Romantic Mother’s Day Ideas

Romance doesn’t have to be reserved for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary date. Mother’s Day is a great time to romance your wife in small or extravagant ways. From a good morning kiss to a hallway sprinkled with rose petals and lavish arrangements, Venus ET Fleur® is here to help you plan a grand Mother’s Day celebration.

Homemade Breakfast-In-Bed

le petit papillon roses with breakfast

Start the day off right with a homemade breakfast! Of all the Mother’s Day gifts you could give your wife, time and thoughtfulness are the two that outshine the rest. Cooking a homemade breakfast is the perfect way to create a cherished memory for her. Opt for unique recipes that she wouldn’t normally have for breakfast, like raspberry crumb bars or strawberry cream cheese croissants.

If she carries a taste for savory foods in the morning, then make some cornbread pancakes with fried chicken on the side. Another delicious option is breakfast tacos with eggs, bacon, and sweet potatoes, topped off with some avocado and sour cream.

Make a refreshing mimosa using any juice of your choice, and brew a hot cup of coffee. Arrange these on a breakfast tray, or place them on a bar cart and wheel it in for a five-star hotel experience. For a truly exquisite feel, don’t forget to add a few fresh spring blossoms onto the tray. One or two Lé Petit Papillon arrangements in the rose color of her choice would elevate any breakfast in bed. Featuring four delicate Eternity® Roses in a petite Parisian-style hat box with a vintage butterfly print, your wife will feel as though she’s the star in an old vintage romantic film.

Surprise Date

small square roses on bed

Most couples will tell you that the secret to a successful marriage is to continue to romance each other! Regardless of how long you’ve been married, you can always take your wife on a date, even if it’s a date at home.

During the middle of the day, draw up a bath for her and tell her to take her time. While she’s relaxing in the tub, set up a romantic Small Square White Classic arrangement on the bed with a date-night dress for her to wear. Leave a note telling her to get dressed, put on some make-up, and meet you in the dining room for a romantic dinner for two. If the weather’s nice, plan for a dinner outside on your patio.

If your children are old enough to be a part of this memorable experience, ask them to help you cook a five-course meal. For younger children, give them easy tasks like mixing ingredients together, seasoning the meat, or plating each course beautifully. For a precious memory, dress them up as servers, and have them bring out each course one-by-one. When your wife learns that the whole family was involved in planning and creating this romantic evening, she’ll be touched for many, many years.

Treat Her Like a Pretty Woman

le clair roses with necklace

One of the most memorable scenes from Pretty Woman is when Edward Lewis presents Vivian with a beautiful diamond necklace and “snaps” the jewelry box on her fingers, prompting a fit of giggles. Though you may not want to snap your wife’s fingers in a jewelry box, you should consider gifting her a gorgeous necklace she can wear everyday. Opt for a more simple design, such as a small diamond pendant set in gold, for a timeless look.

When presenting her necklace, place it inside the hidden storage drawer of our Lé Clair Quinze arrangement. She’ll be taken away by the beautiful roses and delightfully surprised when you pull out the drawer to reveal a gorgeous necklace for her. This classic arrangement looks beautiful on top of a vanity or by a bedside table.

Fill Your House With Flowers

large square and heart box of roses

Set up a romantic scene using rose petals and large, extravagant arrangements. Create a trail of rose petals and candles to line the path to your bedroom. Surround your bed with more rose petals and elegant rose arrangements.

Order a Classic White Large Square arrangement of Eternity Roses and place it on the bed with a box of her favorite chocolates. For a sweeter note, add a Heart Box of matching roses and a handwritten letter listing all the things you love about your wife. You can also involve your children in this process. Ask them to write a poem to read aloud to her, or ask them to hold a chocolate cake and yell, “Surprise!” when she walks through the door. This Mother’s Day, she deserves nothing but the best, and romancing her all day is a sweet way of reminding her how much you adore and appreciate her.

Give your wife the Nicolas Sparks treatment by romancing her this Mother’s Day, and every day afterwards. Place your order of Real Roses That Last A Year® for beautiful arrangements that will stay in full bloom. Watch her face light up every morning until the next Mother’s Day, as she remembers how much she is loved and cherished by her family.