Our Guide to Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a joyous occasion filled with love, romance, and happiness. Whether you’re heading out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner or are preparing for a relaxing night at home, we are here to help! 

Read on to discover our guide to some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your significant other this year.

What Is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and is a day full of romance. This lavish holiday takes place every year on February 14th and is celebrated across the world by giving flowers, candy, cards, and gifts to loved ones.

February is a month full of romance, with plenty of romantic traditions. In fact, Valentine’s greetings date back to the middle ages, with the oldest Valentine being a poem written in 1415, from a man to his wife while he was imprisoned in a tower.

Over time, these small tokens of appreciation and handwritten notes were replaced by printed cards. Valentine’s Day is now known for being one of the biggest holidays of the year and is a day for people to show their affection for loved ones.

Let’s explore some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas to make your holiday extra special this year.

Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday to spend with your partner. Whether you have been together for five months or five years, celebrating Valentine’s Day will be an unforgettable occasion for you both. 

While things may still feel a bit different this year, there are many wonderful ways to make your favorite person feel special this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s break down some of the most romantic ideas for Valentine's Day and how you can plan a magical day full of romance for you and your loved one this year. 

Go Out for a Fancy Dinner

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest date nights of the year. One of the most iconic ways to spend your Valentine's day is to dress up and go out for a fancy dinner with your loved one.

This year, pull out all the stops for your special someone and present them with a bouquet of luxury roses in a Parisian-inspired heart box before you go out for a romantic dinner. This timeless arrangement of red roses will set the mood for your glamorous Valentine’s Day dinner and will be sure to fill your loved one’s heart with joy. 

When making a restaurant reservation, think about the kind of atmosphere that you want to dine in. Choose a romantic setting such as a cozy, outdoor patio or an intimate fine dining experience at a 5-star restaurant. You could also choose one of your favorite restaurants or a place that has a special significance to you. 

Splurge on an unforgettable meal this Valentine’s Day with your loved one by choosing a restaurant offering a special prix fixe meal with optional wine pairings or specialty cocktails. Whichever dinner reservations you choose, your sweetheart will be sure to love your romantic dining experience.

See a Romantic Movie

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and what’s a better way to celebrate that by watching your favorite romance movie with your loved one or even with your gal pals? 

Whether you love going to the movie theatre and catching a film on the big screen, or if you love enjoying a movie marathon from your living room, you will be sure to catch those feelings of love, laughter, and everything in between.

If you decide to stay in to watch your favorite classic romance movie at home, be sure to grab some popcorn and your favorite lush blanket and sit by the fireplace as you and your loved one take in the film.

Here are some of the best romance movies to watch for a cozy, at-home Valentine’s Day date night:

  • The Notebook
  • 50 First Dates
  • How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days
  • Hitch
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Crazy Rich Asians
  • A Cinderella Story
  • What Men Want
  • The Parent Trap
  • 27 Dresses

Make sure to grab a box of chocolates for dessert, and sit back and relax with your significant other this Valentine’s Day as you catch a romantic flick to celebrate your special day.

Plan a Romantic Picnic

Planning a romantic picnic is a fabulous way to surprise your significant other this Valentine’s Day. A picnic date is a charming and whimsical way to have fun and relax together.

Choose a beautiful setting such as your favorite park or even a local beach. You can up the ante a bit by planning a sweet scavenger hunt or hitting the local trails beforehand for a scenic hike. If it’s too chilly, you can plan an indoor picnic for an evening that’s just as special. 

To pack for your picnic, start by finding a large picnic basket to carry your food and a soft, linen tablecloth to sit on. To add a romantic touch to your picnic, bring a stunning vase full of beautiful wildflowers. Then, add some red or white matching napkins and a cooler to help keep your wine chilled.

Remember, a picnic date is all about bonding with your partner and enjoying your time together. Sprinkle in some romance by bringing chocolate-covered strawberries, and make sure your loved one’s favorite treats are on the menu.

Cook Together for a Relaxing Evening at Home

You might want to relax on Valentine’s Day this year by cooking together and enjoying a cozy, romantic night in. To do this, you’ll want to find your favorite gourmet recipe or even sign up for an exciting, virtual cooking class and prepare a delicious meal. 

Here are some decadent and delicious dinner ideas for a romantic night at home this Valentine’s Day:

  • Filet Mignon with Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Lobster Mac and Cheese
  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Fondue
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Honey Baked Salmon
  • Prime Rib with Baked Brussel Sprouts
  • Balsamic-Glazed Caprese Sandwiches

Be sure to use fresh vegetables and play some romantic music to set the mood for the evening. Of course, don’t forget the dessert, whether you’re making cookies together or you’re attempting something trickier. 

After cooking up a gourmet meal with your sweetheart, you can elevate your dining experience by having a Valentine’s Day bake-off. 

Whip up some yummy desserts and see who can make the most gorgeous Valentine’s Day treat. Bonus points for anything heart-shaped. 

Make it a night to remember by surprising your loved one with a single red rose in our gorgeous Florentina vase. This ensemble represents love and devotion and will be sure to delight your Valentine this year.

Once the food has been prepared, light some glittering scented candles for your dining table and enjoy a relaxing and luxurious night together at home. 

Take a Romantic Dance Lesson Together

Dancing is a romantic way to bring you and your sweetheart together this Valentine’s day. If you love getting out of the house, sign up to take a dance class together.

Ballroom dancing is perfect for couples dancing. Start with an easier dance, like a slow and soothing waltz, or if you want to get your feet moving to the music, sign up for a sultry salsa or tango dance lesson.

This will be an exciting activity this Valentine’s Day and will be full of fun and romance. 

Go Painting Together

Another fabulous and romantic date idea is to pick up a paintbrush and go painting together. Painting is a wonderful way to relieve stress and to create something beautiful this Valentine’s Day. 

Painting brings out emotions, feelings, and all kinds of moods, which go hand in hand with expressing love this Valentine’s Day. If painting isn’t exactly your thing, you could also do another creative activity like pottery making.

You can also opt to set up an at-home art area fit with canvases, paint, aprons, and brushes, where you can follow along with painting video tutorials all from the comfort of your own home.

Recreate Your First Date

If you love walking down memory lane, you will be sure to fall in love all over again by recreating your first date with your loved one.

Be sure to check out some of your favorite couple photos on your date. The two of you will bond and smile as you reminisce over special times throughout your relationship

You can even elevate your date night experience by presenting your significant other with a custom arrangement of our gorgeous roses to celebrate this special day. You can take your arrangement to the next level by personalizing your gift and designing your own arrangement of EternityⓇ Roses that last a year.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

If you and your sweetheart love traveling, try planning a mini weekend getaway for Valentine’s Day this year. Find a new city to explore and plan some exciting activities to take part in once you arrive.

You can make it a road trip or even take a scenic train ride to get to your destination. Take time to enjoy nature and take in the stunning scenery together.

For your stay, you can book a luxury hotel for you and your loved one. Let the resort know that you and your partner are celebrating Valentine’s Day, and they will be sure to make your getaway extra special by sprinkling some rose petals around the bed, making a spa reservation, or adding a bottle of wine to your suite.

If food is the way to your partner’s heart, call room service so the two of you can indulge in a delicious breakfast in bed filled with dishes like waffles, french toast, and freshly sliced fruit.

For your activities, visit a local museum to spark thoughtful conversation between you and your loved one, schedule a couples massage, or spend the day sampling a scrumptious selection of local brews at a brewery in town.

A Valentine’s vacation should be all about relaxation and romance, so be sure to plan some surprises for your significant other along the way.

Go Ice Skating Together

Is there anything more romantic than holding hands with your loved one while skating the day away? If you think so too, then it may be time to lace up your skates and hit the ice.

Going ice skating with your sweetheart is the perfect Valentine’s Day activity and is a great time to bond together. If you both love adventure, then this experience will provide lots of laughter and cheer.

Be sure to bundle up before you go skating by wearing a jacket and your favorite cozy scarf so that you and your loved one will stay warm in the cold weather. 

Try an Intimate Escape Room

Escape rooms are fantastic for providing a fun challenge that requires trust and teamwork. 

You and your Valentine are sure to love working together and putting your problem-solving skills to the test in a fun-filled escape room. Escape rooms are filled with puzzles, riddles, and team-building exercises that will encourage you and your loved one to bond.

While completing the room and solving tasks together, you both will create happy memories together and will be sure to have an amazing Valentine’s Day.

Exchange Heartfelt Gifts With Your Loved One

Another excellent way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to exchange heartfelt gifts with your loved one. Consider buying your significant other something they have been wanting for a long time or even making them a gift.

DIY gifts such as a gorgeous scrapbook filled with photos and memories or a touching, handwritten card that will make your loved one swoon this Valentine’s Day.

Other classic Valentine’s Day gifts include:

  • A box of chocolates
  • A bouquet of red roses
  • Dazzling jewelry
  • Luxury candles
  • A new outfit
  • Tickets to your loved one’s favorite sporting event
  • A luxury handbag
  • A new watch
  • Gourmet cupcakes or candy
  • A new wallet
  • A bottle of your loved one’s favorite wine

Here at Venus ET FleurⓇ, our hand-crafted flower creations will be sure to help you express your love to your sweetheart and make a statement this Valentine’s Day. Choose from one of our luxury bouquets or even a stylish plush robe for your loved one to relax in this Valentine’s Day. 

Final Remarks

All in all, we hope you have found some Valentine’s Day inspiration from our in-depth guide to romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. Remember to choose activities that both you and your loved one will enjoy and to include some special surprises for your partner along the way, such as a heartfelt gift or a bouquet of red roses. 

Whether it’s a romantic night out on the town or a relaxing evening at home, your Valentine’s Day will be sure to be filled with lots of love and joy this year. 



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