Introducing the Eternity® Rose Evil Eye Arrangement

The evil eye symbol has been used for centuries and dates as far back as 3,300 B.C. It is said to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits, but it’s often noticed for its beauty. The dark and light blues and while concentric circles are enough to grab anyone’s attention, but this symbol is so much more than just a pretty image.

Venus ET Fleur® is proud to announce the arrival of our Evil Eye Eternity® Rose arrangements! Based on a custom arrangement created for Gigi Hadid, these gorgeous arrangements feature your favorite real roses that last a year® in the pattern of an evil eye talisman, or you can create your own custom arrangement in the Evil Eye Box. With these gorgeous roses in your home, you can not only enjoy their beauty and color, but you can also bring good fortune to your family! With proper care, these Eternity® Roses will last a year or more, protecting your family month after month. Continue reading to learn more about the evil eye below, and get your very own Evil Eye Box from Venus ET Fleur® today!

The History of the Evil Eye

Early evidence of the evil eye superstition dates back to early Greek and Roman times where people believed that the evil eye was an expression of pain, harm, and misfortune. It was said that anyone who was praised more than they truly deserved was at a greater risk of misfortune or harm falling upon them.

As a way to ward off these evil spirits and bad omens, the evil eye talisman was created. This talisman is most likely a symbol that you have seen in the past, especially if you have ever spent any time in Greece. Usually designed on a glass bead, the talisman features a dark blue outer circle surrounding a white circle, a light blue circle, and a smaller dark blue circle, giving the talisman the appearance of an eye. This talisman is said to ward off negativity and protect those who wear it. You may see this talisman made into jewelry, keychains, housewares like door handles, or even on a box of lovely Eternity® Roses.

When to Gift the Evil Eye Talisman

The evil eye talisman depicted on the Evil Eye Box and Evil Eye Eternity® Rose arrangements is used to bring good luck, positive energy, and healing, therefore it is a great gift for anyone in your life who may need a little extra luck on their side. In some cultures, it is tradition to give someone an evil eye talisman to help them celebrate life-changing events such as a new baby, starting a new business, or even as a housewarming gift.

Shop Our New Evil Eye Box at Venus ET Fleur®!

Everyone needs a little luck, and at Venus ET Fleur®, we’re proud to announce the arrival of our new Evil Eye Box and Eternity® Rose arrangement! These gorgeous items were inspired by Gigi Hadid, a firm believer in the powers of the evil eye, and are said to bring luck, positive energy, and good fortune to you and your family. Explore all of our special collections to find the perfect arrangement of real roses that last a year®, and order your favorites from Venus ET Fleur® today!