Perfect Occasions to Send Flowers

Sending flowers is a special and heartfelt gesture that honors your friendship or relationship with the recipient and helps him or her to feel thought of and admired. While you truly never need an occasion to send flowers and it is always a welcome expression, there are several different opportunities to have a floral arrangement delivered that will be sure to honor the recipient. If you’re considering sending flowers to a special someone, take your gift to the next level and send an Eternity™ rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur! With incredible roses that are beautifully fragrant, vibrant, and require absolutely no maintenance, a Venus ET Fleur arrangement will be sure to wow and surprise the lucky recipient. Our stunning roses also will last for up to a year, so your gift will last much longer than a typical bouquet or flower arrangement. In this blog, we’ll discuss some perfect occasions to send flowers to express your love and affection for the recipient. The next time you’re planning to send flowers, check out Venus ET Fleur!


An anniversary is the ideal time to send a beautiful floral arrangement. A perfect gift for that special someone in your life, you can send flowers in the recipient’s favorite color or even a certain number of blooms to reflect the amount of years spent together. When you send a Venus ET Fleur Eternity™ arrangement, you can also customize it! We’re proud to offer many different arrangements designs that will be perfect for an anniversary rose arrangement. Here are a few ideas:

Heart: You can choose two different shades of our gorgeous Eternity™ roses to create a heart design. This will be a beautiful expression of the love you hold in your own heart for the recipient and that you’re promising to continue to love him or her forever. It will also be a perfect gift for a special anniversary, such as a 10 or 25-year celebration. And since the Eternity™ roses last for up to a year with no maintenance or watering, the recipient will enjoy the beautiful blooms for much longer than a traditional bouquet.

Custom Design or Letter: If your loved one loves a certain design or you want to include his or her initial, you can choose to make a custom rose arrangement on Venus ET Fleur. He or she will enjoy a brilliant bouquet that is full of color and fragrance. He or she will also enjoy the beauty of your gift for many months longer than freshly cut roses or flowers.


Perfect for a special someone’s day, sending a Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement will be sure to surprise and honor the recipient. You can create the perfect gift by choosing the rose color and the box size, shape, color, texture, and design. We’re also proud to offer lid messages, where you can add an affectionate “Happy Birthday!” to the box’s lid. Don’t forget to add a special and heartfelt note using our gorgeous, high-quality stationery included with every order. The recipient will also love the Parisian-inspired box that he or she can keep for many years to hold special mementos in luxurious style.


One of the best ways to truly romance someone who you’ve been seeing, sending a stunning Venus ET Fleur Eternity™ rose arrangement will let him or her know how you feel. Take the time to pick a beautiful rose arrangement that will reflect your feelings for him or her. You can customize the color of the roses and the shape, design, size, and color of the stunning box. When he or she lifts the lid and sees the amount of thought and design you put into the delivery, he or she will surely reciprocate feelings for you. It will be a complete surprise and he or she will feel thought of and admired when you send an extravagant and stunning Venus ET Fleur arrangement. You can also add a heartfelt message on the included high-quality and lovely stationery that will detail your feelings for him or her.

Thank You

When you need to show your thanks in a huge and unforgettable way, send a Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement. He or she will be thrilled to receive such a gorgeous arrangement and that it will last much longer than a normal flower delivery. You can include a meaningful message on the included stationery and design the arrangement around the recipient’s likes. If she loves the color blue, you can choose gorgeous baby blue roses and a blue suede box. If he loves white, choosing stunning garden roses and a white Parisian-inspired box will be the perfect gift that will be sure to honor the recipient. While traditional floral deliveries are special, sending a Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement will make your gift of thanks extraordinary.

Get Well

Do you have a friend or loved one experiencing illness or a few weeks in the hospital? A Venus ET Fleur delivery is perfect “get well soon” gift. Because our beautiful blooms don’t require maintenance or watering, the hospital staff or family won’t be tasked with changing the water and adding flower food daily, as is required for normal flowers. Along with these gorgeous Eternity™ roses, you’re also sending a trendy and luxurious arrangement that will be sure to be a heartfelt gift for the recipient. When you send a beautiful Venus ET Fleur arrangement to someone in the hospital or recuperating at home, your thoughtfulness will be sure to be a ray of sunshine in his or her day, and it will last for many months as a reminder of your friendship.

Sending a beautiful Venus ET Fleur arrangement as a celebration of a special day or event will leave a wonderful lasting impression on the recipient for months on end. With our easily customizable arrangements and our Eternity™ roses that can last for up to a year without any maintenance or watering, whoever has the pleasure of opening a Venus ET Fleur box will be honored to receive a gift full of luxury and thoughtfulness. The next time you have an occasion to send flowers, or if you want to send an arrangement just because, check out Venus ET Fleur!