10 Fun Summer Date Ideas To Go on This Year

Summer is the season of long, sunny days, perfect cool evenings, and the promise of romantic and fun dates. As we begin to venture out back into the world, now is the time to plan something with your special someone. We have gathered some fun summer date ideas sure to strike your fancy. Celebrate the season of love with the perfect date to bring you and your summer love closer together. 

1. Take Advantage of Rooftop Views

Summer is also prime rooftop season. Make the most of elevated outdoor dining while it’s in season. Watching the city lights sparkle after taking in the evening sunset will set an amazing tone for a romantic night to remember. Grab dinner at a local rooftop restaurant, or just take in the city views with a late-night cocktail. Getting dressed up and going out on the town will make you feel fabulous inside and out. 

2. Pack a Picnic 

Catch some live music at a local park with a perfectly packed picnic basket to enjoy. Bring a throw blanket or quilt to create a soft and comfortable space for your date. Fun ideas for a picnic basket are a charcuterie board, sandwiches, cold meats, salad, fresh fruit, and of course something sweet.

Add some sparkling wine and flutes for a little touch of picnic sophistication. Summer concerts are often free to the public, so you can focus your date budget on creating the perfect spread and ambiance. 

Along with outdoor concerts, many cities have outdoor summer movie screenings in local parks. Check out what events are happening in your area and choose what seems the most fun for you to enjoy. Pack additional blankets and pillows for extra coziness to enjoy the film. Pop some popcorn beforehand. You can also pack your date’s favorite movie candy to bring the concession stand right to you. 

If there aren’t any local outdoor screenings or concerts in your area, there are still plenty of ways you can bring the picnic aesthetic to your home. For example, you can set up an outdoor picnic in your backyard or on your balcony. If you have access to a projector, you can set up your own outdoor movie screening. Bring out some portable speakers with a customized playlist and create your own musical experience. You will be sure to create a memory that will leave a lasting impression. 

3. Go To the Theater 

As indoor spaces begin to open back up, buy tickets to a show to support your local theaters. Whether you decide to check out a play you have never seen or take in your first feature film back in a theater, there are plenty of options that are both a good date idea and a way to support local businesses.

Checking out a matinèe viewing of a play or movie you both have been dying to see will be an amazing day date for any couple. This will save you from sunburn, while also providing ample conversation topics to discuss after the lights come back on. 

4. Take a Romantic Stroll Through a Museum and Garden 

Head to a museum and aimlessly wander the newest exhibit together. Whether you prefer art, science, or history, there is sure to be a museum for you. Many museums have lovely garden grounds nearby or on the premises. Stroll amongst nature’s blooming bouquets and discuss what caught your eye the most. 

Take the museum exclusively outside by seeing if there are any outdoor art installations in your area. Depending on the institution’s rules, the grounds could also be a romantic picnic spot for your summer date. 

5. Plan a Romantic and Special Spa Experience at Home 

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6. Cook a Candlelit Dinner for Two

Take the restaurant dining experience to your own kitchen table by cooking a romantic meal for two together. Choose a new recipe to learn together. Put on some ambient French cooking music, pour a glass of wine, and have some laughs as you build a beautiful meal made with love.

For decor, add some romance to your space with an arrangement from our Classic Collection, featuring our iconic hatbox design that Venus ET Fleur is known for. From one rose to over one hundred, there is sure to be a gift that will make your date feel special. 

You can turn every part of the planning process into an entertaining date. If you are planning a dinner, even choosing the recipe together can be a fun activity. Or, grab some bags and head out to your neighborhood farmer’s market. Choosing fresh and locally sourced ingredients will make the final meal all the more special for you and your special someone. It will be the ultimate summer date perfection and leave you both full and happy.  

7. Have Some Vino at a Wine Tasting 

A day trip to a vineyard has all of the elements needed for a romantic and fun summer date. Walking outside in nature on a beautiful day, tasting different wines, and learning something new together;  what could be better? Take a bottle home as a keepsake of a memorable and fun day. If there aren’t any vineyards near you, check out a local tasting room in your area. 

8. Take an Art Class 

Now is a great time to try out a new artistic venture. Channel your inner Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore with a private ceramics lesson. You will leave with a specially made memento to take home. Lots of art studios offer sip and paint classes. Get tipsy and channel your inner artistic side together. Get a giant paper pad and some charcoal and take turns sketching each other. 

9. Get Active 

Take advantage of a sunny day and spend some active time outdoors. Go for a hike, walk along the beach, or make a friendly bet over a game of tennis. Look at your local community events schedule. Perhaps there is an outdoor yoga class you can join! Going on a bike ride will make you feel like a kid again, and the endorphins released will boost both of your moods. Wherever you go, find a scenic route where you can take in the gorgeous nature around you. 

10. Grab a Mic and Sing 

If you both love to sing (even if it is just in the car or shower), heading to a karaoke night is a sure way to let loose and have a good time. Switch off between duets and solo performances. If you are feeling adventurous, go out to a karaoke bar or rent a private room. If you are feeling a little shy, you can always have a karaoke night in your own home. 

In Conclusion 

These are tried and true dates that will keep your summer love feeling sparkling and fresh. As summer heats up, now is an amazing time to fit in some fun, unique, and seasonally appropriate summer dates. You can go out or stay in, there is something that will make your date special and memorable. 

Whether you choose to explore your artistic pursuits or adventure in the great outdoors, there is a fun date idea for you that will have you both rolling in laughter, romance, and good times to remember forever. 



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