilities are endless when it comes to The Lé Clair Collection and you will be sure to love just how beautiful our limited-edition boxes are and how well they will complement and bring a stunning element of style and class to your home.

If you’re interested in purchasing a limited-edition Eternity™ rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur’s stunning Lé Clair Collection, click on our website to order! We have multiple sizes for you to choose from and, of course, an amazing selection of our Eternity™ roses as well. Don’t delay on your order, since these gorgeous clear acrylic boxes won’t be around forever! Shop our website today!