Romantic Christmas Gifts and Ideas for Her

While kids dream of Santa and stockings, Christmas can be a magical time for anyone. Especially for couples. Getting the right gift for her can show her the flavor of your love, whether it’s new and fiery or steadfast and passionate. 

With Venus et Fleur, all the flowers and gifts you order can be personalized to that special someone and no matter what the status of your relationship, we have luxury arrangements and gifts to fit exactly what you want to say. Read on to see some of our more romantic Christmas gifts for her as well as some other ideas for your happiest Christmas as a couple yet.

Unique and Romantic Christmas Gifts and Ideas for Her

If you want to say something special for your wife or girlfriend this year, personalized custom gifts and creative ideas are the way to do it. Plan Christmas activities, find cute gifts encapsulating her or how you see her, and find a time around Christmas you can fully dedicate to her and enjoy the holiday together. These are just a few gifts and potential plans to get you started.

A Snowy Christmas Escape

One sure-fire way to start the romance is to plan a day or weekend for just the two of you. Whether it’s a surprise or something she can look forward to all of December, she’s sure to get excited about a Christmas getaway. Just be mindful of any other Christmas plans she might be making. After all, a Christmas gift should be thoughtful.

As far as quick-getaways go, this could be a chance to book luxurious properties usually reserved for the summer and give her a mind-blowing holiday while also giving you good value. Think lake-side mountain homes, seaside summer towns, and the like. You’ll get the coziness of a small town, a real flavor of local life, gorgeous scenery, and all the luxury a vacation home would always have.

Be sure to get creative with the presentation to show how much you care. A cute Christmas getaway “invitation” gift, left for her with Christmas chocolates or holiday themed flowers could be a great way to start.

A Spa Day and Romantic Christmas Dinner

If you can’t find time to get away during the holidays, who can blame you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give her a Christmas gift that whisks her away. Another option, in lieu of time away together, is to plan a day that’s just for her and her favorite things, including pampering, her favorite little indulgences, and you.

A spa day, complete with taking care of her before and after her appointment, is a perfect way to give her a luxurious gift while keeping some flexibility in your schedule. You could start the day with a romantic surprise surrounding her gift, such as a spa gift basket, complete with candles, soaps, lotions, and more or a Le Mini gift bundle of flowers and candles or chocolate. Be sure to top it off with a Christmas card including all her spa details.

After she returns from a day of massages, exfoliating, getting her hair and nails done and basking in the comfort of it all, complete her day with a romantic dinner prepared, or at least presented, by you. Finish the evening off under candlelight, around a beautifully set table around holiday flowers, along with gifts you two can enjoy together.

Bespoke Christmas Flowers and Sparkling Displays

Depending on where your relationship is, how busy you might be with kids and work, and what you have going on, an extravagant, time-consuming gift may be the last thing she wants. Sometimes it just takes something simple and thoughtful that elevates above the ordinary things you’d do for each other day-to-day. For these situations, you can’t go wrong with the classics, such as jewelry or flowers.

For flowers, we have romantic arrangements for the holidays and beyond. Extravagant in quality and presentation, Venus et Fleur’s eternity® roses and other flowers will be a testament to your love and thoughtfulness as it carries on for at least a year and up to three or four with proper maintenance. There’s no other flowers and few gifts that can match their quality and value.

If you decide to get her something a little shinier, we also have great gifts to facilitate that. Our Le Clair collection is a collection of sparkling rose arrangements, thanks to their elegantly designed acrylic flower boxes. While all of these would make great standalone gifts, many have a built-in drawer for her treasures. Use them as a vehicle for beautiful necklaces and other jewelry. You could even place an engagement ring in our Le Clair Tresor or Le Clair Cinq for a subtle, but surprising Christmas engagement.

Her Best Christmas Gift Yet With Venus et Fleur

Whatever you decide for your wife or girlfriend, if you put thought and care into it, she’s sure to be pleased, but certain gifts leave no doubt about the way you feel. If you haven't found something you like here, check out our holiday gift guide. Send your message better than words ever could, by shopping with Venus et Fleur for personalized flowers and other gifts.