How to Choose the Right Rose Color for Every Event

When sending flowers for a special occasion, sometimes it can be stressful to choose the right color to reflect the milestone or special moment. With all of the different colors to choose from, it can be easy to struggle when picking the perfect color. In this post, we’ll detail some perfect colors that will always perfectly reflect the occasion that you’re celebrating. When you’re planning to send flowers to a friend or loved one, truly wow them with a luxury flower arrangement from Venus ET Fleur! Our stunning Eternity™ roses can last for up to a year, so they’ll be sure to bring plenty of smiles for months on end. Shop our website today to check out our customization options and see our beautiful special collections!


If you’re wanting to show your affection for a special lady or significant other, a red rose arrangement is the obvious choice. Red communicates true love, passion, and affection towards someone. You can always send red roses for Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, as a surprise for a new love, or just to remind the recipient that you love her and are thinking fondly of her. As mentioned in a previous blog, a dozen red roses will undoubtedly convey a clear message of love. If you’re wanting to truly wow your girlfriend or wife, red roses will definitely do the trick.


White is the traditional choice for weddings, so if a dear friend or family member is getting married and you want to send a celebratory gift, choose a white rose arrangement. White conveys unity, innocence, and purity, and white roses are known by many florists as “the bridal rose”. A white Eternity rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur will definitely delight any bride-to-be’s heart and she’ll be honored by your thoughtful gift.

Thank You

Wanting to thank someone and show your gratitude in a big way? Dark pink roses are the way to go. This is according to traditional rose meanings, so dark pink is a great choice for someone who is well-versed in etiquette and tradition. However, if you know that the recipient isn’t particularly fond of dark pink, you can always choose a shade that you know he or she enjoys and appreciates.

Get Well

To bring some cheer or brighten someone’s day, choose an arrangement made up of brightly-colored roses. They can be a combination of any hues that you like or know that the recipient will enjoy, but it’s always a great idea to send bright and happy colors. With the huge selection of colors that Venus ET Fleur has to offer, you’ll be sure to find the perfect combination. If you’re interested in custom designing an arrangement, you can always contact us for help! We want to do our best to make your dreams come true.

If you’re wishing to convey your sympathy to a family member or friend, soft, muted shades are always the way to go. Many people simply choose white, but Venus ET Fleur has an incredible selection of delicate shades, such as champagne, blush, and pearl. Again, if you want a custom design created in memory of someone who may have passed, you can contact us for more information about our custom options and how we can help you create the Eternity™ rose design that will honor the memory of the deceased perfectly.

Whatever color you choose, sending a beautiful Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement will be sure to thrill the recipient and brighten his or her day. Check out our website now to get started!