The Best Wedding Flowers by Season

Planning your wedding can be an exciting, but oftentimes anxious experience. Everything from choosing the perfect wedding dress to selecting a wedding band involves careful consideration as far as taste, theme, and simple instinct. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and it’s perfectly natural to want everything to be, well, perfect! And there are a thousand and one things to consider before your big day arrives.

It’s never too early to start the process of choosing a color palette that will be the ultimate expression of your personality, preferences, and style for that day of all days. In the event that you find yourself struggling to decide on the ideal color combination, then read on. We’ll be talking about the most popular choices for color and floral palettes depending on the season, as well as some tips on how to use these to your advantage come the wedding date.

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Now let’s take a look at a few different seasonal options that we have found to be both popular and quite tasteful.

Spring and Summer Flowers

If you have ever had the privilege of organizing a wedding, you surely know that spring and summer weddings are far and away the most popular in the United States. There is a diverse spectrum of beautiful flowers available during these warmer seasons, and to that effect, we will go over a number of colors and floral schemes, from the subtle to the vibrant, that can easily make any wedding environment feel stylish and appropriate. 


These broad-petaled and vibrant blooms make for a stunning floral option on your wedding day. While these gorgeous blooms are most often associated with the Netherlands, this flower is actually believed to have originated somewhere between Northern China and the Mediterrannean. Tulips are available in a dazzling range of colors, from white, cream, and peach, to vibrant hues such as magenta and red, all of which complement a spring and summer palette beautifully.

Whether you’re planning on an extravagant wedding or a more down-to-earth celebration, tulips represent an affordable option worth considering. They can work well in bouquets, boutonnieres, and even table centerpieces.


These flowers boast a large, full head with bright colors and a strong perfume scent. They have been cultivated in Asia for thousands of years, and in the modern era, they have been further developed by French growers. According to the still much-regarded tradition of Victorian floriography, these flowers convey the feeling of “bashfulness.”

A bouquet of these flowers can be used to create decorative centerpieces and arrangements for your wedding day and can be procured in colors from pure white all the way to a lush, hot pink, and every shade in between.


For centuries, roses have been regarded as a symbol of love and beauty, making them a marvelous floral addition to any wedding day. In the past, poets and romantics have employed this delicate symbol as a metaphor for passion, longing, beauty, and true love. Due to their overwhelming popularity, they are cultivated in a variety of bright and elegant colors to accommodate just about any wedding décor. And with more than three thousand varieties of roses grown commercially, these blooms are wonderfully affordable.

Here are some of the rose’s more popular varieties.

Modern Garden Roses

When the average person thinks of a rose, they’re probably envisioning this variant, simply because, unlike older forms of garden rose, which are known to bloom just once a year, modern garden roses bloom on a continuous basis. 

These flowers also have a notably larger bloom size, as well as a younger case life. However, they can lack fragrance compared to other blooms of this season and are more susceptible to diseases.

Damask Roses

These elegant blooms feature in a number of Bible stories, and it won’t come as a surprise that these are some of the oldest roses in the world. There are two primary groups of Damask roses: the Summer Damask and the Autumn Damask, both named after the time of year in which they bloom. Summer Damasks come in a variety of colors from white to pink and are characterized by their wide, fragrant blossoms—so fragrant that they are a common staple in the perfume industry.

Miniature Roses

Selected for their small size, these adorable flowers are smaller-grown variants of the Hybrid Tea rose. Their petite blooms have short stems, and they can be grown in a wide range of colors to make your wedding day extra special, from bright pink to orange and yellow. 

They are known to bloom continuously for two to three weeks at a time. And while these roses are often sold as houseplants, they can make a tremendously vivid statement for your wedding day décor.

Style and Grace – The Eternity Rose

At Venus ET Fleur, we take pride in our gorgeous Eternity® Roses, which are full of that wonderful fragrance that you love so much about roses, which, best of all, allow you to enjoy it for months on end as opposed to other rose bouquets. Made from 100-percent real roses grown in the lush rose fields of Ecuador, each of our delicate Eternity Roses is carefully cultivated until it reaches a full bloom, then is treated, dyed, and hand-arranged by our in-house floral specialists for a handcrafted touch that is sure to impress.

This Small Le Plein is the perfect exemplar of the class and style that emanates from all of our handmade bouquets. It featured a classic and refined cluster of stunning Eternity Roses set in one of our gorgeous Parisian hat box-inspired vessels. An arrangement such as this one will doubtless make a splendid and luxurious impression as a reception centerpiece.

Fall and Winter

For weddings in the colder months of the year, choosing floral arrangements can sometimes pose a challenge, as fewer blooms will be in season. But have no fear, dear reader, as we’ve prepared some of our choicest selections to star in your fall or winter wedding.


One of our favorite fall-flowering beauties, Chrysanthemums are an incredibly versatile bloom in terms of style, and they shine wonderfully in a wedding bouquet. The volume and texture of this flower add a great deal to an elegant white-and-greenery color scheme. A bouquet featuring chrysanthemums in various shades of red and peach will embrace the season’s festive side. Put marsala chrysanthemums alongside a bunch of blush and cream-colored roses to convey a sense of feminine romance.


This often-overlooked flower can serve a perfect turn for your fall or winter nuptial ceremony. Their hardy constitution allows them to continue blooming and thriving during the coldest months of the year, and they can conveniently be found in a variety of colors, from rich purple to more subtle pastel blush and lilac shades.


Anemones are another wonderful bloom that is readily available in the wintertime. Their graceful white coloring and dark black center make them ideal for a more modern, minimalist ceremony. Their bold contrast offers a refreshing personality and elegance that we see in few other blooms this time of year.

Why Not Roses?

As roses can be cultivated throughout the year, you should not be surprised to see them pop up in many a wintertime wedding. Their aforementioned fragrance and variance in color give them a tremendous versatility when it comes to piecing together your perfect bridal bouquet.

From deep purples and burgundies to the exotic and richly symbolic black rose, which pairs wonderfully with a pine or emerald-green oriented scheme, we can think of no better bloom to accent the occasion of your perfect fall or winter wedding.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide has been illuminating for you in the face of the numerous stresses that are no doubt running through your mind as you attempt to plan the perfect wedding. Whether it takes place in December or May, we want every aspect of your ceremony to shine with flawless detail, and you will find it hard to go wrong with any of these.

We wish you a happy and stress-free wedding planning process.



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