Fun Party Décor Ideas for Fall and Winter Holidays

As September winds to a close and October gets rolling, we can start to feel the holidays and warm feelings are upon us, and with it, we’ve got some holiday party décor ideas for you. While some may think that means Christmas time, New Years and maybe Thanksgiving, we had to throw in Halloween with the spooky season right around the corner.

After months of no major holidays, the late fall and early winter months bring a flurry of festivities. At Venus et Fleur, we provide flower arrangements to match all your events and décor. With the right selection of our choices or an arrangement customized to you, you can have a beautiful centerpiece for holiday décor and up to a year later.

Getting the Décor Right for Every Occasion

One of the secrets to great party planning and holiday décor throughout the season is having items flexible to all your events. With Venus et Fleur, you can choose arrangements that do just that, from Halloween to New Years and beyond.

Halloween Party Décor

For a spooktacular Halloween soiree, use reminders of autumn, such as pumpkins, festive gourds, and fall foliage combined with all the spookiness you want. Some décor that can help bring the goosebumps includes skeletons, spooky foods, undead décor, or just-plain-darkness. 

For flower arrangements, we recommend the Le Plein with our yellow, orange, and red hues of eternity® roses for stunning Halloween decorations. You could also accent it with silver and gold flowers for something more refined. This perfect, eye-catching arrangement will be the center of attention whenever it's used. 

For something creative and unique, use Le Mini™ Letters from The Letter Collection for smaller and personalized Halloween party décor. Spell out phrases like "RIP" or "Spooky" with beautiful floral letters that come in different holiday colors. With eternity® roses, you can enjoy your holiday arrangement all year long, or give away the smaller pieces, like the minis, at the end of your party.

That being said, it’s important to make sure flowers or any other décor matches the broader Halloween theme of your party. Colorful arrangements are best for parties embracing autumn and the childhood fun of Halloween, while darker arrangements, perhaps of red and black or black and orange, would serve better for a dark and spooky Halloween.

Thanksgiving Party Décor

If you are decorating your home for a Thanksgiving party this year, it’s important to choose fall colors that accent your décor. 

For the typical Thanksgiving party, you should choose from bold, warm colors, such as orange, yellow, red, or burgundy to highlight the spirit of Thanksgiving. One of our luxurious vases can help bring out the feelings of fall with these colors as focal points, while adding some darker shades of red or purple can help establish a more refined feeling than you might look for at Halloween.

Speaking of refined, one holiday party idea that’s caught on is the “Golden” Thanksgiving, which accents much of the typical Thanksgiving décor with gold. If Thanksgiving is important in your family, it can be a great time to spend for a little more luxury, and luckily, with Venus et Fleur, it’s easy to customize an arrangement with gold flowers while also matching it to your home.  

To top it off, decorate with pumpkins, foliage, and fall fragrances around your home.

Christmas Party Décor

For a festive holiday party, fill your home with peace, joy, and love. Whether you want a Christmas party that’s beautiful and elegant or you just want to jingle-bell-rock the night away, the right décor helps tell your guests whether or not it’s ok to be on the naughty list for the night.

Whatever type of Christmas or Holiday party you’re throwing, using a Christmas tree filled with glistening lights and beautiful ornaments is a great focal point for your party. From there, the décor gets a little more diverse depending on the atmosphere you’re planning.

For less formal Christmas parties, where you might have decorations involving a variety of stories and traditions, red, green, and white décor are a safe bet as colors to generally go with everything. Choosing one or a few holiday stories to choose from can give you more direction. You could even match each room with a different holiday theme! To go a step further, cookies or turkey baking before the party can help tie the aesthetic together with warming, familiar smells.

For more sophisticated holiday gatherings, use glittering twinkle lights, an accent wall for photos, and a luxurious Rose Blanche Candle that smells fresh and blends perfectly with elegant red and green décor. In some ways, these themes can be simpler, as they are more clear-cut and their décor can be repurposed for another event, rather than buying a house-full of decorations to store from now on.

With our eternity® roses, you’ll never have to put your holiday or Christmas décor in the dark, as they can last an entire year and will blend in perfectly with your autumn and winter décor.

New Years’ Party Décor

For most people in the U.S., New Years’ is typically thought of as the end to the holiday season. We kick off the new year and wrap up our vacations with a bash meant to celebrate what’s been and what’s coming. With most of us celebrating in similar ways, planning a New Years’ party’s décor leaves a little less on the table to figure out.

With typical celebratory colors of black, gold, and silver, among a number of other shimmery decorations, creating a stylish and fun New Years’ Eve party is easy. Whether you want to go to more upscale décor to use for years to come or you buy disposables from the party store, New Years’ eve party décor doesn’t have to break the bank.

If you’re throwing a sophisticated party for your company or want to give your guests a gift for the new year, Venus flower arrangements are great as centerpieces and our Le Mini pieces make great party favors, once you’re done using them as décor.

A Few Holiday Party Tips Beyond Décor

  1. Make shopping lists for food, drinks, decorations, and supplies.
  2. Keep your guests entertained by having live music, a DJ, or karaoke.
  3. Give out mini holiday candles, houseware, lush throw blankets, chocolates, or gift sets for party favors.
  4. Create specialty holiday cookies for your guests.
  5. Have activities for children who may be attending, such as holiday crafts, coloring pages, a holiday film, festive games, or traditional children’s toys.
  6. If you are a guest at a party, consider bringing a hostess gift to show your appreciation this holiday season.

Plan Your Holiday Party With These Décor Ideas and Venus et Fleur

If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to planning a stunning holiday party this year. Use our decorating tips to create a magical celebration for all of your family and friends to enjoy and add elegance to any holiday with floral arrangements from Venus et Fleur. Happy planning and happy holidays!