The Delicate January Birthday Flower

January marks a fresh start for a new and prosperous year. It is also the birthday month for many people. Derived from the name “Janus,” January was named after the Roman god of new beginnings. With such lofty symbolism, the month of January provides inspiration for many great gifts and birthday flower arrangements.

There are many interesting facts surrounding this first month of the year, including the January birth flower, birthstone, and zodiac sign. Explore more facts below about January and gather ideas for designing the perfect Venus et Fleur® luxury birthday flower gift.

January Birthstone

Garnet is the deep, sparkling red gem that is January’s birthstone. This gem is known to possess healing properties and is surrounded by much folklore. One such tale claims that a garnet protects its wearer from harm and evil intent. Garnets have also been claimed to symbolize friendship and love.

Today, this pomegranate-hued gemstone is thought to encourage success and provide loyalty and unending affection to its wearer. January’s birthstone is saturated in the color of love and makes the perfect romantic birthday gift for those with January birthdays. To correspond with the hue of this shimmering stone, a mixed floral arrangement consisting of red and burgundy would be a delightful birthday gift idea.

January Birth Flower

The flowers that represent January are Snowdrops and Carnations. These delicate mixed florals create a divine representation of beauty, hope, love, and remembrance. The flower color meaning for carnations varies from deep love for red carnations to pure love for white, and a mother’s love for pink. Carnations are versatile flowers, making them a delightful January birthday gift idea for a friend or lovely flower delivery for Mother’s Day.

Snowdrops blossom in late winter and early spring, making them the first garden flower to bloom. Their snow white petals are named after the word gala and anthos, meaning milk and flower respectively. The snowdrop represents celebration, sympathy, hope, and beauty. It’s a beautiful white flower, with soft, friendly intent that makes the perfect January birthday gift idea for her or for him.

January Zodiac Sign Flowers

Those born in January share the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Each sign represents varying personality traits and characteristics. Capricorns exhibit qualities of ambition, determination, and dedication. They are also enthusiastic about life and naturally persistent.

Aquarians are optimistic, self-reliant, clever, and free-spirited. They share the air element with Gemini and Libra and boast the symbol of the water bearer. This fact accounts for the significant rainfall that coincides with the rising of Aquarius in some parts of the world.

Zodiac gifts are creative birthday gifts for those who value their place in the universe, particularly as gifts for friends, daughters, and sons. The Venus et Fleur® Zodiac Collection includes Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac sign flower arrangements, designed to represent each sign with unique elegance. These real flowers that last a year offer stunning beauty until their next year’s birthday.

Celebrate With Happy Birthday Flowers From Venus et Fleur

The month of January represents new beginnings and endless possibilities. For some, a bouquet of flowers makes the perfect January birthday gift for a friend, family member, or romantic interest. Others may choose a flower box adorned in crimson garnet or a personalized flower arrangement to match their zodiac sign or party decor.

Zodiac flower arrangements add that special touch to any celebratory occasion. Venus et Fleur® eternity® flowers are real flowers that last a year or longer. Each floral arrangement exhibits lasting beauty and requires no water or maintenance. Give a memorable gift they’ll remember forever with Venus et Fleur®. It’s the perfect luxury birthday gift for a friend or anyone born in January.


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