Mother's Day Gifts Your Mother Actually Wants

Finding the perfect gift for your mother on Mother’s Day is no easy feat. Your mom is like a superhero, and you want to find something that she will not only love, but that she will actually use. Unfortunately, most of the gifts you find will most likely be something she already owns, or won’t be good enough for this amazing woman you call your mother.

This Mother’s Day, don’t settle for anything less than the best. At Venus ET Fleur®, we take the tradition of buying your mother flowers on Mother’s Day to the next level. Our Eternity® Roses are made with real roses that last a year, allowing your mother to enjoy them day after day for months on end. We have a seemingly endless number of ways that you can customize your arrangement to create the perfect gift for the mother in your life. Browse our Special Collections to view some of our favorite arrangements, and place an order at Venus ET Fleur® today!

Long-Lasting Gifts Your Mother Will Love

Subscription Box

A subscription box may not seem like the most personal of gifts, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t something that your mother will enjoy. The great thing about buying your mom a subscription box for Mother’s Day is that it’s like buying a year’s worth of gifts all in one! There are hundreds of different subscription boxes available, featuring anything from clothing and beauty items to snacks and wine. Most boxes give you the option of ordering a single box, or you can purchase a few boxes as a gift.

Do some research to learn more about the different types of boxes available, and pick a box that best fits your mother’s style, lifestyle, or her favorite pastimes! If you plan to order your mother a subscription box for Mother’s Day, then it’s best to order it in advance so that you can give her the first box in person. The best part about this gift is that your mother will continue to receive boxes for as long as many months as you want to give her — it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

A Day at the Spa

No mother is going to turn down a day at the spa, and let’s be honest, she definitely deserves one. Mothers work hard day and night to provide for their children, and the job of a mom doesn’t stop once her children are adults. This Mother’s Day, instead of letting her pamper you, flip it around and give her a gift where she will be able to let go and relax. You can buy her a gift certificate to a luxurious spa, or go ahead and make the appointment yourself, especially if you know that she will never get around to making the appointment on her own.

Want to make your mother’s spa day even more special? Nothing says relaxation like the Venus ET Fleur® luxury robe. This soft and comfortable robe is sure to become your mom’s new favorite item, and it’s perfect for wearing at the spa!

A Night Out or a Day In

It’s no secret that moms don’t get enough time to do the things they once loved to do, whether that means sleeping in, doing nothing all day, or going out for a date night. One of the best things that you can do for your mother this Mother’s Day is give her a night out, a day in, or even both!

Give her the house to herself for a few hours or the whole day so that she can sleep in, lounge around, or just relax without having to fight anyone for the remote. If you know that your parents haven’t had a date night in what seems like forever, then take it upon yourself to give them a night on the town. You can make dinner reservations and buy her a nice outfit, and let her know that their evening out is non-refundable.

Give the Gift of Venus ET Fleur® This Mother’s Day!

When buying gifts for your mother for Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong with flowers. Instead of buying flowers from the store that will last two weeks at most, give your mother the gift of Venus ET Fleur®. Our Eternity® Roses are made with real roses that last a year® with proper care. Your mother will be able to enjoy them month after month, and each time your mom looks at these luxurious roses, she will be reminded of just how much you care. Browse our extensive collection of Eternity® Roses, and order yours from Venus ET Fleur® just in time for Mother’s Day!