Ideas for Winter Wedding Décor, Clothing, and More

While wedding season may traditionally be more like May through August, more and more people are having winter weddings and creating wonder filled memories of sparkling walks down the aisle and the cheerful, cozy wedding celebrations only available in winter.

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Winter Wedding Ideas for Décor, Clothing, and More

Throwing a winter wedding, while enchanting, can be a curveball for you and the guests. Assuming you’ve chosen a wintery destination, you may have a lot of questions about what’s possible, especially if you plan to be outdoors as well. The good news is that while some options may be off the table, the simple elegance of a winter wedding is one of the things that makes it divine. 

Winter Wedding Décor Themes

For winter weddings, the décor is straightforward and elegant. Whether you’re outdoors for the ceremony or inside for the reception, the simple white and black typically seen at a wedding and the shimmering background of the evening will be most of what you need for a setting you’ll never forget. Here are a few other notes:

  • Use plenty of small, twinkling lights to sparkle in the dimness of a winter evening.
  • Choose flowers and our mixed floral centerpieces in white, champagne, and various shades of blue with to go with the typical wintery theme.
  • For wooden, rustic settings perhaps use maroon and gold color schemes or something else fiery and royal.
  • Use candles, fireplaces, lanterns, and similar elements to bring a warm glow to event

What Guest Attire Should Be

Guest attire for winter weddings can be tricky with the typical wedding season occurring in the summer, but like any winter activity, the answer is layering, but layering in fine winter attire. Here are a few suggestions for your guests to be elegant but warm as well:

  • For the women at your wedding, a long sleeve dress with warm fabric is a good place to start
  • Pair the dress with a matching cardigan or sweater, possibly a jacket, along with gloves, hats, and scarves. Cashmere, silk, and wool are all good fabrics for staying warm yet presenting elegantly.
  • Avoid furs and cotton outer layers if there’s a chance of extended time in the snow, as these are slow drying once wet, plus cotton is extremely penetrable and furs will get matted.
  • Men can easily accommodate typical wedding attire, as suits are very warm in their own right, just add hats, scarves, and gloves coordinated to the wedding and your partner.

Wedding Gifts for Couples and Guests

While not entirely different from gifting at a summer wedding, there are a few considerations to make when choosing gifts for a winter wedding, whether that be for the bride and groom, the wedding party, or as gifts for the guests. These are a few things you could do differently with winter gifts as opposed to summer:

  • Gift to the occasion for guests with gifts that incorporate the theme, such as luxurious silk gloves for the women, flasks of fine whiskey for the men, or something for both like aqua or baby blue Le Mini arrangements or decorative letters with their initials
  • For couples starting their life on a budget, gifts that could help cut down their costs and make things more comfortable in the winter could be a great idea. Pay their fuel bill, buy them a winter getaway, make home improvements, etc.
  • If you’re looking for a wedding gift for the bride, a fashionable jacket, luxurious blankets or linens, or winter athletic wear are good options. If it’s a gift for your daughter on her wedding day, consider a large eternity rose arrangement to commemorate the occasion.
  • For the groom, winter athletic options, tools, and brewing equipment are a few things they could enjoy using immediately in their first winter at home as a husband.

Plan Your Winter Wedding With Arrangements from Venus et Fleur

Planning a wedding, no matter what time of year, is always going to take some big decision making, but we can take all the worry out of all of your floral arrangements. Use our many centerpiece worthy arrangements, bridal bouquets, and other arrangements to adorn your winter wedding by shopping with Venus et Fleur today.