Kith for Venus et Fleur - The Second Installment

KITH for Venus et Fleur | Second Installment

Every year, our team at Venus et Fleur® designs a special collection of Valentine’s Day eternity® floral arrangements. The luxurious bouquets are intricately crafted, as quality is a facet we hold dear to our hearts. Born from the romantic love story of our co-founders, Sunny and Seema, Venus et Fleur was built on the concept of love, adoration, and timeless beauty. We understand that life’s special moments are fleetingly precious, and these occasions deserve to be celebrated as such. Our exclusive Valentine’s Day 2023 collection helps you do just that. We’ve collaborated with multifunctional lifestyle brand, Kith, to create a unique arrangement of eternity roses that makes the perfect gift for celebrating your own special moments.

Craftsmanship is paramount when it comes to creating a unique product. We value the design of each eternity floral arrangement, as Kith values the craftsmanship in each design for every product for their brand. The shared values are apparent through the superior quality, storytelling, and creative photography throughout both brand sites and retail products.

The inspiration behind our recurring partnership with Kith stems from a shared belief in hard work and innovation. Together, our forward thinking and passion to push the boundaries within our respective industries creates commonality. So, merging the two brands felt natural, especially with the creative touch of Ronnie Fieg, CEO and Creative Director of Kith.

Kith for Venus et Fleur | Sandstone Variation
Kith for Venus et Fleur | Stadium Variation
Kith for Venus et Fleur | White Variation

Fieg established Kith in 2011 after many years of experience in the footwear industry. He has created a unique design for each of his brick-and-mortar stores to provide customers a unique shopping experience. Each store retails premium in-house labeled items and specially curated collections of multi-branded apparel and footwear. Fieg redefines the fashion industry, much like we, Venus et Fleur, aim to redefine the luxury floral industry.

Venus et Fleur is committed to creating a bespoke customer experience. Our luxury arrangements are designed to accompany life’s special moments and create memories that last a lifetime. We are there with you and for you as we continue to rise within and redefine the floral industry.

Venus et Fleur was founded in 2015 with a unique vision. Our brand was conceptualized after Sunny and Seema’s unpleasant floral delivery experience. When the floral delivery went awry, they knew it was time for change. We, at Venus et Fleur realize that sending a flower arrangement isn’t an afterthought, its priority. Just like Sunny and Seema, your special moments deserve to be celebrated.

When it comes to partnerships and collaborations, we align ourselves with brands that resonate similar values - brands that offer the same high caliber of quality and customer experience you’d expect from a luxury brand. We align with brands that endow that experience as a whole, including products that deliver an elevated touch, those that stand the test of time, and create memorable experiences. For this reason, working with Kith was an obvious choice.

Elevated color palettes and unique designs are at the forefront of every Venus et Fleur creation, making our Valentine’s Day collection one of classic elegance and sophistication. The collection offers a stunning array of unique eternity flower arrangements, and the Kith collaboration is no exception. The Kith for Venus et Fleur Valentine’s Day 2023 limited-edition collaboration consists of an elevated, reimagined version of our timeless Le Douze arrangement.

KITH for Venus et Fleur Roses top view

Each eternity flower in the Le Douze arrangement lasts one year or longer and requires little to no maintenance. Available in three exclusive Kith colorways, White, Sandrift, and Stadium, each arrangement consists of eternity roses pigmented in Kith’s color palette. Each single rose stands regally beside the next, and showcases itself in union within a sleek cylindrical porcelain vase. A co-branded monogram box encases each limited-edition Kith for Venus et Fleur Le Douze arrangement. This gift marries modernized romance and timeless elegance to perfection, and creates the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone you admire.

The Kith for Venus et Fleur Le Douze Valentine’s Day arrangements are available exclusively at Kith’s US shops and while supplies last.

KITH for Venus et Fleur | Le Douze Arrangements Group Shot