Personalized Graduation Gifts for Winter Grads

With the winter closing in, graduation gifts aren’t on most people’s minds, but if you’ve got a winter graduate in your life, they need and deserve a good graduation gift as much as their spring counterparts.

With Venus et Fleur, arrangements for any occasion are custom made and personalized to your specifications, making us the perfect boutique flowers for gifts or décor. Plus, when you shop with us and take a few simple maintenance steps, your arrangement will show your love and pride for years to come

Personalized and Practical College Graduation Gifts

With your graduate moving on from higher education and moving into the working world and possibly living on their own for the first time, a good college graduation gift toes the line between sentiment and practicality. Whether it’s big or small, luxurious or pragmatic, make sure it’s something that fits them and that they’ll still love even as they start full-on adulting.

Apartment or Housewarming Décor

Setting the stage for a good start on their own means leaving your winter grad in a space that feels comfortable and safe, part of that is making whatever space they move into their own. Helping your grad with home décor can help them take on the adult world with confidence and increase their sense of identity, rather than having bare white walls and little personal touch.

To elevate their space from the start, Venus et Fleur has a number of arrangements to fit every area of the home. Use Le Minis and Le Mini letter decorations to decorate bathrooms, bedrooms, and side tables; Le Pleins and classic round and square box arrangements for entryway tables, bedrooms, and kitchen centerpieces; personalized items such as our flower letter décor and zodiac sign flower arrangements for bedrooms, and much more.

Framed Photos and Awards

In the theme of making their new house or apartment feel like home, there’s nothing more personal and sentimental than a collection of photos recounting their life and accomplishments as well as the people in them. Your grad will appreciate you recognizing them and taking the time to create such a special gift.

To make sure your gift is as special and long-lasting as it can be, choose a professional framing service to make sure that any pictures or documents in the frame stay pristine and don’t degrade or yellow. If you want to give them one particularly special photo, pair it with a mantlepiece worthy flower arrangement such as our Feu Cast Iron Vase, an Eau Smoked Glass Vase.

College Letter Décor Arrangements

If you have a grad who loved their college experience and who’s proud to be an alum, then one personalized graduation gift idea is to give them decorative letters to display their school pride and to remind them of their hard work and accomplishments. They make great home décor for any room of the house.

With Venus et Fleur, you can get beautiful décor letter flower arrangements in the colors of your grad’s institution and in letters small enough for cute bathroom décor or large enough to be a focal point in living rooms and bedrooms. 

Zodiac Gifts

To go beyond personal and into the astrological, choose a graduation gift that represents their place in the celestial order of things. Knowing yourself is something that’s key to surviving after graduation, and many people use their zodiac sign to get a better sense of that self. If you know your winter grad is someone who respects their place in the zodiac, then get them a gift to celebrate their sign and themselves.

Zodiac gifts come in many forms, all meant to make the recipient remember some sense of themselves when they view it. Our personal favorite comes in the form of our zodiac sign flower arrangements. Available in our large, square flower boxes, these arrangements display your graduates' sign beautifully using colors of your choice for the sign and background roses.

Get Personalized Gifts for Your Graduate With Venus et Fleur

Making sure your grad has what they need after graduation is of the utmost importance for their success and one of the most important things you can give them is love and support. Show them that you’re there every day with the long-lasting eternity® roses and other décor and gifts from Venus et Fleur.