Introducing The Grandir Collection

Celebrate an ever-blooming fluidity with Venus ET Fleur®!

Venus ET Fleur has been elevating spaces with an abundance of elegance and romance from our floral arrangements for five monumental years, and to celebrate, we’ve created the stunning Grandir Collection. 

The Grandir Collection highlights the evolution of Venus ET Fleur—from the germination and flowering of our company to its blooming. It amalgamates the brilliance of the embossed ivory box, branded satin ribbon, subtle pattern, and matte appearance for an ebb and flow that echoes our timeless and sophisticated aesthetic.

Large Square Grandir

Enhance your space with this Large Square Grandir floral arrangement from Venus ET Fleur. Its beauty will transform your interior and uplift your senses, and it’s perfect for presenting to your beauty on a special occasion, such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays. 

The Large Square Grandir is a declaration of your love and devotion—a collection of 36 Real Roses That Last A Year®. Forget the traditional rose bouquet that succumbs to time, and give roses that your loved one can enjoy long into the future. Proclamations of love should be long-lasting!

Sumptuous, bold, and abundant, the Large Square Grandir is a statement floral arrangement that is strikingly sophisticated. 

Large Round Grandir

A circle represents an endless and infinite love, and so does our Large Round Grandir floral arrangement from the Grandir Collection. This delicately embossed ivory box houses 36 Eternity® Roses for a lasting floral arrangement that can be elegantly placed in a living room or bedroom, or serve as a beautiful reminder of your love in an office space. 

Without words, send love to the person that you cherish most with the sheer elegance of the Grandir Collection. 

Small Square Grandir

Transformation and expansion are parts of our relationships—our love changes and unfolds in new and unexpected ways with each passing day, month, and year. Grandir in French means “to grow” and just as Venus ET Fleur has evolved and flowered with challenges, so will your love. Growth is navigating life’s obstacles together, and learning how to move forward with elegance, gratitude, and grace. 

Cultivate and complement your love with the Small Square Grandir. 16 roses are uniquely arranged by one of our artful in-house floral designers, resulting in a chic and elegant aesthetic. Fill your space with Parisian-inspired hat boxes that overflow with fragrant roses, all from the Grandir Collection. 

Small Round Grandir

The matte ivory embossed box that gently embraces this floral arrangement from the Grandir Collection is enduring, just like our roses, and just like your love. It will create a sense of harmony with its surroundings, while highlighting our Real Roses That Last A Year®. 

The Small Round Grandir, though small, draws you in and serves as a focal point in both conversation and decoration—it honors evolution and radiates the prosperity that is to come. 

Le Petit Grandir 

Four roses comprise the Le Petit Grandir floral arrangement. As this collection represents growth, the Le Petit Grandir can be given to a budding love, as a celebration of a coming-of-age, or a birthday gift—it’s a simple and spirited gift. 

Surprise someone with this fresh floral arrangement accompanying breakfast in bed for a hard working, celebrated mom, or use them as place settings for guests to take home at a holiday party. Sometimes it’s the small gestures that are the most thoughtful and gracious 

Le Mini Round Grandir  

A single rose can say it all. The Le Mini Round Grandir is the perfect floral arrangement for those who don’t like to make a big fuss around special occasions, but still want their loved one to feel cherished, seen, and adored.

Set forth the celebration by using the Le Mini Round Grandir in a romantic scavenger hunt, or pique the interest of your crush by leaving this on their desk or doorstep. 

Celebrate With The Grandir Collection

From birthdays and wedding anniversaries to special occasions such as graduations or bar/bat mitzvahs, the Grandir Collection is ideal for celebrating growth and renewal with the ones you hold dear.  

The chic embossed ivory boxes fused with our Eternity Roses from the Grandir Collection initiate what is yet to come, while also celebrating your love in the here and now. 

Customize your Grandir floral arrangement from Venus ET Fleur today!