Introducing the Maison Collection

Où se trouve le cœur, là est la maison. Home is where the heart is. Venus ET Fleur® is honored to introduce our newest collection, Maison. The Maison Collection is comprised of twelve handcrafted porcelain vase arrangements in five styles: Sylvie, Fleura, Thalia, Allura, and Serene, that will elevate your space. Our exclusive new porcelain vases are designed with a custom, handcrafted mold, and are filled with beautiful arrangements made of Real Flowers That Last A Year™. Each exquisite bouquet is uniquely arranged by our in-house designers. The pieces in the Maison Collection bring a sense of refined elegance, grace, and luxury to your space. We’re committed to bringing more beauty into your life, and the Maison Collection is an extension of this.

Our Porcelain Vase

The Maison Collection is inspired by classic Roman mythology and architecture. Roses were served as an offering to Venus, the Roman goddess of love, to receive an abundance of beauty, love,and popularity in life. In the ancient world, high-quality porcelain was viewed as a symbol of power and beauty. Porcelain pieces served as decorations and gifts that were exchanged among the prosperous.

Our Maison Collection features several different sizes and styles of porcelain vases. Its statuesque presence contrasts with delicate assortments of flowers, providing an energy of divine power and femininity that will elevate your life. With their smooth matte finish, our new pieces bring a luxurious Parisian aesthetic into your home. Designed with a custom handcrafted mold, our vases embody our love for intricate craftsmanship and talented artisans.

The Sylvie Arrangement

sylvie arrangement in small square vase

Silvanus is the Roman god of woods and fields, also known as the protector of the forest. We named our petite arrangement, the Sylvie Vase, for Silvanus. He was delighted by wild plants and trees, and we know that you’ll feel the same way in the presence of this delicate and vibrant floral arrangement.

The Sylvie Vase is comprised of five Eternity® Roses, interspersed with rich Eternity Hedera Leaves and moss, elegantly set in a charming square vase. Sylvie serves as a small reminder of the beautiful things in life. Display it in your office or on your living room console table to bring vivaciousness and grace to your space. Or place the petite arrangement on your sofa’s end table to soften the corners and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Customize the colors of your roses to match the rest of the aesthetic in your home, and to bring a bounty of luminosity and color into your life. 

The Fleura Arrangement

fleura arrangement in round porcelain vase

We recently added two new styles of our most popular arrangement, the Fleura Vase. Elevate any living space with this luxurious porcelain arrangement of graceful roses.

Our original Fleura Vase features 35 Eternity Roses in the color of your choice. With Maison, we also offer our Fleura Vase with Eternity Hedera Leaves—an arrangement of 20 roses interspersed with buoyant Hedera leaves. Place your Fleura Vase with greens on your kitchen island to bring a freshness to the space, or set it on your coffee table with a few beautiful coffee table books for a sophisticated, timeless look.

For a more posh aesthetic, look no further than our Fleura Vase with Mixed Eternity™ Flowers, which features seven Eternity® Garden Roses, a sumptuous Eternity™ Hydrangea, and three romantic Eternity™ Gardenias. This stunning arrangement comes in White, Pink, and Lavender, and serves as a refined piece for any space in your home. Place them throughout your living room, on shelves, on your coffee table, or by your reading chair for a cohesive, timeless look.

The Thalia Arrangement

Thalia arrangement in wide round vase

Thalia, the Greek goddess of festivity, also translates to “the blooming” or “the blossoming” in Greek. Our Thalia Vase is a vibrant, energetic, and festive accent for your home. Set in a small round size porcelain vase (approximately 10” x 10” x 11”), our Thalia arrangement will catch the eyes of your nearest and dearest and elevate your daily life. It will make you even more grateful for all that you have.

As with our Fleura Vase, our Thalia Vase comes in three styles. The first arrangement consists of 58 Eternity Roses, available in an abundance of colors. Our Thalia Vase with Eternity Hedera Leaves is composed of 40 Eternity Roses, also available in numerous colors, each with green Hedera leaves that are thoughtfully placed throughout the arrangement. Consider placing your Thalia Vase with Greenery in your sunroom or in your art studio to amplify the beauty of your surroundings.

The Thalia Vase also comes in an arrangement with nine mixed roses, a gracious Eternity Hydrangea, and eight buoyant Eternity Gardenias, available in White, Pink, and relaxing Lavender. These rosy, soft-colored shades exude a cheerful, lively, and soothing ambience, filling your home with warmth and love. Add your Thalia Vase with Mixed Eternity Flowers to your home office space to bring a joyful energy and to increase your productivity.

The Allura Arrangement

Allura arrangement in square porcelain vase

‘Allura’ is a French term for “to entice” or “to attract.” Our Allura Vase is a captivating collection of our timeless Eternity™ Flowers, set in a small square size porcelain vase (approximately 10” x 10” x 12”).

Our Allura Vase comes with 54 roses and adds a sense of effortlessly romantic charm to your home. This elegant arrangement is the perfect centerpiece for your dining room table. You can also dress up your vanity, your bedroom side table, and more with this beautiful, romantic, and sumptuous accent piece. Consider ordering our Allura Vase with Eternity Hedera Leaves, which is comprised of of 40 Eternity Roses interspersed with bountiful Eternity Hedera Leaves. The greenery adds texture and an element of the beautiful natural world.

The Allura Vase with Mixed Eternity Flowers is composed of 13 garden roses, hydrangea, and eight stunning gardenia flowers, available in White, Pink, and Lavender. This arrangement is bursting with vibrant hues, vitalizing any room in your home. It’s a lavish assemblage of flowers that serves as a remarkable enhancement to your home decor. Place your Allura Vase with Mixed Roses on your entryway console table or on a shelf in front of a mirrored wall to make a statement. Consider placing this elegant arrangement atop your dresser, next to fragrant, transportative candles, or by an ornamented picture frame to bring a luxurious aesthetic to your bedroom.

The Serene Arrangement

Serene arrangement in large square vase

Peace and serenity. Harmony and decadence. For our Serene Vase, we wanted to create a euphonious arrangement of flowers that has a magnificent presence. This abundant assemblage of Eternity Flowers is sure to make an extravagant and tasteful statement in any home.

The first Serene Vase incorporates a bountiful 47 Eternity Roses in a Pour Le Table sized porcelain vessel (approximately 12” x 8” x 10”). This gorgeous rose arrangement adds a lavish sense of calm to any space with its abundant blossoms. You can also opt for a Serene Vase with Eternity Hedera Leaves, featuring 42 Eternity Roses with Hedera leaves. The Serene arrangements can help liven up your entryway when used as a centerpiece for your foyer table. They’re also perfect arrangements for placing on dining tables. They’ll spark conversation about the beauty that we live and breathe in life.

We're also excited to introduce our Serene Vase with Mixed Eternity Flowers, starring nine Eternity Garden Roses, two bunches of Eternity Hydrangeas, and eight Eternity Gardenias, also available in White, Pink, and Lavender. This arrangement of Eternity Flowers will bring a pure and peaceful ambience to any space. Our Serene Vase makes the perfect, gracious housewarming gift for newlyweds who are moving into a new home. Give the gift of harmony with a custom Serene Vase arrangement from Venus ET Fleur today.

Our Maison Collection brings a sense of timeless elegance to any space in your home. Whether you’re seeking a Parisian aesthetic or going for a luxurious, modern aesthetic, our bold and beautiful new assemblages of Eternity Flowers will only add more beauty to your surroundings. Venus ET Fleur is committed to bringing you high-quality bespoke floral arrangements to enhance your life and the lives of those who you love. Browse through our latest collection and order yours today—you deserve a life filled with even more beauty, positivity, calm, and grace.

Maison flower arrangements for luxe home decor