Paris Fashion Week Inspired Floral Decor

Designers delivered newfound style and opulence to classic apparel at Paris Fashion Week 2023. Flowers were featured prominently, business got an upgrade to couture, and throwbacks became prominent again as fashions we can all follow in our wardrobes and in our homes.

Venus et Fleur®’s elegant, original eternity® roses are among celebrity and fashionista favorites for floral home decor. Our unmatched quality, delightful colors, and variety of vessels is your key to the best floral decor for 2023 fashions and beyond.

Suede and Acrylic Flower Boxes With Luxury Eternity Roses

Home Decor Inspired by Vintage Styles

Paris Fashion Week designers drew inspiration from decades past, accentuating the vintage styles of the 80’s and 90’s, while placing a new spin on the classics. Use these looks and Venus et Fleur’s luxurious eternity flowers to help bring inspired and unique style to your home’s interior design.

Home Decor Inspired by Floral Motifs

Floral patterns were a prominent theme at Paris Fashion Week. Dior, Balenciaga, and Chanel were among several designers that featured floral prints in their runway apparel. Long, flowing dresses, skirts, and sweaters were adorned in floral motifs, and Alexander McQueen introduced roses and their symbolism in his design collection.

Bring fashionable florals into your home decor by choosing a color scheme and incorporating it into your design. Build on the underlying color scheme of your home with well placed centerpieces and accent decor.

Designer Business Attire and Elegant Styles Collide

Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, and other designers brought sophisticated beauty to business appropriate high-fashion with Paris Fashion Week. Designs embraced broad shoulders in dark colors with compliments of beige, white, and gold. Business styles extended to additional colors as well, including, yellow, green, and pink.

Incorporate fierce styles into your home with flowers from Venus et Fleur. Arrangements such as the Air Linen Vase, Thalia Porcelain Vase, or our Small and Large Le Pleins can all help set the tone for you as someone who takes their prominence and their presentation seriously.

A Black Rose Flower Arrangement in Feu Cast Iron Vase

Old is New Again in Couture and Decor

Styles from the 80’s and 90’s continued to evolve for 2023 on the streets at Paris fashion week. Oversized coats paired with black boots for punk-tinged looks and beige paired with an emerging jean trend for dressed-down styles. Also incorporated with the jeans were a variety of shades ranging from teal to blue-green and aqua. These two trends worked perfectly together, with the blue appearing brighter and the faded creases of the jeans appearing more defined.

Embracing these looks from Paris Fashion Week and bringing them into your home is easy when you take that inspiration and pair it with our design your own eternity flowers. You’ll be able to fully customize to create bold flower arrangements that embrace unique rose colors and a variety of prints, such as Evil Eye, marble, and more.

Glamorous Gold Designs

History’s most luxurious and coveted color, gold was seen in many different outfits at Paris Fashion Week. In honor of Paco Rabanne, designer Julien Dossena unveiled an ultra-modern gold dress, while Mui Mui and Vivienne Westwood featured accented dresses, pants, and tops with gold and floral embellishments.

Use gold in your decor this spring and set your intention towards prosperity in 2023, with an arrangement of eternity roses. Incorporate gold as a centerpiece or accent to your design with eternity arrangements adorned in gold roses. Choose from our classic flower boxes for the bedroom and living areas and vases for the kitchen and dining room.

Gold Eternity Roses in a Large Flower Box

Venus et Fleur Delivers Style to Your Home Decor

Distilling the luxury and uniqueness of the fashions at Paris Fashion Week into your home is made possible with our eternity roses, the original roses that last a year® and still the highest in quality. Our hand-sculpted flower arrangements add a stylish aesthetic to your home decor. Choose a classic arrangement or design your own from our many rose colors to complement any space.

Shop Venus et Fleur online or in store for the best luxury flower delivery and fashionable florals.