Fall Ideas for Dates, Parties, and Staying In

The fall brings a time for cozy nights and seasonal adventure, ideas abound about possible dates, parties, and evenings-in that are just right for the season. If you’re excited about fall events, getting your fall décor, clothing, and calendar together is the answer to perfect fall events and we’ve got a few creative ideas for all of them.

Setting the stage is always key to any great event, fall or not. At Venus et Fleur, we help set the stage for all the occasions in your life, whether you’re picking up an arrangement for Halloween or Thanksgiving, getting a gift for date night, or just wanting to warm your home for fall, we hope you choose us for your floral décor and gifts.

Things to do this Fall for Date Night, Nights In, and Beyond

Fall is a great time for gathering yourself and remembering what's important to you. After a summer of wild fun, fall offers the chance to decompress and enjoy some of the quieter comforts in life. No matter what you’re doing or who you’re with this fall, these ideas will help you bask in the spirit of the season.

Love is in the Air: Fall Date Night

When it comes to fall, romance is practically in the air. A cool chill starts and we gather on our hoodies and jackets, but over that initial layer of warmth, it's easy to want the warm hands of another as well. Whether you’re kindling a romance or keeping the magic alive, there’s plenty of great ideas for a fall date night. 

For those that have been together for a while, date nights can be a little harder to think of, luckily the different seasons give us special ideas every year. Planning a cute fall date is a great way to show her or him that they’re special to you. Some ideas include: a pumpkin patch and haunted hayride, haunted houses, fall walks with hot beverages, football games, or romantic evenings in.

One thing holds true for all these date night ideas, they’re quintessential parts of fall. Even a fall romance seems to go with the season. With so much nostalgia built into fall, as another summer comes to a close and so many things go dormant in the wait for new weather. It’s natural to want to cozy up and get to know someone as the rush of life slows down a bit.

For a romantic fall evening, any of the ideas above could work, especially if the football game involves a high-school or college sweetheart. However, fall also affords the opportunity for fun, cheap, creative dates at home.

Whether you want the evening to have a spooky appeal or to be one of warm fall colors and feelings, one great way to start a date night or romantic evening is with flowers. A bouquet with gold, orange or red, and black would be an arrangement fit for a queen of the dead. For a less Halloween-themed or somber arrangement, something in our Fleura Porcelain Vase that includes colors such as burgundy, orange, and champagne could capture the warm, changing colors of fall and match beautifully with various décor.

From there, your partner should already be flying over the moon with their arrangement. Whether you plan a night by dim fire or candlelight, seasonal comfort foods, and your best, comfy attire or a night in your Halloween costumes with weird foods and scary movies, the mood is sure to be set. Either way, your thoughtfulness will be the first thing on their mind as you embark on a unique, romantic date night.

Self Care and the Perfect Fall Evening For One

The most important relationships in life are the relationships that we have with ourselves. Naturally, with flowers so easily brightening the spirit, we’re big advocates for practicing self-care and we believe in the power of creating special moments, days, and experiences for ourselves.

Celebrate and practice the love you have for yourself by including a few of these moments for daily self-care this fall. 

First, set a specific time to stop working. Whether you want a full night of self care or are just keeping up with daily maintenance, this is always a good idea. This lets your mind shut off from work and allows you to recharge better than if you were still on messenger or “just wrapping things up,” long after you’re off the clock. At this time, get into something cozy for a nice fall night-in or a walk around the neighborhood, wash your face, and consider even putting your phone on silent.

On those lucky occasions where you don’t have any housework or personal goals taking up your day after work, think of this as a date night with yourself. We recommend making a warm, seasonal beverage and enjoying it on your couch as you breathe in the fall air and the incredible scent of our luxurious candles or for sipping on the porch in the quiet comfort of falling leaves. These cozy atmospheres after all are key to the wonderful feelings that come with fall.

In that same vein, modeling the aesthetic of your home to have the perfect fall feel is what really sets you up for self-care days that embrace the season. Fall décor is a great way for you to bring the warm feelings indoors. A selection of potpourri, branches and leaves, and flower arrangements in warm colors and an elegant vase are all great choices. This way, you can enjoy your time indoors surrounded by the essence of fall, and bring all the more comfort to your self care activities.

For dinner, have one of your favorite meals — something that’s simple and delicious. If you want to make your night extra easy, prep-cooking the day before or ordering-in are great options to keep either your cost or stress down. Set the table for yourself — light a candle, think of that which you’re grateful for, and take your time to really savor each  bite.

If you like taking baths, draw a hot bath and fill it with essential oils and epsom salts. Light a few candles, put on some soothing music, and take time to let your body and mind relax. You can follow this with a face mask, some dry brushing, and so forth.

You have the freedom to relax. Whether it's going to bed early, watching a movie, writing, calling your loved ones, or listening to music, do whatever you love that’s comfortable and anxiety free.

After a night of a fulfilling dinner, quiet and peaceful moments, it’s time to turn your phone on silent, if you haven’t already, and put on a guided meditation. Close your eyes, get under the covers, and listen to the meditation as you drift into sleep, allowing yourself to escape the tangles of your to-do lists and assignments and to tune into your own breath. This will allow for a more peaceful evening, without the dangers of TV or extra lights disturbing your sleep.

Inner Circle: an Evening with Your Nearest and Dearest

In honor of autumn, consider hosting a sumptuous fall dinner party outdoors. It’s a wonderful way to gather with friends and family, enjoy the cool evening air of the season, share delicious food and cocktails, and celebrate all that we have to be grateful for in life. To make the night as special as can be, the right fall décor can make things magical.

Whether you’re planning a dinner party indoors or out, we love the look of fairy lights strung from trees or your window coverings — the glistening bulbs will shine down on autumn leaves or sparkle about on glassware. To keep the theme going, place a linen tablecloth in a neutral or warm fall tone on your dining table and set the scene with a scattering of candles and arrangements such as our Le Mini Rounds in orange, red, gold, and other autumnal tones. Finally, to top off your fall table décor, consider placing a few branches and mini pumpkins on the dining table. You can also use our Le Mini arrangements as place card holders for a subtle, luxurious touch. They’re also very practical, as Le Mini Rounds make perfect gifts for many occasions. With 25 colors available to match any him or her, they’re the perfect gift for gatherings of family and friends at the holidays. 

After your  table has been set, select a playlist of soothing, upbeat music to pour through the air and set up a small outdoor bar cart with all of the essentials that you need for you and your guests to enjoy cocktails. Serve a menu of delicious fall dishes — think salads and hot, colorful soups that feature seasonal produce to get started, a fish or poultry entrée, and a few produce-rich side dishes to create a cornucopia of a meal — a beautiful and memorable fall harvest.

Make the Perfect Fall Date, Evening-In, or Party With Venus et Fleur

Creating the perfect setting for your fall is the key to making every night special this season. While some decorations gain dust and flowers fade away, a fall floral arrangement from Venus et Fleur will last the whole year and look stunning all the way through. Shop with us for customized arrangements that beautifully match your décor and that will impress anyone as a gift this fall.