Five Reasons to Send Venus ET Fleur Roses in April

Springtime is an exciting time full of budding trees, blooming flowers, and warmer temperatures. It also is the perfect time to send those you love an incredible Eternity™ rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur! In this blog, we’ll discuss some upcoming events and holidays in April that make for the perfect excuse to send a beautiful arrangement of stunningly vibrant and fragrant roses that can last for up to an entire year without any watering or maintenance. If you’re looking for a premier luxury rose company that runs on professionalism and elegance, browse our site now. With an amazing selection and the ability to customize your order to make your dream arrangement a reality, Venus ET Fleur will be your go-to website for all of your rose arrangement needs! Order today!

April Fool’s Day: While this day is traditionally a time to prank your friends and family in silly, harmless ways, throw the expectations aside and send a beautiful Venus ET Fleur rose arrangement! It will definitely surprise the recipient, and he or she may believe it was a fluke that the arrangement was delivered, but when you enclose a funny note on our high-quality stationery, your dear friend or family member will feel incredibly honored by your thoughtfulness and relieved not to be pranked.

Passover: The perfect gift for a friend or family who observes this Jewish holiday, a Venus ET Fleur Eternity™ rose arrangement is ideal for this holiday as it can be used as a centerpiece or element of the decor and it won’t require any maintenance or watering. The beauty of these luxurious arrangements is that you can choose whatever box design, color, or shape that you know the recipients will appreciate along with the perfect shade of roses. You can choose one color, a multitude, or even a unique design to thrill the hearts of the lucky friends or family members that get to open the box and exclaim at the beauty. If you have a custom idea and need help to finalize the design, contact our helpful customer service department for advice! We want to help you make the rose arrangement that is even better than your dreams.

Easter: A time full of friends, family, and color, sending a gorgeous rose arrangement full of fragrant and lovely Eternity™ roses will thrill the recipients and it will definitely last longer than a chocolate Easter bunny. You can choose from our wide array of lovely pastel colors and beautiful boxes. A rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur is even an excellent idea for a “grown-up Easter basket”. On top of the Eternity™ roses, you can include jewelry, a massage at a luxurious spa, a tee time at a favorite golf course, or a shopping spree at an upscale clothing or accessories boutique. While marshmallows, jelly beans, and chocolate is exciting during Easter, a brilliant and elegant box of Eternity™ roses will definitely take your Easter gift to the next level.

Earth Day: Celebrating our incredible planet is an important day out of the year. Remind your friends and family the importance of taking care of Mother Earth by having lovely Venus ET Fleur Eternity™ roses delivered to their homes, office, and places of business. A rose arrangement can be customized to perfectly compliment each and every recipient’s preferences, and since the roses last up to an entire year, they’ll serve as a constant and pleasing reminder to honor our planet and maintain it. Check out our website now to browse our rose colors and box shapes, designs, textures, and shades.

Administrative Professionals Day: Do you have a treasured administrative assistant or vital secretary and you want to honor him or her during this day dedicated to those who work behind the scenes, but keep your work life running smoothly? Send him or her a marvelous rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur. He or she will not be able to contain his or her excitement when the box arrives, and it can decorate his or her desk for up to a year with gorgeous color and fragrance. You can choose his or her favorite color and box design, shade, and shape to convey your thanks and gratitude, and the lovely high-quality stationery card can be personalize with a special heartfelt message.

Sending flowers is an excellent way to honor your friends and family and celebrate the exciting holidays in April. Traditional floral deliveries are definitely thoughtful, but if you truly want to wow the recipient, check out the Venus ET Fleur website now. You’ll not only send a premiere luxury rose arrangement, but you’ll also enclose a memorable experience that will be sure to impact the recipient for years to come. Full of vibrancy and fragrance, a Parisian-inspired box full of Eternity™ roses will take a celebration to the next level. Contact us today for impeccable customer service and amazing roses!