10 Promposal Ideas to Ask Her to Prom

For many students and teens, prom is one of the biggest events of your high school experience. If prom night is approaching, and you need some help asking your dream date to the biggest dance of the year, don’t worry. We are here to help!

Read on to discover ten promposal ideas for her—the ultimate guide for guys. 

What Is a Promposal?

A promposal is an elaborate way to ask your favorite girl or boy to prom. Promposals typically require some thought and time to prepare to make the exciting question a special surprise for your loved one.

Decades ago, young people would simply ask the girl or boy of their choice to go to prom with them by telephone or in an intimate, in-person chat. However, now guys and gals are expected to be creative and plan an exciting way to pop the big question to their loved one: “Will you go to prom with me?”

When it comes to planning this elaborate idea, the sky’s the limit. You can opt for a classic promposal or do some research about your crush and plan a personalized way to ask your sweetheart to prom. Whichever idea you choose, the special girl in your life will be sure to love your thoughtful promposal and will give you a heartfelt “yes!”

10 Promposal Ideas To Ask Your Girl to Prom

Let’s break down the top 10 promposal ideas that you can use to ask your girl to prom. 

1. Give Her a Stuffed Animal Promposal Surprise

If your crush loves cuddly stuffed animals, give her a cute stuffed bear or whatever else her favorite animal. Include a handwritten card that says: “Prom would be unbearable without you. Please be my date to prom!” Your sweetheart will be so excited to accept your plush gift and invitation.

To elevate this gift, you can also add a piece of jewelry for your special lady, such as a beautiful necklace or bracelet. Costume jewelry is fine for this occasion, as it is the sentiment behind the gift that counts.

2. A Promposal Food Delivery

If your girl appreciates yummy foods, then giving her a promposal food delivery will be sure to sweeten her day. You can make some chocolate-covered strawberries for her, grab takeout from her favorite restaurant, or even get her a classic cheese pizza. On the box, you can write something like, “I know this is cheesy, but… prom?”

Whether you opt for a sweet treat, or something savory, your crush will love dining on the feast you have arranged for her. 

3. Give Her a Bouquet of Roses

One of the most classic and sophisticated ways to ask your sweetheart to prom is by picking out a gorgeous bouquet of roses for her and including a heartfelt card.

Here at Venus ET FleurⓇ, we specialize in exquisite Eternity™ Flower arrangements that will be the perfect gift for your promposal. You can even design your own arrangement by selecting your sweetheart’s favorite rose colors, choosing the box, and spelling out the letters “P-R-O-M?” with stunning roses.

Your lovely lady will be filled with joy when she sees your heartfelt surprise and will be so excited to join you for prom. 

4. Plan a Romantic Promposal Beach Date

A classic way to give your sweetheart a romantic promposal is to set up a date on the beach for the two of you. 

Start by preparing a picnic basket for your date. You will want to include two special drinking glasses, two pretty plates, cloth napkins, a blanket to spread out on the sand, as well as some glittering candles to set the mood. For the food, bring some cheese and crackers, along with some decadent chocolates and your girl’s favorite beverage.

To make your beach promposal extra special, draw a large heart in the sand and sprinkle some rose petals and seashells around it for an elegant touch. Then, write the word “PROM?” in the middle of the heart. When your crush arrives, walks down on the beach, and sees your stunning display, she will be overcome with excitement and joy.

5. Decorate Her Locker

If your crush has a locker at school, a classic promposal idea is to surprise your sweetheart by decorating her locker. You can fill her locker with everything from heart-shaped candy to a special sign reading “Will You Go To Prom With Me?”

Then, when she is done with class and heads to her locker to put up her textbooks, she will open her locker and smile as she sees all of the beautiful things you have decorated it with. Once she reads your heartfelt sign, she will surely say yes and go to prom with you. 

6. Plan a Promposal Scavenger Hunt

For a fun promposal adventure, plan a personalized scavenger hunt for your partner in crime. In advance, decide on some special locations that are meaningful for the two of you. Your first destination will be the beginning of your journey, so make sure that spot is extra special. It can be where the two of you first met or where you first began crushing on your sweetheart.

Take your girl there, and let her find a piece of paper that will give her clues to lead her to the next destination. Include as many of these steps as you wish until you come to the final and last stop, which should be the most romantic. This is the stop where she will find out that you are asking her to prom.

You can have however many stops you wish for your scavenger hunt. Remember to make each stop meaningful and leave a clue for each one, which will lead the two of you to the next location. You can even give your special girl small gifts along the way, such as one of our heartfelt Le Mini arrangements or a beautiful perfume for her to wear to prom.

7. Surprise Your Girl at Work

If your crush has an after-school job, a fun way to ask her to prom would be to surprise her at her work in front of her co-workers and friends and invite her to prom. You can walk into her work with a large bouquet of red roses and a poster asking her to prom. If you decide to surprise your girl at work, make sure that you plan everything in advance, and maybe let her boss know your plan ahead of time to make sure they are in on the surprise. 

Depending on her job, you can even tailor your entrance to fit her particular job. For example, if your girl works at a retail store, you can pretend you’re a customer and get in the checkout line with a beautiful clothing item or luxury purse that you have chosen for your sweetheart. When you get to the front of the line, she will be so surprised to you, and you can spoil her with her gifts and ask her to prom.

8. Plan a Pampering Promposal

As all girls enjoy being pampered, you can plan a pampering promposal to find a unique way to ask your crush to the prom. Start by taking your girl to get her nails done at her favorite salon and sitting by her side as she gets a manicure and pedicure. 

Once the service is complete, you can pull out a thoughtful, handwritten card inviting your special lady to be your date for the prom. 

9. Decorate Her Room

If you want to take your promposal to the next level, surprise your special girl by decorating her room for the ultimate promposal. Make sure to ask her parents for permission, and maybe they’ll even want to help you decorate and prepare your sweet surprise. 

Once you have the green light on the idea from her parents, fill your girl’s room with pink balloons, and then in the middle, have five giant silver or gold balloons that spell out ‘P-R-O-M?’

When the lucky lady gets home and walks into her room, she will be so surprised to see you standing there and see all of the beautiful decor you have used to make her room feel extra special. 

10. A Princess Promposal

Every girl loves to feel like a princess, so planning a princess-inspired promposal is the perfect way to make her heart flutter.

Start by taking your girl to the mall for a special shopping spree, where she can pick out a new dress to make her feel like a queen. Then, take her out to a fancy restaurant where the two of you can dine like royalty. 

After you are done with your meal, you can present your sweetheart with a regal cuff Corsage and ask her to prom. Your special date will feel like a princess with her new classic accessory that features an exquisite Eternity Rose. She can wear the beautiful corsage to prom and can even save it afterward as a special reminder of your special night together.

Final Remarks

Whichever promposal idea you choose, your special lady will be delighted and full of joy when she sees your thoughtful surprise and how much work you put into making her feel special. Remember to take the time to plan out your promposal idea so that all will go well on your chosen day.


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