Home Décor Themes and Ideas For a Very Venus Holiday

With the holidays just around the corner, using home décor to make your home a dazzling, cozy winter wonderland can help make it a happy holiday. Whether you are staying in with your family or hosting a holiday party, setting the ambiance with just the right décor can help bring the warm, cheery spirit of the season.

Holiday inspirations from the evergreen winter forests, to royal celebrations, snowy winter wonderlands, or the fruits of the season are all good holiday themes that lend themselves to a warm holiday at home or hosting parties for a variety of people. At Venus et Fleur®, we have a number of home décor and floral arrangement options to match any holiday theme. As we prepare for the holidays, we thought we’d offer a few ways to make your space luxurious, cozy, and gorgeous for a warm holiday season at home.

Décor For Being Home for the Holidays

Each of these indoor holiday décor themes will impress your guests and provide you with a beautiful environment to relax and enjoy the little luxuries of life in, all winter long.

Ever-Gorgeous Evergreen

For this holiday look, think emerald green winter foliage. Channel the gorgeous abundance of the outdoors with deep shades of green. Emeralds symbolize truth and love, and this look is evocative of prosperity and the natural universe.

First, gift yourself with a few stunning arrangements of flowers that will enhance your home for the holidays and that can last up to an entire year. We recommend the Gia Marble Vase with mixed calla lilies, featuring an overflowing arrangement of calla lilies, roses, dianthus, and hydrangeas. The green dianthus are stunning, creating a luxurious garden feeling. Terre Travertine Vase brings out the emerald green in our roses with leaves. These beautiful arrangements will introduce an element of classic elegance to the outdoor look.

Dress your mantel, console table, and coffee table with décor of winter greenery from the outside, using pinecones, juniper berries on the twig, and other foraged items. For an elevated look, we recommend finding some gold ribbon to weave through the assemblages. You can also fill large crystal, brass, or silver bowls with natural objects such as pinecones and acorns to serve as beautiful and natural décor pieces.

Place dark green or silver pillows on your couch, and invest in a super luxurious cashmere blanket in dark green plaid or a solid dark green. Hang velvet or silk forest green curtains from your windows—it’ll make your space even more cozy, and will tie the look together.

If you have a fireplace, make sure to keep a neat stack of wooden logs nearby — they’ll look amazing and will make you feel inclined to spend more evenings by the fireplace. You may also want to invest in new fireplace tools to make your living room even more sophisticated. Consider hanging evergreen branches and golden meteor string lights, strung from a branch, above your mantle for a luscious forest look.

For your dining area, invest in some forest green linens. When you’re setting the table for your holiday meals, tuck a bit of winter greenery, with or without a spring of cranberries or an acorn, into each napkin ring for a special touch. Find dark green taper candles and set them around the table for a luxurious natural glow, and to tie it all off with a matching centerpiece arrangement of eternity® roses.

For a super cozy touch, trade out your summer linens in the bedrooms for flannel, cotton, and other warm fabrics in shades of charcoal or dark green. We love the look and feel of a super cozy cashmere blanket on each bed.


Go With Gold

You can never go wrong with gold décor. The color gold symbolizes luxury, wealth, riches, illumination, love, compassion, courage, and confidence. This holiday season, warm your home with the ethereal color gold.

Start with a few stunning, awe-inspiring arrangements of long-lasting gold roses. The Feu Cast Iron Vase is a vessel made of stunning cast iron and brass, filled with gold eternity roses. This arrangement adds a powerful warmth to any mantle, bedroom, kitchen, or office. We also recommend selecting our Large Round black box with gold eternity roses as an elegant statement piece for your living room. Not only will it help warm the room on those cozy days in, but your guests will love having cocktails as they admire it. For your dining table, go with the incredible Le Plein black suede and gold eternity roses. It is an abundant and astonishingly gorgeous arrangement that will serve as the perfect centerpiece for your golden holiday tablescape. 

If you’re looking to accent your holiday theme, smaller arrangements work great. Place a few of our Le Petit square black boxes with gold eternity roses around your home as wall or table décor or on smaller surfaces such as your mantle, nightstands, desks, and shelves. With its four roses, the Le Petit is an ideal décor piece that adds small and powerful colors of gold around your home. For other accent pieces, the Le Mini™ Collection or one of our single-stemmed vases offer options that look lovely anywhere.  As the seasons change, each arrangement will continue to glow and radiate beauty in your home.

Once your golden arrangements have been placed, you can add more gold décor by placing gold objects, like leaves painted gold, around your home. To just give things a sparkle, painting things like acorns, pinecones, leaves, branches, and fake fruit with gold flakes makes for a fun activity and something you can use in your décor as well. You can spread them around the house, accenting tiny spaces, or use them in a large, clear glass bowl as a table piece.

To take the idea a bit further, you could place gold or brass bowls on your coffee,  and side tables, in your sitting room and living room, and fill them with edible gold snacks such as gold plated almonds and pistachios. These can be purchased from specialty stores, or you can make your own by purchasing edible gold. When guests come, place bowls of nuts, olives, cherries, and so forth that you’ve detailed with edible gold.

In the dining room, switch to tablecloths and napkins in white and gold or a darker color with gold accents and consider investing in glasses and plates that are gold, or detailed with gold. It will make each of your holiday meals even more luxurious, sumptuous, and enjoyable. Be sure to place a golden surprise, such as a golden branch, pear, or leaf with each place setting. Use our Le Mini black box with gold eternity roses for a luxurious place setting or a creative Mini Letter from The Letter Collection for a personalized initial of your guests' names

Once you’ve handled all of the table, dining, and general décor, it’s time to accent them with even more pieces to make your home glow. Candles are a great way to do this while also adding whatever fragrance you need to set the ambiance of the room, and to keep the theme going, place them in gold or crystal holders scattered about your home. They’ll look gorgeous even when they aren’t lit, and when they are, their golden flames will fill your home with warm light. To create a seasonal touch, place golden garlands on the handrails of your staircases or shelves for the light to bounce off of.

Finally, with all the settings and accent pieces covered, invest in golden velvet curtains to finish off your golden Christmas décor — these drapes will make your home feel warm and magnificent for the holiday season, instantly elevating the luxury of the room. Top it all off with throw pillows and cashmere blankets in warm tones that reflect gold your couches, chairs, and beds.

Snowy Wonderland

If you love wintery weather around the holidays, the right décor can turn your home into a snow draped fairytale with an abundance of glittering white and silver details for an elegant, cozy time at home. 

First, select arrangements of flowers with classic white and silver roses, and place them around your home. Our Demi Sandstone Vase with mixed orchids come in beautiful shades of white and various eternity® flowers like orchids, dianthus, craspedias, and roses for more texture and variety. These vases are stunning and timeless and will look elegant in your home. We love the Le Mini Round marble box with silver eternity roses as well because they complement any space as winter wonderland décor that is small and portable. With white and silver both being  neutral colors, each of the flowers that you buy for the holidays will serve as a stunning décor piece in your home throughout the entire new year.

Next, deck the halls with all things silver and “snowy”. Think silver taper candles, clear crystal icicles, white and glittering silver snowflakes, white and silver birch branches, silver pinecones, and so forth. Much of this you can make at home, and just add them to a silver, crystal, or frosted tall vase for a gorgeous, easy to make décor piece. To give all these shiny elements a sparkle, strings of fairy lights are especially gorgeous and deliver a bright, warm glow when woven in with complementary white and silver window draping.

Once you’ve taken care of the main living area décor, it’s time to move onto the tiny details that complete a winter wonderland. This is where you go above and beyond for your Christmas at home. For furniture, dress your beds, chairs, and couch with elegant, cozy pillows and blankets in shades of silver and white. Swap out your stack of colorful coffee table books for books in shades of white for a monochrome look. Place silver and crystal bowls on your coffee table, and fill them with white finger foods such as popped water lily seeds, white pumpkin seeds, and foil-wrapped dark cacao almonds. If you’re able to find a refined winter wonderland snow globe, this is a charming décor piece to place on your coffee table.

For your dining table, select white and silver linens and plates, your best silver flatware, crystal glasses, and any other similar décor. Place arrangements of long lasting roses on the table such as our Allura Porcelain Vase with silver eternity roses.

While it’s not in use, consider creating a winter wonderland scene on your dining room table by purchasing miniature winter trees and placing them around it. You can paint them with silver or sparkles or leave them green. To bring the message home, place a few silver snowflakes amidst the forest, and buy a bag of silver star or finely ground glitter confetti and sprinkle it across the table for even more sparkle.

If you celebrate Christmas and will have a tree this year, consider decorating it with nothing but silver and white ornaments, like silver tinsel, glittering white snowflakes, and silver glass bulbs. Wrap each of the gifts that you’re placing under the tree in silver paper and you’ll have a sophisticated take on your Christmas tree.

The Fruits of the Season

This look is fruitful, colorful, and totally festive. It’s a celebration of the literal fruits of the season, warm winter tones, and love. It’s a celebration of the precious ruby gemstone, which represents nobility, purity, and passion. Channel rubies and gorgeous seasonal fruits — cranberries, apples, citrus, pears, pomegranates, and so forth for a delightful holiday décor scheme. 

First, select an arrangement of flowers, such as our timeless Le Plein in a cream suede box with orange, burgundy, gold, red, and hot pink eternity® roses. The textured suede boxes are classic and pair beautifully with roses, and we love the look of having several of the same arrangement placed around a space. You can also, of course, select one color of roses to go with, such as burgundy, and place several around your home for a more cohesive look. Our Le Plein Collection is a celebration of timelessness and monumental moments, making it ideal for the holiday season and up to an entire year to come.

Once your flowers are in place, select seasonal fruits — pomegranates, pears, apples, winter citrus, and cranberries — and place them in brass or golden bowls around your home. Mix a few pinecones and sprigs of winter greenery within each of the bowls for a bit of contrast. These seasonal décor pieces are ideal for placing on a coffee table, kitchen counter, or side tables. If you have a bit of extra time, consider studding the skins of oranges with cloves for an extra touch of color and texture. The cloves will also fill your home with a warm, beautiful seasonal scent.

For your dining table, construct a pyramid shape out of these same seasonal fruits, or select one fruit, such as pears, to create a cone with. Allow this to serve as the centerpiece of your dining table. Place branches, pinecones, pomegranates, twigs of cranberries, and Rose Oud Candles with other shades of burgundy, burnt orange, and gold around the rest of the table. For your tablecloth and napkins, select a burgundy or gold tone. A golden tablecloth is a truly luxurious and stunning base for the table décor, but a dark wooden table works beautifully with the theme as well. 

In the living room, match up warm, bright tones for a sensuous and cozy look. Switch out your curtains for velvet or linen curtains and place blankets and throw pillows in warm tones, such as burgundy, red, and forest green, on your couch. For your coffee table, place brass or gold bowls of long lasting on-theme foods such as cherries, acorns, and almonds out for your and your guests to enjoy.  

Around the rest of the living room and common areas, fill small brass, gold, crystal, or silver bowls with sumptuous natural treasures such as cloves, star anise, dried rose petals, and cinnamon sticks, and place the bowls around your home. This homemade potpourri will look amazing with your holiday décor theme and will fill your home with warm, sweet scents of the season.

Choose Your Home Décor Theme for the Holidays

Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration about how to make your home into a holiday haven. Wishing you a warm, cozy, luxurious, love-filled holiday at home, shop with Venus et Fleur for all your holiday floral arrangements and décor.