Five Romantic Card Message Ideas

Sending flowers to a special someone is exciting, but often choosing the flowers is the easy part. When it comes to the card, it can be stressful to decide on what to write. You don’t want to come across as too emotional, but you also don’t want to appear as if you don’t have feelings for her or a reason for sending the flowers. Before you lose your mind on what to write, here are five message ideas that you can use to get your creative juices flowing to write the perfect note to enclose with her flowers. The next time that you want to send flowers to your girlfriend or someone you’re interested in, send her Venus ET Fleur! Our stunning luxury flowers are sure to take her breath away, and our 24 color choices will definitely make her smile. Shop our website now to find the perfect arrangement!

“I was thinking of you….”

It’s simple, but will stay in her mind and heart for a long time. Knowing that she’s on your mind and that you decided to send her flowers will make her heart flutter. If there’s something that made you think of her, write it in the card. For example, if you were browsing our website and noticed our sunny yellow roses or delicate pink blooms, mention that the color reminded you of her personality or of the dress that she wore on your first date. She’ll love the fact that you remembered small details of the time that you spent together and that you took the time to choose flowers that reminded you of that memory. You can elaborate on what made you think of her, or write about how excited that you are to spend time with her again.

“You mentioned that you loved roses….”

If she’s ever mentioned that she loves white roses or can’t get enough of hot pink rose arrangements, surprise her with a beautiful rose arrangement to show her that you were listening and care. Not only is this a sweet way to show her that you’re thinking of her, but you’ll also gain major brownie points for sending her a surprise floral arrangement after spending time with her and remembering a small detail of your conversation. End the card with “I can’t wait to learn more about you” and she won’t be able to hold back her smiles of excitement.

“I really like spending time with you….”

Spending time together is a huge aspect of a relationship, and telling her that you enjoy her company is a sweet gesture of kindness and adoration. This is an especially good phrase to include in your note if you’re still in that “getting to know you” stage and don’t want to overwhelm her with your feelings but want her to feel cared about. Try adding a bit more about how you can’t wait to spend more time together and are looking forward to your next date. Boys can play hard to get too, and keeping her guessing will make your next date even more exciting.

“You’re always on my mind….”

If she’s constantly racing through your thoughts and feel like want her to know how much you’re thinking of her, send her a tangible reminder of your infatuation. This will make her smile and feel adored by you. Choose her favorite color or color combination of our gorgeous Eternity roses and she’ll remember this gesture for years to come. If you’ve recently gone to the next level of your relationship, this is a great way to commemorate that and your simple words may even bring tears of joy to her eyes.

“I’m falling for you…”

Perhaps one of the most daring phrases to write on a card, expressing your feelings in no uncertain terms will be sure to take her breath away. Go all out with this one and send a stunning arrangement of our beautiful Eternity™ roses along with this heartfelt expression of your feelings. Finish your card with something along the lines of “you’re quickly becoming a part of my heart” and you’ll definitely make her weak in the knees. Paired with our luxury roses that can last for up to a year, she might not ever let you go.

Sending flowers along with a heartfelt card is a wonderful way to show that you care and are thinking of that special lady in your life. The next time that you want to send flowers, take your floral delivery to the next level and send Venus ET Fleur! Shop our website now to see the incredibly stunning difference!