Love Locks Bridge in Paris–Venus ET Fleur Style

Venus ET Fleur® began as a shared love between co-founders Sunny and Seema. Sunny and Seema visited Paris while they were dating and found out that the famed love locks bridge, Ponts Des Arts, would be taken down. This love locks bridge was a key spot for couples to take a padlock and a permanent marker, write their initials on it, lock it on the bridge, and throw away the keys into the water. Sunny and Seema were inspired by this act of love and wanted others to have their chance of showing such a passionate gesture without the trip to Paris!

Venus ET Fleur has now released a Petite Love Locks Box. It has all of the same, beautifully intricate details but now in an even more charming size. It’s filled with 30 Petite Eternity® Roses and is available in five romantic colors: Rose Gold, Pink, Blush, Pure White, and Pearl. The most impressionable aspect of this arrangement is that it can store all of your precious items and jewelry while also being an outstanding decor piece.

Last summer, Venus ET Fleur released the Love Locks Box, which has amazing details that embrace the concept of everlasting love. Nestled inside a vintage, French-inspired trunk are 30 Eternity Roses and a portrait of butterflies — a motif for the butterflies you get in your stomach when you first fall in love. The ultimate tribute to the Love Locks Bridge is the customizable key lock with the initials of the couple in love.

Make this beautiful arrangement a symbol of your love story with the customizable lock. Engrave the lock with both of your initials or just your own! Either option makes the Petite Love Locks Box even more personal and special. This treasure chest-esque arrangement makes for the perfect present as well as an everlasting gift of affection. Order yours from Venus ET Fleur today!