Inspiration for March Birthday Flowers

March is a month that embraces new life and vibrant color for most of the Northern Hemisphere. It's the perfect time of year to give a birthday gift that radiates this seasonal beauty. Venus et Fleur® long-lasting flower arrangements add a fresh element to the occasion and are ideal for the springtime bestowal of a March birthday gift.

If you want birthday flowers that are personalized and luxurious, there’s no better choice than Venus et Fleur’s eternity® roses and arrangements this March. Our elegant, custom flower arrangements are a gift they'll cherish until next year's spring season and beyond.

A Selection of Beautiful Eternity Roses for Birthday Gifts

Custom Gifts For March Birthdays

A thoughtful birthday gift for parents, friends, or anyone on your list ensures that their special day is memorable. Give a custom flower arrangement to the person who has everything by designing your own bouquet. Consider their favorite rose color or birthstone to create a flower gift they'll adore.

Read on for insight to inspire your March birthday gift, including the March birthstone, zodiac sign, and spring season.

March Birthstone Gift Inspiration

March is one of a number of months with more than one birthstone. Both carry beautiful colors and meaning to help inspire your personalized birthday gift.

Aquamarine, a light blue, aquatic-colored stone, is March’s more traditional birthstone. This gem was believed to protect those who wear it, especially at sea. It has the added association of providing its wearers with marital happiness and increased intellect.

Alternatively, those born in March may prefer the Bloodstone. More of a blue-green or teal color with spots of red, the Bloodstone has slightly more depth than Aquamarine. Once believed to provide strength, bring health and youth, and even grant invisibility to its wearer, the bloodstone has religious and mythological significance for some.

Each stone imparts a unique beauty to inspire your birthday flower arrangement. Use baby blue eternity roses alone in a bouquet for a birthday gift for a friend or in combination with a red rose color for a romantic March birthday gift. Alternatively, design an arrangement inspired by these birthstones featuring aqua roses and red or burgundy roses for a stunning March birthday gift.

Vases With Roses Including Light Blue, Red, and Champagne Roses

March Birthday Flowers and Gift Inspiration

True to the season, March’s birthday flower is one bursting with hope and the possibility of new beginnings. Given its white and yellow coloring, it’s no wonder that daffodils carry such a positive enchantment for those who stop to wonder at them.

At Venus et Fleur, yellow and white rose colors collide to create flower arrangements that evoke a sense of happiness and purity. No matter who you give them to, they’re sure to find their space more optimistic and hopeful once you’ve given them their birthday gift. Plus, with Venus et Fleur eternity florals instead of traditional daffodils, they’ll have a gift of roses that will last a year or more with proper care.

Two Le Petits and a Le Mini Eternity Rose Arrangement

Zodiac Signs in March and Birthday Gifts To Match

While some people may not believe in astrology, for others the belief is almost religious. For those that enjoy astrology, why not take birthday gift inspiration from the zodiac calendar? Knowing their love for astrology and reading about their sign will give you many gift ideas you know they’ll find perfect. It starts with our beautiful line of Zodiac flowers.

March’s zodiac signs include Pisces and Aries. These are two significantly different signs by personality, but knowing them well provides insight into a gift that empowers their strengths and mitigates their weaknesses.

Those bearing the sign of Pisces are kind, considerate, and find themselves in the company of many different people, however they may also be fearful people who surrender to martyrdom. Gifts that encourage positivity but retain deeper meaning are perfect for the Pisces that fit this description. They’ll not only show your thoughtfulness, but also lend them a reminder to the positivity of the world. We suggest flower arrangements with dark, complex rose colors, paired with vibrant accents for the perfect gift.

In contrast, Aries is a fiery and impulsive sign with an optimistic outlook, and a tendency towards impatience and aggression. For Aries, an arrangement that captures their best characteristics and encourages delicacy in their pursuits could be perfect. Customize an arrangement with colors such as bright orange, white, or yellow to radiate positive energy.

The perfect gift for Pisces, Aries, or any astrological sign is found in the Venus et Fleur Zodiac Collection of zodiac sign rose arrangements. These elegant zodiac flowers include luxurious black and white roses, making them a personalized gift perfect for a variety of décor.

Pisces Zodiac Flowers From Venus et Fleur With White and Black Roses

Celebrate With Happy Birthday Flowers From VEF This March

With Venus et Fleur, every flower delivery and gift is of the highest quality and luxury in the industry, and March birthday gifts are no exception. Celebrate March birthdays with colorful roses and arrangements just in time for spring, including elegant black and white zodiac flowers.

For the complete Zodiac Collection of long-lasting birthday flowers, shop our website or visit a Venus et Fleur flower boutique today.

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