Housewarming Gift Ideas - Thoughtful Gifts for the New Homeowner


Many people struggle with finding thoughtful gifts for new homeowners. Whether it’s a friend or relative moving into their first home or a new neighbor moving in across the street, a useful gift is a great way to wish them well.

But often, the same type of gift is given by several people, thus diminishing your gift’s thoughtfulness. After all, it’s easy to give someone a toaster or microwave. 

So how can you really surprise the new homeowner while gifting them with something extraordinary and useful?

That’s why we’re here. We have compiled a handy guide to housewarming gifts that are sure to impress. Join us as we explore some thoughtful gifts for the new homeowner.

Our goal here was to think outside of the box and give you some ideas that aren’t typically seen among housewarming gifts. Some gifts are simple yet effective, while others are radical and unique.

We hope you find these gift ideas to be helpful in your quest for the right gift. And if you really want to express your well-wishes, stick around for a gift idea that’s sure to steal the breath away from any new homeowner!

Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

Welcome Sign


A welcome mat is one thing, but a welcome sign adds character and class to any new home. Many people feel that welcome mats are a tired trope that’s worn out its welcome and want something more fresh to welcome their guests. And we’re kind of partial to that thinking.

Welcome signs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to do your homework on the new homeowners to determine the type of welcome sign you want to gift them with.

Extra points if you have a head’s up on the kind of neighborhood the homeowners are moving into. This will make it a little easier to find a welcome sign that suits their home and its surroundings.

Depending on the neighborhood, you might not want something too loud or obnoxious. A simple yet elegant welcome sign can send the message with subtlety and charm.

Custom Painting


Lots of people gift paintings to new homeowners, and rightfully so. It’s a great way to give the couple or individual a hand with decorating their new home. And it gives them something to remember you by that they’ll see on a regular basis.

A custom painting, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to add your own personal touch and message. If you’re feeling really creative, you could have a custom portrait of their pet made up.

If you know the house in which they are moving, you could have a custom painting created that commemorates their new home.

Door Wreath


This is a great gift idea that leaves you with nearly endless possibilities. Depending on the time of year, you could gift the new homeowners with a wreath that coincides with the season.

Door wreaths are a classy décor option that goes a long way in adding some personality to any home. You could even make your own wreath to give them a truly personal gift. 

Wine Bag and Cooler


Nothing celebrates a new home like a little bit of the bubbly. Why not aid in the celebration by gifting a classy wine bag and a cooler? For extra points, toss in a fine bottle of wine to let your friends know how proud you are of their new move.

After all, this is a major milestone in their lives. It makes sense to send them off with a gift that they will remember you by with every sip! 

If you really want to top off this gift idea, include an elegant Florentina Eternity Rose from Venus ET Fleur’s collection. They will no doubt appreciate the romance that this injects into their housewarming.

Seed Delivery


Flowers can help turn any house into a home, so why not gift the new homeowners with an online seed delivery program? This gift idea is especially great if one of the homeowners has a green thumb.

Choose a flower that brings out joy and optimism, like the classic mum. You can also mix different types for a floral arrangement that is sure to impress your new homeowners.



Did you know that new brooms were once believed to be a necessary gift for new homeowners? This is because the broom is supposed to be a symbol of a fresh, clean start. 

Many people actually think that bringing your old broom with you to a new house is bad luck.

This housewarming gift has gone by the wayside in recent times, but that doesn’t mean it is any less needed. Outside of the superstitious beliefs of old, a broom is a useful tool that you can rest assured will be used and appreciated.

Sheet Set


Who doesn’t love fresh, new sheets? Depending on the time of year it is when the couple moves into their new home, you might opt for thin, silky sheets or thick flannel ones.

As a pro tip, the human body gets a better night’s sleep when it’s cool in the room. You might want to go with breezier sheets to ensure that the homeowners stay cool unless you know for a fact that they hate a cooler bed, in which case you should opt for flannel.

Vase Bookends


Flowers brighten up any setting, so why not include them with this handy gift idea? If one of the new homeowners is a bookworm, you know the bookends will be put to good use.

For a more personalized touch, our Le Petit Arrangement will look great in the vase bookends, as it comes with four stunning Eternity Roses that last a whole year! You can even choose the color of the roses to ensure that you gift your friends or relatives with flowers that are bright and cheerful!

State Candle


There’s something warm and cozy about a candle burning. Candles, of course, are a dime a dozen and can be picked up just about anywhere. A state candle, however, shows that you put a little more thought into your housewarming gift.

And that is the goal here, after all. You want to give something that is useful, yet thoughtful. If the new homeowners are moving out of state, you might consider gifting them with a candle that’s inspired by the state they are originally from.

This will aid in any potential homesickness while reminding them of how far they’ve come.

Magnetic Knife Strip


If you want to assist the new homeowner in keeping their new home clean and organized, a magnetic knife strip is a great way to help out. Unlike the traditional knife displays from yesteryear, magnetic knife strips take up much less space, and they don’t monopolize countertop real estate, either.

There are some really beautiful knife strips nowadays. The plain magnetic strip has been refreshed and upgraded in recent years, with new ideas springing up all the time. One of our favorites is a walnut or cherry strip, as they add so much class and character to the kitchen.

And if the new homeowner is in need of new knives, find a set that goes well with the magnetic knife strip. You can match up the handles with the strip for a striking way to display the knives.

Tool Set


Tools are a necessity, no matter who you are. You never know when something will need to be fixed, and having the right tools makes all the difference in the world.

Lend a helping hand by gifting a useful toolset to the new homeowner. There are some really comprehensive sets available, too, so you can be sure that they will have what they need.

It’s important to note that you should invest in a high-quality set. Cheaper tools break easily and can be a bear to work with. Go all-out on this gift idea, and you are sure to be remembered every time something needs repairing.

The Ultimate Housewarming Gift


As promised, we have the perfect housewarming gift idea that will leave the new homeowner speechless. 

Large Round Arrangement


Our Large Round Arrangement of Eternity Roses is a luxurious and elegant way to show how much you care. This dazzling array of Roses features anywhere from 39 to 42 Eternity Roses in a beautiful round vessel.

What sets these flowers apart from all others is their incredible longevity and striking colors. You choose the color of the round vessel, as well as the color of the Eternity Roses. 

In Summary


Unlike traditional flowers, our Roses last a whole year! So the new homeowner will have a constant reminder of your expression. You can even gift them with an assortment of colors, or choose a Pink or Baby Blue color if there is a baby on the way!

Be sure to explore all of our other arrangements to find the perfect gift for any occasion!

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