How to Celebrate Valentine's Day if You're Single!

Being single on Valentine’s Day is never fun, and while many people choose to sit at home and question why they are single on the most romantic day of the year, this year it’s time to take matters into your own hands and celebrate yourself.

Who says that you need to have a significant other to celebrate on Valentine’s Day? February 14 is all about love, and if you don’t have a partner to share it with, then you should spend the day loving yourself. At Venus ET Fleur®, we believe that you don’t need an excuse to buy yourself an arrangement of our beautiful Eternity Roses®. Choose from one of our many collections of real roses that last a year®, and our luxury flower delivery will send them right to your home! Not only will you get to enjoy beautiful flowers, but with proper care, these luxury roses will be there to remind you of how wonderful you are all year long! Customize an arrangement of Eternity Roses®, or choose from one of our collections and shop Venus ET Fleur® today!

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

Celebrate With Your Friends

It’s easy to let the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day get you down, but it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t simply about the love you have with a partner; it’s also about non-romantic love. If you have a bunch of single friends this Valentine’s Day, take it upon yourself to throw a singles-only Valentine’s Day party! Invite your friends over to watch movies or just hang out. You can supply everyone with endless amounts of chocolate and champagne, or even serve a romantic dinner like fondue. Regardless of how you choose to spend your night, there’s no question that it will be better than spending it alone.

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Good

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and if you don’t have a special someone to share it with, then you should turn your focus toward loving yourself. As you get ready the morning of February 14, you may gravitate towards comfier clothes that allow you to lounge around without restrictions. While these are a great option if you plan on staying home all day, if you plan on going out in public, take the time to dress in something that makes you feel good. When you put on clothes that give you a boost of confidence, people will notice and compliment you on your appearance. Not only will this make you feel good about yourself, but it will also encourage you to look on the bright side and not focus on the fact that you are single.

Do Your Own Thing

If you would rather spend the day alone than with your friends, take the chance to do your own thing. Maybe there is a movie that you’ve been dying to see, or perhaps you’ve been wanting to take a road trip to a new city. Allow yourself to go out on your own and do what makes you happy. Even if all you want to do is stay at home and watch movies or read a book, consider booking a hotel room or look into a room sharing service out of town so that you at least have a change of scenery.

Stay off of Social Media

When you’re single on Valentine’s Day, the last thing you need is the constant reminder that you are single, and social media is the worst culprit. It can be extremely disheartening when you’re surrounded by images of couples getting engaged or going on romantic dates. On Valentine’s Day this year, do yourself a favor and try to stay off of social media. It may be difficult to not check your feeds and see what’s going on, but it will also help you feel better about yourself. If you don’t want to miss out on anything from your best friends, then send them a text or even invite them over so that you have them there in person.

Treat Yourself to Venus ET Fleur® This Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day!