The Le Petit Round: The Perfect Springtime Flower Box

The spring season has arrived, and roses are one of the most prominent flowers to make a statement this season. To celebrate, we introduce our spring collection of eternity roses in four stunning new rose colors - Dusty Rose, Dusty Lavender, Papaya, and Cantaloupe. Venus et Fleur® eternity® roses are real roses that last a year®. Our preserved flower arrangements, including the Le Petit eternity arrangement, receive a makeover with these new rose colors and floral textures for a fresh take on spring.


Papaya Le Petit

Why is The Le Petit Round The Best Flower Box For Spring Roses?

Eternity roses do not require water or maintenance, making them a convenient floral gifting option for anyone. They are a popular flower among those who long to enjoy the extended beauty of fresh roses. Our eternity roses are long-lasting preserved flowers that last a year or more. This means their beauty and fresh, delicate fragrance remain true longer than traditional store-bought flowers.

Which Rose Colors Are Available in The Le Petit Round Flower Box?

The Le Petit Round eternity rose arrangement includes seven lush eternity roses in your choice of color - Dusty Rose, Dusty Lavender, Papaya, Cantaloupe, or one of two spring rose colorways, Morning Mist or Melon Sorbet. Morning Mist and Melon Sorbet combine a mix of our spring rose colors for a fresh take on this popular classic rose arrangement.


Spring Eternity Roses

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a luxurious pink rose color meaning femininity, grace, and thoughtfulness. It is a revised spring version of our pink eternity roses.

Dusty Lavender

Dusty lavender is a lush purple rose color, meaning originality, calmness, and enchantment. This gorgeous lavender rose color imparts elegant grace everywhere it is displayed.


Papaya is our orange spring rose color. These roses represent creativity, fascination, and energy. This cheerful rose color adds subtle charm to sophisticated eternity arrangements.


Cantaloupe is the yellow rose color of the season, representing happiness, friendship, and appreciation. This creamy color is a beautiful addition to our luxe spring rose color collection.

The Melon Sorbet and Morning Mist Rose Colorways

Le Petit arrangements in Morning Mist include three Dusty Rose eternity roses, three Dusty Lavender, and one Pearl White eternity rose. Melon Sorbet arrangements include three Papaya roses, three Cantaloupe, and one Pearl White eternity rose.

Each spring eternity flower arrangement offers a vibrant, colorful variety of roses that deliver stylish elegance. Le Petit spring flower bouquets are available in our signature black and white classic Parisian hatbox-inspired flower boxes. The Le Petit arrangement makes a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion.


Lavender Le Petit

What is So Special About The Venus et Fleur Spring Rose Collection?

Our spring rose collection features four new rose colors and textured reflexed roses for an unforgettable spring flower arrangement. Reflexed roses involve a floral technique that gently bends each petal backward, providing a soft backward curl to each. This technique delivers a fluttery effect to each bloom, offering a beautifully elegant and fresh aesthetic. Reflexed roses are available in select porcelain and stone vases and classic flower box arrangements.

Celebrate Spring With The Le Petit Round Flower Box From Venus et Fleur

Add springtime flair to your home or office with an eternity arrangement from Venus et Fleur. Our preserved flowers are hand-sculpted, real flowers that last a year or more, meaning their fresh, floral beauty remains true all year. Eternity arrangements are the perfect gift for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation, for anyone you hold dear.

We craft our luxury Venus et Fleur eternity arrangements and gifts with impeccable quality. Explore our new spring rose colors and textured reflexed roses on our website or at one of our flower boutiques to discover your new obsession today.

Purple Rose Let Petit Arrangement - Venus et Fleur