Four Awesome Housewarming Gifts

If a friend or loved one has recently moved into a new home, a wonderful way to celebrate this huge life accomplishment is to send a housewarming gift. While it doesn’t have to be an expensive item or big gesture, a housewarming gift will bring a smile to his or her face and show your support and excitement for this special time in life. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five wonderful gift ideas that will be sure to make your friend or loved one feel special. If you want to send a housewarming gift but you’re too busy to go shopping, use your time wisely and send a beautiful Venus ET Fleur Eternity™ rose arrangement! Easily customized and with plenty of options, you’ll be sure to bring joy and excitement to an already thrilling life experience! Shop our website today!

A Bottle of Wine

If your loved one or friend loves fine wine, this is the perfect opportunity to choose a nice bottle of vino as a celebratory gift. Spend some time in a local shop that has an excellent selection and if this is an area that you’re not well-versed in, you can ask for advice from the shop owner. While you don’t need to break the bank on the wine, make sure you purchase a bottle that is nicer than you normally would choose. When you pick the perfect bottle of wine, make sure that you write a heartfelt note or card to give along with it. You can tie a nice ribbon around the bottle, or there are many gift bags created specifically for a wine bottle shape. Whether you choose a crisp white or a mellow red, you’ll be sure to impress a wine connoisseur with an excellent bottle of celebratory vino.

A Gift Card

While some people may feel like a gift card is impersonal, but if your friend or loved one has moved to a larger home and is needing new furniture and decor, a gift card to a favorite furniture store or local decor boutique will be an excellent way to help to decorate the home while giving him or her the freedom to choose what to purchase. You can also purchase a gift card to a favorite local restaurant, or even purchase a spa package for some much-needed rest and relaxation. While moving is exciting, it can be stressful on the body and after unpacking the last box, your friend or loved one could probably use a deep tissue massage. If you don’t feel comfortable choosing a local store or spa to purchase a gift card from, there is always the option of a cash card that is treated just like a debit or credit card by most, if not all, retailers and restaurants.


This is obviously a housewarming gift that is reserved only if you know the recipient well, but a beautiful art piece that has meaning to your friend or loved one may even bring a tear to his or or her eye. You can even have a particular piece commissioned, such as a painting of their previous home, a special pet, or of a place that has special meaning to the recipient. While this may seem like a risky gift, you’ll definitely leave a lasting impression of your deep relationship and make him or her feel extremely considered and special, and your painting will be forever a part of the new home and this exciting time.

A Rose Arrangement

Add some instant beautiful, color, and decor to the new house with a Venus ET Fleur delivery! This will be sure to bring an exciting smile to your friend or loved one’s face when he or she opens the door to a gorgeous Eternity™ rose arrangement that can last up to a year and has an incredible fragrance that will fill the new home. Using our easily-navigated website, you’ll be able to choose the color of the roses, and the design, shade, and shape of the box that they will be arranged in. You can even choose from one of our custom collections as well if you notice that your friend or loved one will enjoy a specialized design more. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that the rose arrangement will be absolutely stunning and expertly arranged. A Venus ET Fleur arrangement is an excellent choice if you live far away from your friend or loved one, but you still want to send an housewarming gift. The purchase of a new home is a thrilling part of life and one that should definitely be celebrated. If you’re searching for the perfect housewarming gift, look no further than the best in the luxury flower industry, Venus ET Fleur. Shop our website and send an heartwarming gift to your friend or loved one today!