Papaya: The New Orange Rose Color of Spring

When fascination and creativity peak this spring, the papaya rose color arrives to carry this spirit throughout the year. Inspired by the vibrant and mysterious fruit whose name it bears, the papaya rose from Venus et Fleur is one of our four spring-inspired rose colors to inspire your decor for the year to come.

With the original roses that last a year and more luxurious preserved florals coming all the time, Venus et Fleur is where style and sophistication meet the highest quality in flower arrangements and delivery. Choose from gorgeous spring-release colors, such as the papaya rose, and discover luxurious eternity flower arrangements that deliver the spirit of spring to your home decor.

 Luxury Eternity Roses in Papaya Orange Color

What is The Papaya Orange Rose Meaning?

The papaya is a sweet and decadent fruit enjoyed worldwide. It's also a fruit whose true origin is still unknown, even to those who know it best. From children enjoying this sweet treat for the first time to the men and women who study it, the color and taste of papaya carries an inspiring energy of fascination and creativity.

Bring Venus et Fleur papaya orange-colored roses into your home this spring to retain that alluring energy throughout the year.

Spring Flower Decor Featuring Papaya Orange Roses

Our spring rose colors are curated to pair with our best spring flower arrangements to deliver the positive energy of spring into your home. With our various spring flowers, you can find the perfect arrangement for every room and decor style.

Papaya Orange Rose Flower Boxes

Bring Parisian elegance into your home with arrangements from our classic collection of eternity rose flower boxes. Our flagship arrangements are available in round, square, and dome Parisian hatbox-inspired flower box arrangements.

Venus et Fleur flower box options include six prints in various sizes, from mini to large. They’re ideal for pairing with our spring rose colors as a centerpiece or accent decor. Use the papaya orange rose color to inspire creativity and fascination in the kitchen and bedrooms, or give them as an elegant spring birthday gift.


Papaya Orange Reflexed Roses in Round Eternity Flower Box

Porcelain Vases With Papaya Orange Roses

We’ve selected three gorgeous white porcelain vases to pair with papaya, and our other spring rose colors. These three vases are perfect for enriching your home or office with the elegant spirit of spring. While distinct in size and arrangement type, all three are elevated options as gifts or decor.

Sylvie Porcelain Vase - Perfect for wall, accent, and table decor. The Sylvie is a lovely gift for Mother’s Day or a spring birthday.

Fleura Porcelain Vase - An elegant vase with around two dozen eternity roses, the Fleura is the perfect arrangement for bedside, end table, and shelving decor. The Fleura is available in original eternity roses or reflexed eternity roses for the look of mature, natural roses.

Thalia Porcelain Vase - One of our largest spring arrangements, the Thalia Porcelain Vase is available in original or reflexed spring eternity roses. This dome flower arrangement with a stunning porcelain vase is an awe-inspiring centerpiece and grand gift for Mother’s Day or birthdays.


Papaya Orange Roses Flower Arrangement Venus et Fleur

Stone Vases With Papaya Orange Roses

Spring delivers an undeniable freshness to nature. It inspires us to open the windows and doors to allow the sunshine and gentle, fragrant breeze of the season to enter. In this spirit, Venus et Fleur selected two hand-crafted stone vases to pair with the new spring rose colors. This pairing brings the energy of nature right into your home.

Terre Travertine Vase - The warm stone of travertine pairs with papaya orange roses for the ultimate arrangement that combines the inherent strength of the stone vase with the gentle femininity, grace, and energy of the orange rose color.

Demi Sandstone Vase - Coarse white sandstone and bright, elegant rose colors combine in the Demi Sandstone Vase. This floral arrangement enhances homes with a breezy, beach-like aura. Choose it for entryways, mantle decor, or vibrant bathroom and kitchen decor.


Demi Sandstone Vase With Papaya and Cantaloupe Roses

The New Papaya Orange Rose Color From Venus et Fleur

Elevate your home this spring with spring rose colors and flower arrangements from Venus et Fleur. Experience luxury with hand-arranged papaya orange roses in beautiful eternity flower arrangements.

Discover spring flower decor, Mother's Day gifts, and more from Venus et Fleur. Visit our website or flower boutiques for the best-preserved flowers and delivery.