A Man’s Guide to Valentine’s Gifting

We’re devoted to celebrating love, and Valentine’s Day is an amazing time to make the woman in your heart feel as adored and cherished as she is. Our sophisticated arrangements of flowers are gorgeous and long-lasting—just like your love. This year, focus on making your significant other feel appreciated in the most luxurious of ways.

Our arrangements of long lasting flowers emanate beauty, elegance, romance, and grace. They’re perfect gifts for your Valentine because they’ll make her feel adored on the special day and for an entire year to come. Whether the woman in your life adores classic arrangements, minimalist pieces for the home, or grandiose statement pieces, we have an arrangement that she’ll adore—and remember, you can customize any arrangement to make it even more perfect for her.

Here are a few gifts that will make this Valentine’s Day incredible for the woman you love:

You can’t go wrong with our Fleura Vase—a fixture of our Maison Collection. For a classic gesture, go with romantic red roses. For something more personal, select roses in her favorite color. She will adore the roses and the classic ceramic vase makes the piece ideal for placing in any part of her home.

Looking for something a bit more simple? Our Le Mini Aura features a single long-lasting bloom in a fountain-inspired vase. It’s gorgeous and will elevate her desk or bedside table.

Our Florentina features a single Eternity® Rose in a smokey vase with a rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz symbolizes love, and the gorgeous single bloom in this arrangement expresses that she is The One for you.

Scent your heart’s life with the intoxicatingly beautiful fragrance of rose and tuberose with our sophisticated candles, Nue Tuberose and Rose Blanche. The glow of the flames radiates love and brightness, and she’ll be reminded of you every time that she lights one of the candles. Nue Tuberose even features a delicate, custom pink wax, making it a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

For a sweepingly romantic statement, go with our Grandiose. It’s the ultimate when it comes to luxurious gifting, and you can customize it to make it even more of an amorous statement.

Looking for a gift that radiates beauty and says “I love you,” with elegance? Our timeless Heart Box Collection will make her feel absolutely adored—and will brighten her home for the entire year to come. It’s perfect for placing on a coffee table or serving as the centerpiece on a dining table.