Flower Arrangements: A Guide for Beautiful Floral Displays


Flower arrangements are a gorgeous part of any event, be it a wedding, anniversary, proposal, or simple birthday party. They have such captivating beauty that it’s hard to imagine any special occasion without them. Can you imagine a wedding without a flower bouquet or an anniversary party without stunning floral centerpieces?

Careful thought goes into creating the perfect floral arrangement.Venus ET Fleur® has become the expert in expressing the perfect message through artful floral design. Whether you’re looking for a classic round arrangement or a unique yet tasteful design, Venus ET Fleur has you covered. What goes into creating a beautiful arrangement? What should you keep in mind when constructing your own? For those looking for tips on how to make their floral arrangements as beautiful as possible, there are many important things to know and keep in mind.  In this article, we’ll dive into the top things to consider as you put together your own work of art.

Picking Your Flowers

There are a lot of things that are important to keep in mind when putting together floral arrangements. Such arrangements can be incredibly wonderful to behold and are almost always necessary when putting together events or activities or for home decor. But floral arrangements are not as easily composed as many people think. If you are unprepared, the arrangements can become unnecessarily expensive as a result of overbuying materials or wasting your beautiful flowers. Without proper planning, the end result of your hard work can turn out looking very different from what had been pictured in the mind’s eye. Every event has a style, theme, and color palette. The floral arrangement you construct should be as specific as the event itself.

Flowers are numerous and vastly wondrous to behold. There are, however, so many varieties that it can be hard to pick just one. With so many options, from Baby's Breath to tulips, it is easy to become overwhelmed in the planning process. In these situations, there are a couple of things that can make the process much easier. First, it is important to note that you should not choose flowers that are out of season, so check with a local florist. They are harder to obtain and thus more expensive, especially for people who are putting together large events.

By using flowers that are in season, you can be sure that putting together your floral arrangements will be much easier than it would be otherwise. In addition, it is not as simple as picking a flower and using it. You should be careful to choose flowers that last a long time, like carnations, to avoid problems. It is also best to see flowers before you decide to use them in an arrangement. Without seeing them in person, flowers can turn into a classic situation of, “it looked better when I saw it online.” It is better to be safe than sorry. By finding flowers first, you can take control of your plan with a clear vision in mind.

Prepping Flowers for Your Floral Arrangement

Once you have flowers, you’ll then need to prep them to ensure that they are displayed as they are supposed to be. This means trimming stems, while careful to leave just enough that you can still see a hint of green above the vase. Thorns also need to be taken out of flowers, both to make sure they aren’t harmful and that they fit in any given vase better than they would otherwise. Water temperature is also important. Water that is too cold will not be helpful for flowers that are supposed to last beautifully through an event. Fortunately, fresh flower arrangements last for a week or more when properly tended to.

Thinking about The Colors In Your Floral Arrangement

Another thing to think about is color. As stated above, floral arrangements can last for days when they are correctly put together. This means that color is very necessary and needs to be just right. No one wants to stare at an ugly arrangement for days on end. It is best to pick colors that follow the same theme as the event or that are universal and to include some greenery for variety.

For example, white flowers, pastels, and dark colors are all good for almost any event, because they are easier to arrange in many different design schemes. In other cases, the best thing to do is make the flowers an accent color. If you find beautiful flowers for an event but they are too vibrant, they can be used as the accent color to fit in better with a theme. Themes are great for keeping floral arrangements uniform and matching. Typically, the best thing to do is to form your decorative floral arrangement around the theme and style of the event.

Picking the Vase for Your Floral Arrangement

The other thing to keep in mind about flowers, aside from the flowers themselves, are the vases. Choosing a vase is an important part of putting together a successful floral arrangement. Color is, first and foremost, another thing that needs to be properly considered. Just like with the flowers, bright colors or those that don’t go with the setting are not good for arrangements.

Transparent or dark colors are best for vases in most cases. Glass vases are very popular and can work in almost any situation. Sticking with a basic style can be good and can help save money. These themes can be all metal, for example, or all glass. Whatever is chosen should also make sense with the overall design elements featured at your venue. That is part of the trouble of floral arrangements; there are so many things that need to be considered apart from just the flowers themselves. With these tips in mind, vases are much easier to get, because it opens a variety of cheap options.

Designing the Floral Arrangement

When doing this, you should make sure that you are not making the flowers too loud. By adding more than one kind of flower to an arrangement, it can be easy to overpower the entire piece. This can be caused by other things as well, a vase that is too colorful or flashy, leaves that are too full, or even lighting in the room can cause flowers to look like too much is going on. Putting together a floral arrangement involves thinking about many factors in order to create a successful product.

In addition, it should also be mentioned that making sure flowers are taller than their vase is a good idea to make the arrangement more appealing to the eye. And, while talking of what is most appealing, you should not be afraid to seek out ideas for flower centerpieces from others. You can even think outside the box and include other natural elements like pinecones for a unique twist. 

There a million different things that you can do to make your floral arrangement unique. In fact, it is like it’s own art form and it takes serious artistry to put together a beautiful arrangement. In addition, up until this point, flower arrangements have only been discussed in the context of their singular arrangement. But more than one kind of flower can be used for arrangements. This can make organizing events even more simple. Instead of trying to tailor a specific flower to a specific occasion, many can be used to bring out the colors that you want.

Thus far, we have only discussed the basics; finding a vase that works, using the right colors, and fitting the bouquet in with the surrounding theme. But these are the general things; the more specific elements are what take the floral arrangements above and beyond.

There are techniques that can help people make proper centerpieces even without extra fancy products. Tape, for example, can be placed in a pattern on vases to make the stems sit in the right place. This technique can be used as an alternative to florists’ foam. The stems of flowers can also be made to follow a design, whether it be a conical loop or an outline similar to the vase in which they are housed. Bringing in other accent pieces that relate to nature can also help tie floral arrangements in with surroundings, like green or floral-patterned tablecloths. This will make centerpieces pop more while still fitting in with the environment. Leaves and stems can also be used to decorate vases and other things to keep everything within a similar theme.

There are yet more things that you can do to keep flowers looking as nice as possible. Cheap flowers can be used in order to work on a budget as well as to make a statement. After all, all flowers are living, and even the inexpensive ones can make a great statement. Also, floral tape can be used for flowers to keep them looking nice. When you are placing flowers, each one is slightly different from the last. For this reason, it is important to make sure they are all arranged correctly. Floral tape is a great way to make sure that arrangements and centerpieces look the same. Not all floral arrangements always have to be placed in exactly the same way. It is, however, nice to try to make them look uniform and to put some effort into their overall appearance.

Indeed, flowers can even be contained in different ways and containers. Instead of putting stems in water, flowers can be completely submerged in containers to give them a more peaceful and natural look. This works beautifully with pink roses for a soft touch. In addition, they can also be placed under containers like glass bowls or vases turned upside down. These things can make the floral centerpieces on a dining table look especially unique. For those who are looking to stay within a budget, floral arrangements can be created for a reasonable price with spare glasses or with boxes instead of vases. Getting uniform vases for all of the arrangements can be tedious, but these tips allow you to produce the items with ease and beauty.

Also for those who are looking to save money, you can buy cheap flowers and use them as the base for the floral arrangement, adding one or two more expensive flowers, like red roses, to the vase or container to draw the eye. This is yet another cost-effective way to go about putting together a floral arrangement. Floral arrangements are so particular because they are not used for very long. They are often only seen by people for one event, which means that they should look as beautiful as possible from the moment people see them. 

By utilizing the tips laid out above, you can take advantage of successful techniques to change your floral arrangements for the better. Without being smart, putting floral centerpieces together can be tedious and expensive. With some extra thought, however, the process can get much easier than it typically would be.

Maintaining the Flowers

It is also important to remember that flowers are living materials because faux or silk flowers just don't give the same touch. Fresh flowers cannot be left alone for long periods of time. Flower arrangements need a lot of care in order to last. For floral arrangements, especially those that are going to be used for more than one day, maintenance is very necessary. To ensure that the centerpieces will stay in good shape, the rotting and dead leaves must be removed before they infect the water with contaminants. If they are not trimmed, they can make flowers die faster. The water also needs to be changed after a couple of days to keep flowers fresh. Maintenance is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about having floral arrangements, but without doing so it is not possible for the pieces to be used correctly for as long as they are needed.

Indeed, depending on the flower that is used, there are different procedures that are needed. For example, temperature is very important when it comes to the process of floral arrangement. For some flowers, like roses, not only can warmer water help with preservations, but also with blooming. By using warm water and chemicals to help tend to the plants, flowers can open up and become much more beautiful. Wouldn't it be nice to see fully blown yellow roses sitting in a Mother's Day bouquet? The water used does not have to be scalding, but it does need to be hot enough to do the job. This is usually a little above room temperature. Also, it should be noted that you can use florists’ foam for your flowers to make sure they are in the correct position for as long as they are used. Florists foam is an often-overlooked tool that can make a great difference when it comes to arrangements.

Putting It All Together

It is clear that floral arrangements are not as simple as meets the eye. They require an immense amount of patience and practice if they are to be as they are supposed to be. In the end, however, they can look extraordinary when completed correctly. Floral arrangements are dependent upon a variety of factors. The type of flower is, of course, important. It needs to be picked at the right time of year, it needs to be in season, and it needs to be properly cared for. After all, if you try to include fall flowers in a spring arrangement, they might wilt faster. Without trimming, water of the right temperature, and correct storage, flowers that are meant to last in beautiful centerpieces will quickly die. However, the flowers are not solely the most important part of the floral arrangement.

In addition to flowers, containers and vases are equally important. With a vase that goes with the flowers, the arrangement can easily look wonderful. In the end, it is about doing what is right for you and your event. By using household items for floral arrangements, as well as flowers that are in season, you can create unique arrangements for less money. You can even take it a step further, and simply float flowers in water. This looks beautiful, especially with large blooms like a Gerbera daisy or a magnolia, and is about the simplest thing you can do for your arrangements.

Much like other artistic endeavors, there are very few rules to arranging flowers. They are, simply, that you must tend to them while they are on display, you must make sure they will stay as you want them, you must prepare them for display, and you must properly store them. All of these things present a learning curve, but once you discover how to do them in the best way for you, creating floral arrangements becomes a thing of ease. It is true, arrangements are not something that most people spend time on every day. In fact, they are not often used over the course of daily life, and so it can seem like a bit of a nuisance to learn how to craft them properly.

When floral arrangements are needed, however, it is usually for a very important event. That is why it is great to learn the skill. Not for everyday life, but for those moments when you want to celebrate something special. This way, you can craft your partner the perfect bouquet to say happy birthday or DIY a wedding day delivery of a rose bouquet to your best friend. Floral arrangements represent beauty, love, and effort, and are perfect for showing others how much you care and love them. Often, the smaller things in life are those that are the most impactful. Floral arrangements will not be able to be preserved forever, but their memory and beauty can always be remembered or captured in photos.

Floral arrangements are more than simply putting flowers in a container. There are many things that must be done, all of them pertaining to the placement and how to correctly care for the flowers, pick them, and utilize them. It is important that you know to properly prepare them and keep them looking great. Floral arrangement is about taking those things which are wonderful on their own and making them beautiful together.

For those who are looking to create beautiful floral arrangements, remember that it is a matter of examining all of the factors involved. You must keep in mind your surroundings, and you must use the resources you have around you to make sure you have the best result you can possibly achieve. Floral arrangements are varied, and there are many different techniques that can be used to create a variety of effects. By paying attention to the tips outlined above, you can take your floral arranging to a whole new level. It isn’t about being the best, it is about doing all you can to make an occasion as special as it can possibly be. Floral arrangement, once past the mandatory parts, is about experimenting and finding what is right. Doing all that you can to make the arrangements all that they can be in their own right. By using the above techniques, that is certainly possible.


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If flower arranging isn't quite your speed and you'd rather order flowers, or if this is a last-minute event, Venus ET Fleur is here to help. Today, you can create hundreds of different arrangements featuring unique shapes, colors, and sizes, and they're perfect for birthday flowers or any other special occasion for a loved one. Each arrangement contains anywhere from one to more than 150 Eternity® Roses, and with proper care, your arrangement can last an entire year— all the convenience of artificial flowers, but with real, fresh flowers.

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