A Perfect Pair: Spring Rose Colors and the Terre Travertine Vase

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to embrace the vibrant colors of nature by updating your home decor. The Terre Travertine Vase is an elegant stone flower vase lavish with luxurious eternity® roses. Pair this piece with our luxurious spring rose colors to create an uplifting floral arrangement that imparts beauty and grace throughout the year.

Many preserved flower arrangements are available at Venus et Fleur®. The Terre Travertine stone vase is just one example of our luxurious, modern styles. Venus et Fleur original eternity roses add luxury to your home decor and make a thoughtful flower delivery for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and more.


Terre Travertine Vase with Purple Roses - Venus et Fleur

The Terre Travertine and Spring Rose Colors

Embrace the spring season with the Terre Travertine stone vase. Display our spring roses in this elegant vase to radiate strength and peace throughout your home while creating a vibrant, luxurious display.

Incorporate floral accents and centerpieces throughout your home this spring by displaying the Terre Travertine and all our beautiful spring floral arrangements.

Terre Travertine and Dusty Rose Flowers

The springtime dusty rose flower exhibits femininity and grace, and when showcased in the Terre Travertine Vase, it flaunts profound beauty. The combined aesthetic of the warm stone-carved vase and dusty rose flowers deliver an air of strength and elegance to any space. 

Highlight this arrangement as spring decor on an entryway table to set the tone for a refined space, or incorporate it into a minimalist decor aesthetic. The Terre Travertine is an arrangement that makes a beautiful centerpiece for living rooms, kitchens, or anywhere you choose.

Terre Travertine and Dusty Lavender Roses

Bring effortless originality and positive energy into your space with dusty lavender roses, the perfect spring rose color to coordinate with the Terre Travertine Vase. This preserved flower arrangement adds a touch of luxury with the modernized version of purple. 

Embrace the purple rose color representing originality, calmness, and enchantment wherever you choose. Incorporate the Terre Travertine with dusty lavender roses in your home decor by placing it on a table or displaying it as entryway decor. 


Spring Rose Colors and Eternity Arrangements

Terre Travertine and Papaya Roses

Bring energy into your home decor with our papaya-colored roses, a light, almost pastel rose color that brightens your home and inspires fascination. When you pair Papaya's gorgeous soft orange color with the warm tan tones and solid stone structure of the Terre Travertine Vase, the flower decor piece inspires creativity and fascination.

This papaya rose-colored take on our Terre Travertine Vase is a beautiful decor addition that brightens any space. This vibrant spring flower decor elevates your most cherished moments at home.

Terre Travertine and Cantaloupe Roses

Cantaloupe is a color that imparts happiness and inspires appreciation. It’s a perfect color to complement the good feelings that come with spring. Combined with our Terre Travertine, it creates a radiant and peaceful space, helping you err on the side of optimism for the next year.

This large floral arrangement of cantaloupe-colored roses is the perfect centerpiece to enliven a larger home space. Display it in living rooms or kitchens for a spring flower arrangement and a home decor option that uplifts the room's aura.


Cantaloupe Eternity Roses- Venus et Fleur

Elevate Spring Decor With Eternity Flowers

Embrace the spring season with the Terre Travertine Vase and preserved flower arrangements from Venus et Fleur. The warm elegance of this arrangement delivers a balanced aura to your home and the luxurious feel of real roses that last a year®.

Explore our luxury eternity roses on our website, or shop in-store at our flower boutiques for same-day and next-day flower delivery.