Flower Decor Ideas From New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week 2023 is officially over, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of innovative trends. Runway styles are just the beginning of this year’s trend-worthy fashions. Inspire to live in the moment with stylish flowers from Venus et Fleur®. Our eternity® flowers set the standard for this year's fashionable home and office decor.

Ensure your home and office come into vogue with Venus et Fleur eternity florals. Our fashionable hand-designed flower arrangements and unique rose colors create a stylish yet serene aesthetic in your home or office. Check with us for fashion-month-inspired floral ideas and order your arrangements for 2023 online or through your local boutique for luxury flower delivery.

 A Selection of Rose Arrangements With Shades of Blue, Gold, and Pink Roses

New York Fashion Week Colors in Luxurious Floral Arrangements

With the many different outfits at fashion week, there seemed to be shades of almost every different color. Yet, as with every season, some colors and style-making trends stood out. Regardless of which 2023 fashion trends you embrace, there’s a customizable eternity floral arrangement to adorn your space and match your style.

Bold Beige and Pleasing Pastels

The color beige took center stage at New York Fashion Week and alongside stood classic black, white, and pastels to beautifully pair. Venus et Fleur classic flower arrangements in cream or blush suede finishes coordinate well with this trending colorway. If you prefer a more earthy appeal, select eternity florals in lilac, white, or black and set in a hand carved stone vase. Our many arrangements offer lush color tones in various vessels for the fashionable style you crave in home decor.

Silver and Gold

Silver and gold were in vogue and included in several of the best looks at Fashion Week. Some attire was drenched in sparkling adornment, while others added it as the final touch to a brilliant display. Harmonize your home in sleek, royal fashion by adding silver and gold rose colors to a classic Parisian-hat-box inspired vessel. This floral adornment creates an elegant, yet fashionable flair to any room.

Gold Roses In Our Classic Small Square and Two Colors of Le Petit Squares

Vibrant Aqua, Teal, & Between

Gorgeous shades of aqua and teal with varying hues of blue and green were on display on the runway, as well as in the outfits of the people on the street at fashion week. If the fashion designers were implying that these colors are trending, the people confirmed it.

Elevate your home by pairing gorgeous blues and greens, including aqua or mint, with white or black finishes on our classic Parisan-hat-box inspired vessels or add even more elegance with one of our marble vases.

Sleek Black and White

At this New York Fashion Week, signature black and white fabrics reigned supreme. Clean, modern, and edgy high-end designs graced the busy runway. When bringing this elegant, minimalist style into your home, enhance it with one of our many fashion forward arrangements.

For centerpieces and living areas, choose from our glass and porcelain vases or a stunning Le Plein with black or white roses. Then use our Le Petit and Small Round arrangements for bathrooms and bedrooms to tie your look together for 2023. The prestigious high-end vibe will leave modern flair to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Large Square Classic Eternity Flower Arrangement of White Roses

Discover Fashionable Floral Decor With Venus et Fleur

Bring trending fashions and high-end florals to your home with Venus et Fleur. Shop all of our eternity roses and arrangements or design your own to make 2023 your most fashionable year yet.