How to Personalize Your Mother’s Day Gift With Meaningful Rose Colors

The best Mother’s Day gifts are thoughtful, unique, and personalized, created just for your mother, grandmother, sister, or aunt! Every memory you share with your mother is unique to your relationship and is deeply cherished forever in her heart. Create another cherished memory with a personalized gift from Venus ET Fleur®.

When you give the gift of Real Roses That Last A Year®, you give her an arrangement of real, handpicked Ecuadorian roses that were preserved at their peak freshness. Our exclusive arrangements are carefully designed with the most beautiful, high-quality Eternity® Roses. Every arrangement can be customized from the material of the box to the color of the roses, so you’ll be sure to find an arrangement that Mom will adore. You can also take your arrangement to the next level by designing your own box with a combination of rose colors, letters, numbers, or words.

Every mother is one-of-a-kind, and her Mother’s Day gift should be just as special as she is! Venus ET Fleur is happy to present a guide to popular flower colors and the meanings behind them. With this knowledge, you can create the perfect arrangement to express the type of love and appreciation you have for your mother.


rose white gardenia flowers

White flowers stand for youth, purity, and innocence. They are often used in bridal bouquets because of their association with young love and new beginnings.

A white flower arrangement is perfect for new mothers, as they embark on this new, exciting journey. Gift her a Gardenia arrangement to wish her a fresh and sweet onset to motherhood. Gardenias are also associated with purity and innocence, so this makes the ideal gift for young, new, and even expecting mothers.


blush rose color le plein

Blush-colored flowers are a warmer and lighter hue of pink. They symbolize admiration and appreciation for the recipient.

A Small Le Plein or Large Le Plein arrangement with blush-colored Eternity® Roses is just what you need for mothers or grandmothers who have inspired you throughout your life. For the hard-working mother or the grandmother who’s been there through your darkest times, this arrangement is the perfect expression of gratitude. This light, classic color also looks great in any home, whether she has a luxe, bohemian, or even traditional aesthetic.


Yellow flowers convey a cheery warmth and brightness. A gift of yellow roses symbolizes friendship, joy, and care, which is the perfect gift for the mother who never stops smiling.

We all know the mother who always offers positive words of encouragement, even when times are hard. They’re the mother who sings while she cleans and smiles at the clouds in the sky. A Fleura Vase of yellow roses would make her heart flutter. This arrangement will be sure to brighten up any kitchen, living room, or sun room, in the same way she brightens up your life.

Baby Blue

baby blue rose large square

A baby blue arrangement embodies trust, peacefulness, and hope. This calming hue is easy to look at and will remind her of cool breezes on a Summer day.

A Large Square arrangement with baby blue roses will show her that she brings you hope. Place this arrangement as a centerpiece in your living room or dining room to serve as a daily reminder for the peace she keeps in her family. A light sky blue color is also proven to soothe the eyes, making it an ideal arrangement for a home office too. After long hours staring at a screen, this beautiful blue assemblage will put her mind, heart, and eyes at ease.


lilac rose le petit arrangement

The color lilac, or light purple, signifies enchantment and wonder. Lilac adds magic to any space, similar to how your mother raised you with a sense of curiosity and bewilderment.

Thank your mother with our Le Clair collection in lilac, available in a set of one, five, nine, fifteen, or twenty-five roses. Each acrylic box has a drawer you can place a special note in. Or sneak a few of her favorite candies into the drawer for a charming touch.


rose pink color heart box large square

Pink roses are a classic. Pink symbolizes femininity, grace, and thoughtfulness. Any arrangement in the color pink is a perfect gift from a daughter to a mother or grandmother.

She has raised you to be a strong, beautiful woman, and now is the time to thank her with an exquisite arrangement she can cherish for a long time. For a grand statement, order a Heart Box of pink roses to show her that she holds a special place in your heart. Or customize a special arrangement with a monogram initial in pink for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.


rose red mothers day color large le plein round

Last but not least, red flowers stand for beauty, romance, and passion. This bold, vibrant color is great for a husband to give his wife, or for a son to give his mother.

This romantic color deserves to be shown off in a bold arrangement. For a grand statement, order our Grandiose De Venus arrangement, featuring approximately 150 bright red roses. A mother has sacrificed and given you all of herself from the moment you were born, and there’s nothing like a huge three foot long arrangement of red roses to say thank you. It’s a gesture as grand and as regal as she.

Venus ET Fleur is here to help you send a gift as special and as unique as your mother this Mother’s Day. Browse our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for more inspiration on how you can send a fully-customized bespoke arrangement of Eternity™ Flowers today!