Tell Her you Love Her With a Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift

As you search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the special woman in your life, the array of options can seem dizzying and intimidating. From every angle, we are battered with signs, slogans, and images that promise us that this or that product is the only true way to communicate our deepest feelings to that special person in our lives.

The truth, of course, is that there is no single remedy, no one perfect gift that is sure to trumpet our love to the heavens. Depending on the personal qualities of your special Valentine and the state of your relationship together, any number of romantic gifts could be appropriate.

Is this a fresh and budding romance, or a long partnership seasoned by years of trust and commitment? The answer to this question will better determine the most fitting overture of your heart’s inner truth.

We’ve tried our best to compile a list of potential gifts that range from the traditional to unconventional, in the hope that you can select the gift that perfectly communicates your feelings to that special woman. 

1. A Long-Lasting Flower Arrangement

Since time immemorial, flowers have been the language of romantic love. And we wouldn’t be surprised if, when considering gifts for her, you place flowers at the very top of the list.

In 2019, 28% of American adults purchased flowers for Valentine’s Day, showing in quite plain terms the power of the flower in the way of a romantic overture.

The same study showed that 69% of those flowers purchased were red roses, traditionally understood to symbolize deep and passionate romantic love. It surely comes as no shock that the most commonly-gifted item on Valentine’s day is a bouquet of red roses.

Given such commonness, we humbly submit a more lasting and spectacular alternative: Eternity® Roses, from Venus ET Fleur®, are created with a special process that allows them to stay fresh for up to a full year. 

These marvelous innovations on a Valentine’s Day classic are dipped in an all-natural wax that dehydrates them without distorting the shape or texture. This is done to keep them from wilting for up to an entire year.

Last, they’re dyed to their final color, which comes in a stunning variety—from elegant gold or silver to a magnificent rainbow.

All of our roses are sourced from Ecuador, where they’re allowed to blossom fully before harvest. And it goes without saying that the traditional, vibrant red remains a popular mainstay.

Consider, for example, the Small Round display or Le Mini Square from our Classic Collection. Not only do these elegantly-boxed pieces fit tastefully with any décor, but they also emit the delicate fragrance that she’ll expect and hope for from a bouquet of roses.

Matters Of The Heart

Perhaps even more suited to the occasion is our Heart Box Collection, which includes three dozen Eternity Roses set within a heart-shaped box cut from luxurious suede.

For a classic Valentine’s Day display a la Venus ET Fleur, we recommend the Blush Suede Heart Box with red roses to best reveal to her the deep and long-lasting nature of your love.

Secure Your Love

For a unique gift inspired by the locks that lovers leave on the Ponts des Arts bridge in Paris, choose this lock box filled with beautiful Eternity Roses

Much as the locks symbolize the eternal nature of the love you share with your partner, so too will this gift show that special someone that you’re in it for the long haul. 

2. A House Plant

Over this past year, daily life has, for obvious reasons, become dramatically more confined to the great indoors. As a result of this, many people have begun raising household plants as a way to put their inside time to good use, caring for a living thing.

The gift of a houseplant symbolizes a longer-term commitment. And, though more domestic, it is no less romantic a gesture than the most vibrant bouquet. Particularly if the special woman in question has a green thumb.

From something as delicate and majestic as an orchid to the more low-maintenance option, such as a succulent, houseplants are a terrific gesture of a kind and patient love that, if properly watered and cared for, have the potential for growth and the enrichment of a home.

3. An Incredible Experience

The best things in life don’t always come in a box. And often, our most cherished and romantic memories come not from a keepsake or a physical object but from an evening shared, an unforgettable meal, or a paradisical trip to parts unknown.

Depending on the tastes and interests of your partner, a concert, a sporting event, a play, or a special screening may set the perfect tone for a budding romance. Of course, since options in this area may be more limited than in years past, improvisation combined with the proper protocol is of the essence.

An experience can also be represented by a beloved hobby or expressed curiosity—consider a yoga or fitness class, museum vouchers, or a pass to a painting or crafting course. Get a sense of your partner’s curiosities and interests, then search for related events or classes in your area. Creativity and a willing spirit are all that’s required here.

This kind of gift is a great opportunity to learn something new with one another. A wine-tasting or a trip to an orchard for apple-picking and cider-pressing are two beautiful examples of ways to enrich your relationship with a shared experience of something new.

Not only is this an excuse to indulge the fancy of that special someone, but it’s also a chance to get out and make the most of your time together.

4. Jewelry & Precious Stones

Another Valentine’s Day staple that should come as a surprise to no one—a piece of beautiful jewelry can be the perfect expression of a bright and shining love.

Though a gift of jewelry is considered among the most splendid and romantic of Valentine’s Day gestures, one should not wander into such a purchase blindly. Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not every girl’s best friend. The tastes of your beloved may or may not agree with a standard gold-and-jewels approach.

Take time to acquaint yourself with stones and their meanings. Then consider who you’re buying for. Is your paramour the kind of woman to adorn themselves in shining, precious gemstones of the highest rate? Or would they be more touched by the gift of a fine jade or amethyst crystal, believed by many to possess spiritually therapeutic properties?

Gems and jewelry carry the potential to make a spectacular gift for Valentine’s Day. We suggest a careful study of your partner’s jewelry and color preferences, lest you end up spending an arm and a leg on something that doesn’t even match their wardrobe.

A potentially magnificent pairing to a gift of jewelry is a piece from the Velvet Flowers Collection from Venus ET Fleur. These arrangements are couched in resplendent velvet boxes, which are styled after a number of precious gemstones.

If you find yourself springing for a set of emerald earrings for your significant other, consider pairing them with a gorgeous Large Square Emerald Velvet arrangement. Such a magnificently twinned offering is sure to sweep them off their feet.

5. Beauty And Skincare

In the event that your Valentine this year is a fashionista with impeccable taste, you might be served by gifting them a glamorous set of beauty products.

Now, this avenue presents itself with a few risks—namely, that the last thing you want to communicate to your special someone is that they need a consumer product to be beautiful. You want to say just the opposite, that they are beautiful no matter how they look, and that this gift is only a testament and outer tribute to that inner beauty.

A second risk is, of course, how to make sure this is a product they actually want or need. We strongly recommend consulting with close friends or family of your proposed Valentine to get a sense of what their beauty routine may be missing or how it might be better accentuated.

With great risk come great rewards, and we have no doubt that with proper planning and attention to detail, a glamorous beauty product can be an ideal choice of gift to make your sweetheart feel seen and loved.

In Conclusion

Contrary to what you may hear in some television advertisements, there is no one perfect Valentine’s Day gift that is certain to please. The most romantic Valentine’s gift is the most personal, one which expresses not only the deep feelings you have but the memories and experiences you’ve shared together.

Something as simple as a home-cooked meal or a handwritten love-note, if it comes from the heart, can be ten thousand volts more powerful than any number of precious jewels. As you make your choice of the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, keep your eyes fixed on what really matters—your feelings for her.