Seasonal, Zodiac, and Birthday Gift Ideas for September

As the summer wraps up and the holidays come around the corner, September has a lot to offer in terms of possibilities and gift giving. In September, those with a birthday are lucky enough to have it in a time where things start to settle down, but for the most part the weather is still warm enough for much of what we do outdoors. This can make for great times as well as gift options for some of the people you’re closest with.

If you’re getting a gift for someone in September, something that captures the season as well as whatever they’re excited about in the coming weeks would be ideal. At Venus et Fleur, you can get a gift for any month or season and personalize it with a wide range of colors, flower varieties, vases, flower boxes and more to get the message just right. However, if you’re not looking for flowers, there’s still much you can take away from September to find the perfect gift.

Getting the Perfect, Custom Birthday Gift in September

September is a month where you should find ample opportunities to get a gift that’s well attuned to their interests. Many people will be excited and already enjoying the fall weather, while others are eagerly looking forward to October, November, and December for what is undoubtedly the most festive time of the year as well as when winter activities start in much of the country.

Seasonal Gift Ideas in September

As we’ve mentioned, September represents the start of many people's favorite season, fall, and the last of the wait until the Holiday season gets underway. When it comes to giving gifts, this opens you up to a wide variety of fashions, décor, and other seasonal gifts.

For the fall lover that has their birthday in September, treats to help them enjoy the season and make some memories are a great idea. A few choices include hoodies, luxurious blankets, or comforting foods and spirits. A beautiful arrangement in customized fall colors or one that will match the fall, holiday, and seasons well beyond, such as one of our pomegranate arrangements, is another great option for them to indulge in their space.

If you want it to take it beyond the cozy aspects of fall, you could gift something tailored to their more outgoing interests. Cold weather camping gear, a set of hiking boots to fully enjoy the colors of the season, or perhaps a gift to make the most of their Halloween, Christmas, or other coming holidays. 

What Virgo and Libra Tell Us

As far as neighbors on the astrological chart, Virgo and Libra are strikingly compatible in their more overriding characteristics, which can help you narrow down the range of birthday gifts people in September might enjoy. While the Virgo is a little less social and a little more harsh in their opinions, the two both have traits that help them work with others and they both value fairness and kindness in their lives and people. Gifts that help them with their work or bring them closer to others would be wise for both.

Both Libra and Virgo are also inclined to nature, giving you extra insight beyond the social aspects that separate these two, they’re both likely to enjoy something that gets them outdoors or that can calm their spirit as one is generally anxious and the other can shrink into themselves in times of confrontation. 

For the more social spirits in September, get them something guests can gather around, like a fire pit, outdoor furniture, or passes to one of many coming events that you can enjoy together. For the more reserved ones, some of the same home gifts might work, or consider a fall flower arrangement to tie their home and their season together. Once the season starts, check out our seasonal page for a variety of options.

The Colors of the Month for September

If the colors of the season haven’t inspired you towards the right gift in September, then maybe the colors of the month will. Vivacious and unique, the colors that represent September would give you something that is unquestionably gorgeous. Represented with similar shades of blue in both colorstrology and their birthstones, the opportunity to customize a vibrant combination comes with the colors representing each individual birthday.

Paired with sapphire, we have the colors of aqua, lime, olive. Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s more earthy or someone who goes with the flow, these colors offer both down to earth and head in the cloud combinations of fully customized floral arrangements.

Get the Perfect Gift for Them This September

At Venus et Fleur, we want you to get the right gift for every occasion, so we hope this list has helped you circle in on the best gift for the September birthday or other occasion coming up in your life. For the best in long-lasting, elegant arrangements, shop with Venus et Fleur for all the important occasions in your life.