Room Spray: 5 Reasons You Should Use Them and Where

Room sprays are a wonderful way to add a spritz of elegance to your home. Room fragrances are subdued colognes that make your home smell beautiful and fresh. Most room sprays neutralize odors and will bring hours of true fragrance to your home. 

Elevate your home with the sophisticated scent of one of our signature room sprays, and learn about the marvelous benefits of using room sprays in your home. 

Benefits of Using Room Sprays

Now, let’s dive into the top five benefits of using room sprays. First and foremost, room sprays are known for masking odors and will leave your home smelling fresh. If you love having family and friends over to your place, they will fall in love with the beautiful scents in the air and will feel truly welcomed in your home.

Room sprays can also have many positive benefits on your emotional wellness. For example, studies have shown that certain fragrances can lower stress levels and improve overall mental health outlook. The scent of apples is known to help control feelings of anxiety and can even ease headache symptoms. So, this fall, consider choosing fruity scents of apples, pomegranates, orange, and grapefruit. 

Scents can also provide feelings of nostalgia, thus sparking fond memories and feelings of happiness and comfort. Choose a room spray with hints of zesty cinnamon to help boost your brainpower and memory functions. Opt for a fresh pine essential oil to promote a positive outlook. 

Another major benefit of using room sprays is getting a better night’s sleep. Room sprays with lavender, jasmine, and vanilla will promote serenity and leave you feeling relaxed. 

One last positive benefit is that room sprays can boost your brainpower and help you focus. Peppermint is known to lift spirits, improve focus, and clear away brain fog. Herbaceous oils and scents with basil and rosemary are best for focus and concentration.

With so many positive benefits for your emotional wellness and mental health, room sprays are an easy and elegant way to add fragrance to your home or workspace and will be sure to bring happiness and freshness to brighten your day. 

Types of Room Sprays

When it comes to selecting your room sprays, we always recommend trying several different kinds in order to find the most beautiful and potent scent that will make your senses sing.

Here are some of the most popular room spray scents:

  • Fresh Cotton
  • Rose Blanche
  • Rose Oud
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Lavender and Chamomile
  • Nue Tuberose
  • Teakwood and Tobacco
  • Peppermint and Eucalyptus 
  • Blue Basil Sage
  • Fall Pumpkin Spice
  • Balsam and Cedar

If you are new to using room sprays, we recommend using our classic Rose Blanche Signature Room Spray. Our beautifully crafted Rose Blanche scent is a symphony of dramatic, peppery geranium and zesty cinnamon, enhanced with crisp notes of freesia and Damascena roses. 

Where Do I Use Room Sprays?

Room sprays can be used in most areas of your home, including the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and more. Whether you decide to use your room spray on linens or just in the room overall, room sprays target unpleasant smells and keep everything smelling good.

To use a room spray, simply spray the fragrance in the center of a well-ventilated room. For a longer-lasting result, spritz the room spray onto linens or clothes from a few feet away. This will help the fragrance settle and last longer. If spraying on linens or clothing, always do a spray test first to ensure that the fragrance will not stain.

If using a room spray in your bedroom, spritz a small amount of spray on your pillow or your sheets to truly take in those beautiful scents. Or, grab some vanilla room spray and spray a small amount in the center of your room so that the calming scent will surround you with positive thoughts and dreams during your sleep.

For your living room, use the room spray on throw blankets, throw pillows, or in the center of your room. Use beautiful floral and rose scents to relax your mind and bring out feelings of thankfulness and positivity. 

Room sprays can also be layered, so you can spray two scents in a room to create a beautiful, unique fragrance for your home. You can even make your own room spray by mixing your favorite essential oils and creating a spray with smells of your choosing.

We also recommend keeping a room spray with you at the office. Whether you use your room spray every day to brighten your space and enhance your focus and creativity, or if you just can’t get enough of the beautiful scent, room sprays will always help you feel your best.

Other Home Fragrance Options

While room sprays offer the quickest way to spread beautiful scents throughout your home, other wonderful home fragrances options include fresh florals, luxurious candles, reed diffusers, and potpourri. 

Using a combination of home fragrance options will create a beautiful variety of aromas. Be sure to choose scents that complement each other, as this will be sure to bring harmonious fragrances to your home.

Final Remarks

Room sprays are a simple and efficient way to add a beautiful fragrance to your home or workplace. Whether you are using room sprays to surround your space with freshness or are using them to boost your brainpower and lower stress, room sprays provide an abundance of positive benefits. 

Remember to choose the scents you love the most and use them all throughout your home to create a harmonious fragrance. Enjoy your sweet-smelling oasis!



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