Le Mini ™ Round Ornament: Roses On Your Perfect Pine Tree

Venus ET Fleur® is full of holiday cheer this year! For a limited time only you can purchase our luxury ornaments perfect for dawning on the tree, placing near the mantle, or as a gift for someone you love. Open the ornament to discover a gorgeous Eternity® Rose available in twenty four colors. Our Le Mini™ Round ornaments will surely make a big impact this holiday season. 

Roses On Your Perfect Pine Tree

It’s the most wonderful time of  the year again. We’re dreaming about the sweet scent of classic pine percolating through the entire home. We’re dreaming of strolling the streets and aisles to pick out the perfect tree, and of boxes and bins of decorations gently being taken out from storage. Whether your tree is giant and grandiose or charmingly Charlie Brown, store-bought or self-chopped, we’ve created the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to every tree. It’s a very Venus holiday.

Venus ET Fleur is thrilled to announce our first-ever limited edition ornament—luxurious, exclusive gift boxes that hold Le Minis. The Le Mini™ Round ornaments feature our beloved mini round arrangements, each with a single long-lasting and exquisite Eternity® Rose, available in twenty four decadent colors to suit the taste and preferences of everyone on your list.

Our Small and Large Rounds from the Classic Collection are the ultimate when it comes to grace and simplicity. The boxes are inspired by Parisian hat boxes, so they  add a French touch of je ne sais quoi to your tree, even if you didn’t collect the ornament during a luxurious Parisian get-away (don’t worry, we won’t tell). 

We know how special decorating the tree can be. It’s a timeless tradition that truly captures the magic of the holidays. For many, it’s the marker of the season—a cherished time to spend with those who you love, admiring and reliving sentimental memories captured in tiny tokens. 

Each Le Mini Round is individually designed and uniquely crafted by our in-house designers, guaranteed to provide any space with a touch of gorgeousness and grace. In their exclusive holiday season packaging, the ornaments are perfect for hanging on a tree, placing on a mantel, bedside table, or integrating into your holiday-dressed tablescape. Once removed from the boxes, the gifts are elegant and timeless pieces that will make any space feel more luxurious, warm, and inviting—for the holiday season and for more than an entire year.

Your ornaments tell a story. 

Perhaps it’s a tiny baby picture in a retro-frame with an aging date printed on the back, written in pen by a hand that you love. Or large, grand glass and crystal pieces that hang high for all to admire. Maybe it’s a piece from your honeymoon or a gift from your grandmother. Many different ornament symbols share timeless tales and fables. Surely not every piece on the tree has to represent an incredible memory—sometimes the beauty and elegance of something is enough. 

Roses are a timeless symbol of love. We believe that the holidays are all about love and cherishing those we hold in our hearts, which is why we created these timeless ornaments for your home. 

Our ornaments are ideal gifts for children—create beautiful memories with the little ones you love and give them a holiday gift that will be incredibly memorable. It is additionally a thoughtful gift for the hostess, perfect for family members and friends, are great for important teachers and neighbors and, of course, are perfect for making your own home instantly and luxuriously holiday-ready.

Adding a touch of color to the holiday.

Choosing the holiday tree is a bonding experience full of loving moments, and choosing your Le Mini Round ornament can provide you with the same sentimental value. With twenty four colors to choose from, you can be incredibly intentional with this gift. Color symbolism is a gentle cue in our environments that can serve as an expression of what our aura longs for or emanates. 


Choose a traditional holiday color such as red, green, white, or blue, to accentuate your holiday decor. Or think about adding a pop of timeless glamour with gold, silver, or even rose gold. You can be as creative as you want to be with our Le Mini Round ornaments. Find a color that speaks to you, that matches your decor, or has definitive significance that aligns with your holiday experience. 

The holiday season may look a bit different this year,, but that doesn’t mean that we should skip out on the traditions we know and hold dear. These are the times that we should turn towards tradition with a full heart. We should embrace our beloved rituals that hold dear importance, and with our ornament series, you can add a level of luxury to your season and home. Being in a beautiful space relaxes our system and reminds us of all that we have to be grateful for. This year, we’re placing an emphasis on being home,—and this only means there’s a greater reason to decorate and adorn our spaces with elegant and touching pieces. 

When your tree is a centerpiece to your home during the holiday (and maybe a few days after because it can be difficult to take down something that’s so stunning), remember that it’s more than just a vision of beauty. It’s a spectacle experience that engages all of your senses. Do you like a smaller, four-foot tree, like those found in many European homes, or a grand, floor-to-ceiling statement tree? Both are amazing in their own ways, so there’s no right answer.

Roses are a multi-sensory experience. Their gorgeous scent has been lusted after for centuries, their lush petals inspire the most brilliant of crafters, and their rich color stimulates the visual mind. Trees are much the same. 

When you think of the classic pine tree smell, what you’re recalling is the Balsam Fir tree (and maybe some fond childhood memories, as scent is the biggest emotional recall creator). This tree is a truly gorgeous choice and is popular for a good reason—its classic charm will put you immediately in holiday mode. Perhaps the only con for this tree is it’s weaker branches. Our ornaments are light, lovely, and elegant, making these two a perfect pair. 

There’s always a bit of sadness when it comes time to take the tree down. While we’re still enjoying the spirit of the holidays and embracing our New Year's Resolutions, our Mini Round arrangement can stay out for the rest of the year. They require no watering and remain intact and gorgeous for an entire year or longer—so they’re beautiful, simple reminders of the wonderful year that you had and will bring you joy for the rest of the year to come. 

No tree, no problem.

Maybe you’re a no-tree type of family. Our ornaments are completely versatile and will look beautiful wherever you place them, for whatever occasion. This season we’re also introducing our Votive ornament in our extraordinary lovable Rose Blanche scent, which is a perfect addition to any space—no tree needed. 

Our ornaments are available for a limited time only, so be sure to brighten your holiday season with these exclusive gifts now while they’re still available for purchase. It’s easy to order online 24/7 with worldwide shipping, or you can visit one of our incredible, experiential boutiques in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, or London. The holidays are a special time, and we’re so elated to share some special holiday gifts with you, from our Venus ET Fleur family to yours. 

When you see your Le Mini Round ornament nestled between the decorations you’ve collected all of life, your tree will be elevated, and so will your memories of the holiday season. You’re adding another gorgeous chapter to the story, another page to the book. And it can be enjoyed all season long. This natural, long-lasting gift adds a special touch of freshness to the collection. This year, roses grow on—and enhance—pine.