8 Cool Fall Date Ideas

The seasons are changing, and the autumn leaves are not the only thing in the air. Fall is the perfect time to pursue a new romance, especially as the weather cools to more comfortable temperatures and the trees and streets are alight with rich, warm colors. All sorts of seasonal flavors and activities also become available, which opens plenty of doors when it comes to fresh and fun romantic adventures. 

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Keep reading to learn all about eight cool fall date ideas that will help you to make the most of this lovely season while also strengthening your relationship more than ever. 

1. Grab a Coffee 

A coffee date is always a crowd-pleaser, but you can take this classic couple activity to the next level by grabbing your favorite seasonal drinks to really get deep into the feeling of fall. One of the most famous and beloved seasonal fall drinks is the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (or PSL, as the true fans might call it), which combines fabulous flavors and spices like pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. 

Other fall drinks that can take you and your date’s coffee run to the next level include a warm apple cider, chai tea, or butterscotch latte. Any of these beverages make a wonderful way to create a warm and pleasant sensation in your stomach that pairs well with the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when spending time with your significant other. Putting the two together is a major win for all. 

2. Pick Some Apples 

Another fantastic fall date idea is to go apple picking with your loved one. Not only is this an excellent way for the two of you to work together towards picking the perfect bushel of apples, but it also has the benefit of leaving you both with a delicious snack. 

The ripe fall apple, especially when picked straight from its organic source, is a very powerful thing indeed. This versatile fruit can extend your apple picking date into a whole apple-themed day, in which you then use your apples in a drink or food that the two of you create together. 

We already know that apples make a refreshing cider beverage, but they also can be used to make mouthwatering baked goods like apple pie, apple cider donuts, and apple turnovers. If the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, then you are definitely on the right track to building a love that will last a lifetime with this fruitful date idea. 

3. Visit a Pumpkin Patch 

This beloved fall activity is an absolute must to turn into the perfect date with your partner. Part of the fun with visiting a pumpkin patch stems from the visit itself, as it is hard not to feel giddy when surrounded by bright orange pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, as far as the eye can see. 

You can both take a trip back down memory lane to some fond moments of your childhoods by each picking out a pumpkin of your own to bring home. This is where the date reaches even greater heights of amusement and fulfillment for both parties, as you both show off your creativity and personalities to carve and decorate your pumpkins. 

Sharing your respective creations (as well as how impressive or hideous they ended up looking) will be a marvelous method for capping off the date with a good laugh and the general feelings of merriment and closeness.

4. Take a Walk 

There is not much that is quite as invigorating and breath-taking (both literally and emotionally) as a walk or run out in the fall weather. Have your significant other join in on all of the sweaty fun by taking a scenic stroll amongst the vibrant fall foliage and fresh air for a new way to open up your hearts, minds, and lungs together. 

While you can easily have a good time walking around your own neighborhood or city in the autumn season, you can also take the date and views to the next level by finding a trail or path to hike along. This will pull you right into the middle of the gorgeous natural beauty that is so indicative of the fall months, making for an activity you will not forget any time soon. 

Whatever activity the two of you decide upon, feel free to go at your own pace. After all, it does not do much good in love to rush things or people along prematurely, so carry that same mentality on for a steady and healthy progression of your relationship. 

5. Have a Staycation 

One of the most underrated date ideas out there is a staycation. While it can initially seem unglamorous and unexciting to some, it is a rejuvenating and stress-free date idea if you do it right. Take the time to pamper yourself and your significant other, utilizing both of your favorite scents and donning your comfiest robes in order to truly feel like you are doing something special for yourselves. 

You can both even take the staycation one step further by becoming a tourist in your own city. Breathe in that crisp fall air as you explore parts of your own area that you may not have ever been to or noticed before. This date idea can make a place you have spent plenty of time in and thought you knew so well feel like a whole new city, automatically livening up your lives and regular routines. 

6. Find a Fair

Some of the best fairs and festivals across the nation occur during the fall season, so make the most of these busting seasonal attractions while you can by making a date of it. The unique local traditions and cultures come to life at a fall festival, bringing about a different and incredible experience at every single one you visit (making it fairly likely that you and your date won’t want to stop after just visiting one). 

From September to November, you can find everything from boat races to grand lighting ceremonies of thousands of jack-o-lanterns. With all of this variety, it should prove fairly easy for you and your date to find a fair near you with attractions that you both are sure to enjoy. Some are quite popular, however, so be sure to do your research and make the necessary plans ahead so you don’t miss out on the chance to experience this immersive date experience.

7. Watch a Scary Movie 

Sure, your heart starts beating a little bit quicker around the person you are dating, but if you really want that organ to pick up the speed, watch a scary movie on your next fall date. There is nothing like utter terror to bond two people together, making for a memorable and unifying date experience for horror lovers and haters alike. 

A way to take this date idea to the next level in the autumn months is to take the movie-watching experience to the great outdoors. Sure, it may make the whole situation feel a little bit more frightening, but that spookiness is just another hallmark of the fall season that is enjoyable to embrace in some capacity, even if you are not a fan of scary things. After all, if you are too terrified, at least you have your date to protect you (or at the very least act as a human shield, you know, just in case). 

So whether you are seeing it from within your home or outside at a drive-in theater, a scary movie is definitely a date idea that will give you both a thrill and get you feeling fall on a deeper level than before. 

8. Try a Weekend Escape 

Leave the grind of the workweek and demands of daily life behind for a romantic weekend escape to a place within driving distance that is still slightly off the beaten track. Rent a cabin together to embrace the spirit of fall and bask in nature and fresh air that all come alive in a whole new way during this time of year. 

Not only will getting away together in a cozy private cabin be beneficial for your relationship, but it can also prove to be a positive influence on your mental health. A weekend getaway is usually relatively easy to plan in addition to being the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the constant noise of the world and your technology and instead focus on yourselves and your loved one. 

This is definitely a date that will leave you and your partner feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and full of fall spirit. 

In Conclusion 

The eight date ideas above are some of the most foolproof and fun ways to spend your fall days with the person you love most. Deepen your relationship and delight each other by trying new things in addition to keeping with old fall traditions that help to make the season feel as special as it should. 

So, no matter the nature and length of your relationship, you can find great joy and fulfillment in the fall date ideas and find your dating or married life feeling better and livelier than ever before.



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