Rose Tea: Benefits And Advantages

Lovers of tea and flowers alike have most likely heard of rose tea at some point in their lives. And it is no wonder why this herbal tea is gaining more and more name recognition in recent years. 

At Venus ET Fleur®, we, of course, love roses, but we also love the rose’s versatility and how there are so many ways for it to spark joy and be useful. One such way is rose tea, and we are here to enthusiastically tell you about what it is in addition to other useful information like how to make it and why it is so wonderful. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the benefits and advantages of the glorious beverage that is rose tea.

What Is Rose Tea? 

Rose tea is an aromatic herbal drink that is made up of the petals and buds of a rose. For thousands of years, roses have had a purpose beyond just to sit in a vase and be admired or as a token of a person’s love and admiration. 

They actually have many potential health benefits when utilized and consumed, and therefore have long been successfully implemented medicinally. 

The rose is a flower of action just as much as it is one of beauty, therefore making it only natural for it to be made in a tea that is ultimately both healthy and comforting. It is nothing new, after all, to put rose petals into hot water to create a tea. 

Rose tea has long been an important staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which it is typically used to balance and stabilize “qi,” or life energy. 

This commitment to drinking rose tea and promoting its potential health benefits has ultimately helped the drink to catch on and grow in popularity with the rest of the world. Now, it is even scientifically tested and concluded that rose tea does, indeed, have multiple positive effects on a person’s health and life. 

Even so, as with any beverage or food, it is important to know what exactly it is made of and how nutritional it is before deciding to welcome it into our bodies. 

Rose Tea Nutritional Information 

At first glance, it is easy to scoff at the notion that rose tea has health benefits, especially when looking at some initial nutritional information. While it has zero calories, the beverage also has zero grams of healthy carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibers, or sugars. 

Instead, where rose tea’s healthiness shines through is in its density of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as in iron and calcium. Roses have antioxidant properties due to the large number of phytonutrients, which are natural chemicals that help protect a plant from insects, germs, and other potential hazards in the wild. 

How to Make Rose Tea 

Rose tea is incredibly easy to brew. You just take a few of your favorite clean, safe, and fresh rose petals and let them steep in water that has just come to a boil. For pure rose tea, leave the petals in the water for about five to six minutes so that the rose flavoring can be fully infused.

Rose tea can also be created as a blend with other popular tea ingredients. For example, you can put black tea, green tea, or some vanilla into the hot water with rose petals. In any of these blended scenarios, you will want the steeping time to be a bit shorter, ideally somewhere between three to five minutes. 

With all of these options and yet a simple process, rose tea is an incredibly versatile beverage that is simultaneously shockingly easy to create. We recommend using fresh or dried petals from natural roses with no added coloring or dyes. 

Eternity® Roses are best used for your viewing and smelling pleasure, and not in homemade tea, but they’ll be lovely to gaze on while sipping your tea.  

You will likely be quite pleased with the results, especially after you read about the many benefits and advantages that may positively impact your life after consuming rose tea.

The Benefits and Advantages of Rose Tea

Good for Hydration and Weight Loss

The majority of the beverage is made up of water (especially if it is pure herbal rose tea, then your only ingredients are water and some rose petals). 

This means that just by drinking rose tea, you will be hydrating well and therefore increasing your daily water intake effortlessly, perhaps without even fully noticing it. 

It seems so simple, but it is true: drinking more water promotes weight loss. Not only does additional water consumption help to naturally suppress your appetite, burn more calories, and remove bodily waste, it is also key in preventing some medical issues. 

Kidney stones, for example, are much less likely to occur (or at the very least are easier to manage) for those with high water intake. 

Sometimes, it’s easy to grow weary of drinking water plain as it is, so hydrating in the form of rose tea can do a lovely job of making drinking more water feel like an act of self-care.

It’s Antioxidant-Rich 

Another significant benefit of rose tea is that it is naturally rich in antioxidants, which are compounds that aid in preventing cellular damage, premature aging, and other diseases typically associated with oxidative stress. 

Plant compounds called polyphenols are the central source of antioxidants found in rose tea, and they are extremely helpful both in aiding digestion and in protecting the heart from certain diseases. Polyphenols have even been found to have some positive effects when it comes to fighting a variety of ailments. 

It Can Help With Menstrual Pain  

For the women out there, if you were not sold yet, you may be now that you are hearing about how rose tea can, in fact, help with your menstrual pain. Symptoms you know and probably do not love, like vomiting, nausea, dizziness, back pain, and headaches can possibly be alleviated by ingesting rose tea; no extra painkillers or ibuprofens needed!  

At the very least, the positive aspects of rose tea and the warm, pleasant quality of the liquid itself can help with some of these symptoms, as the additional hydrational and digestive properties of rose tea can alleviate some of them naturally. 

This bit of relief can also have a major positive psychological effect that, in turn, can help with facing menstrual pain and trick our brains somewhat into lessening the discomfort. 


While a lot of our favorite drinks contain some level of caffeine (even some of our favorite herbal teas), rose tea is completely and naturally caffeine-free. Caffeine can be a great thing in moments where you need a quick boost of energy, but some people try to avoid it due to the more negative side effects. 

Even for those who are not typically negatively affected by caffeine, imbibing in too much of it can lead to increased anxiety, digestive issues, insomnia, and more, so it is key to strike a balance. 

This is where rose tea is such a nice alternative. You can drink it before bed and still have a full and solid night of sleep, and you can also drink it in the morning and still feel the warm, familiar comfort of drinks like coffee or hot chocolate. 

Other Potential Benefits 

As with any medicinal product, there are different effects and reactions for each individual. In addition to the general benefits and advantages listed above, here are some other possible benefits that have been reported or claimed after drinking rose tea:

  • Healthier Skin: The vitamins within, namely vitamins C and E, are known for making skin healthier. This is even more true when they work in combination, as the two so conveniently do with rose tea. Additionally, all of that hydrating you are doing just by drinking rose tea will also go a long way in clearing up your skin and giving it a natural, dewy glow. 
  • Less Stress: The peaceful, warm herbal qualities of the drink in conjunction with the vitamins and healthy compounds at work within can help the drinker to feel more relaxed. Other potential mental benefits include lower stress levels. 
  • Stronger Immune System: Rose tea has been found to help fight off some cold symptoms and help clear up some congestion in the chest and nasal passageways. Additionally, all of that vitamin C in rose tea will greatly aid our bodies in fighting off regular infections and can contribute towards an easier healing process while recovering from sickness. 

In Conclusion 

As you can see, there are so many benefits and advantages to rose tea that make it a wonderful option for anyone looking to do everything from increase their overall health or just warm up on a chilly day. 

Whether you make it yourself or decide to buy your own, we highly recommend giving rose tea a try. It just may be the perfect addition to your daily routine to give you a major boost both physically and mentally. Roses really are the best!



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