Perfect Blooms for Spring Flower Delivery - Part II

As we emerge from late winter and early spring, people across the United States are basking in the glorious sunshine that comes during April and May. Aside from the warmer weather, springtime is also known for holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day, school graduations, and the incredible return of many of our favorite flowers. The expert floral designers at Venus ET Fleur® are here to help you celebrate everything this season has to offer with our luxury rose delivery. Browse the incredible Eternity™ Rose arrangements in our Special Collections and order yours today.

Gorgeous Spring Blooms

As we reviewed in our prior post, there are many types of blooms that make spring one of the most beautiful seasons, including poppies, daffodils, and sweet peas. Read on to discover a few more varieties that embody the new beginnings of spring.


Everyone loves the delicate, sweet fragrance of freshly cut lilac blooms. This type of flower can make an incredibly versatile spring gift because it comes in several colors (white, yellow, purple, and red, to name a few) and it can serve a wide variety of purposes. If you know someone who has just moved into a new home, why not send him or her a bouquet of mixed lilac blooms to serve as their first centerpiece for the kitchen table? Know someone who loves gardening? You could give the gift of a lilac plant so that he or she can enjoy the fragrant blooms year after year. Single-color blooms are also common, featuring magenta, salmon, and deep red petals.


In our previous post, we highlighted daffodils as one of the quintessential flowers of spring. Tulips are equally symbolic of spring, and there are many different species of the flower. Standard tulips are the common, smooth-petaled blooms that typically come to mind when we think of these flowers. Parrot tulips offer a little more variety with their slightly ruffled petals, and double tulips offer a bloom that is lush and layered. When it comes to sending spring flowers, tulips are always a safe choice, though they are not as fragrant as other blooms.

Garden Roses

Many people associate spring with garden roses, and with good reason. Garden roses are one of the most popular groups of flowering plants there are, and this type of rose is predominantly a hybrid variety. It usually sprouts in private and public gardens around the first part of May, making it the perfect bloom for Mother’s Day gifts, spring and summer wedding bouquets, and graduation party centerpieces. You might have heard the saying, “A rose is a rose is a rose,” but with garden roses, this is not the case. These hardy blooms can be differentiated from traditional roses by their intense fragrance, high petal count, and ruffled bloom shape.

Venus ET Fleur® proudly features garden roses in many of our Eternity® Rose arrangements. Your recipient is sure to love these eye-catching blooms with their light rose fragrance. Additionally, special someone can enjoy this luxury rose delivery for more than a year with proper care, allowing him or her to enjoy the elegant aesthetic until next spring!


Another popular spring flower choice, the peony features a large, full bloom with delicate, feathery petals. Most of the flowers produced by the peony bush are white or pink in color, however, there are also several mixed-color peonies that produce green, yellow, red, and even blue blooms. This spring flower is tied to many different symbols and meanings, including prosperity, honor, romance, compassion, and good fortune. Because of this, it is a versatile flower for springtime bouquets to friends and family, no matter the celebration or occasion.


While they might not be as popular as roses, tulips, and daffodils, dahlias are another spring-blooming flower that can be incorporated into bouquets. Native to Mexico, this flower produces a multi-layered bloom can reach almost a foot in diameter, and it often features stunning color combinations like yellow and pink, pink and white, and red and yellow. Symbolizing inner strength, positive life changes, and following your own path, dahlias make wonderful additions to decor for graduation parties, baby showers, housewarming parties, and other celebratory gatherings.

Luxury Rose Delivery Online

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