Mother's Day Gifts She'll Treasure Forever

As the Spring season approaches, the time has come to think about gift ideas for a truly special individual: your mother! Make this Mother’s Day more special than the last with bespoke arrangements from Venus ET Fleur® featuring our signature Eternity® Roses. Whether you’re a daughter, a son, or a husband, we have beautiful and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to make her smile. Someone as unique and as exceptional as your mother deserves only the finest things in life. Read on to see how you can make this Mother’s Day a day fit for a queen.

From Daughter to Mother

daughter to mother box of flowers gift

“You are your mother’s daughter.”

There comes a time in every daughter’s life, where she begins to resemble her mother, even beyond her physical characteristics. She begins to take after her walk. Her demeanor. The way she cares for her family and friends.

This Mother’s Day, gift your mother an elegant Fleura Vase and a delicate Lé Mini Round in matching rose colors, to symbolize the nature of your relationship. When gifting this thoughtful set to your mother, you can tell her that, like the miniature arrangement, you are a miniature version of her. Thank her for helping you blossom into the beautiful young woman you are today, and express your joy in one day blossoming into someone as beautiful as she, inside and out.

Consider a pink suede box with a blush colored rose for your Lé Mini Round arrangement, and order your Fleura Vase with matching blush roses. The light pink hue looks elegant in any space, whether your style is modern, minimalist, or even bohemian. The ceramic vessel of the Fleura Vase will elevate any home or office space, while the suede box of the Mini Round adds an extra touch of luxe. Together, these two arrangements will tie in any room or space, in the same way your mother knows how to tie in your family together.

When your mother places her Fleura Vase and matching Mini Round in her home office space or her bedroom, she will be encouraged and touched, knowing she is a positive inspiration in your life.

From Son to Mother

mothers day box of white roses and clear box with flowers

She is the first woman to show you how to love. She is your home base, even when you start a family of your own, in a place miles and miles away. They say there’s no bond quite like the bond between a mother and her son.

Your mother will always see you as her precious baby boy, but this Mother’s Day, you can show her how you’ve grown by gifting her with a luxury arrangement of Real Roses That Last a Year®. Venus ET Fleur’s Lé Clair Cinq assemblage adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any vanity, bedroom dresser, or coffee table. This arrangement puts five Eternity Roses on display in a clear, acrylic box with a sleek drawer for her to store her jewelry, keys, or mementos. For an added special touch, place her favorite photo of the two of you inside the drawer. Or fill it with an assortment of her favorite gourmet chocolates.

And for the son who really wants to impress this Mother’s Day, go for a statement piece like our Lé Clair Quinze arrangement, featuring 15 Eternity Roses in a clear, acrylic box. This bigger arrangement is perfect for your mom to display at her office desk, or place on her nightstand. Opt for 15 red roses for a classic look, or order a box of roses in her favorite color. For the mother who’s bold, choose bright orange or deep blue for a touch of whimsy. Or for the posh mother, select champagne or pink roses for a more luxe aesthetic.

From Husband to Wife

large round box of pink and white roses

Mother’s Day gives you the chance to refocus your love and energy on the woman you love. You may show her you love her everyday through small gestures and bouts of affection, but this Mother’s Day, show the mother of your kids how much you appreciate her for all that she does with a grand gesture.

Don’t wait until the last minute to order her a gift. Your beloved deserves better than that. Plan ahead and get her a bouquet that lasts longer than a week (and longer than a month) with our Small Le Plein Box, made of 54 to 58 Real Roses That Last A Year. Our Eternity Roses stand the test of time, so she can enjoy her gift for months and months to come.

Order this arrangement in a classic white or black box, or level it up with a fashionable suede box in black, blush, grey, or pink. Pair your arrangement with a sentimental card. Don’t forget to remind her of how much you appreciate her by telling her how much you love her and describing the ways your life would be different without her. Your wife, partner-in-crime, and best friend deserves a day of luxury, and with Venus ET Fleur, it’s easier than ever to treat her like the queen that she is.

Your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or wife is a special woman, and the world is a better place with her in it. For a Mother’s Day she’ll remember forever, shower her with love, starting with a big hug, a sentimental card, and a custom flower arrangement made of real roses that last from Venus ET Fleur. A symbol of your love shouldn’t die within the week. Get her a gift she can treasure forever. Browse our collections today!