Fall Décor and Fashion Ideas by Color

Fashion weeks may look a bit different this year, and with all that’s going on, we’re embracing style and coziness in our ideas for our fall décor and colors. Fall is a time for treasuring the elegance and essentials and appreciating the beauty of all the colors surrounding us.

With that said, there are colors that we’ll be seeing everywhere this autumn — on the runways, in home décor, and in Venus et Fleur flower arrangements. Using the colors du jour to incorporate colorful fall décor into the various aspects of your life — your home, wardrobe, makeup, and so forth — is an easy way to make them even more stylish and give yourself a boost this fall.

So, what are zeitgeist colors for the season, and how can you use them for a style?


We love and adore pink, and for fall 2022 the subtle, feminine, and playful tone is in. Consider upgrading your style in this gorgeous tone. Start by decorating with a stunning arrangement of pink roses in a Small Round hat box. You can also customize and design your own Venus et Fleur arrangement. Place it on your vanity, desk, or bedside table, and enjoy the positivity that the playful tone radiates.

Earth Tones: 

Autumn is an amazing time on earth — the weather and our natural surroundings are incredibly gorgeous and you can almost feel wisdom in the air. Embrace the grounding essence of fall by filling your life with pieces in earth tones. Blush, nude, and gray are in!

Our Large Square flower box, made of gray suede with blush roses, perfectly encapsulates earthy tones. With Eternity® Roses, real roses that  will last all year, your home will be more sophisticated for fall and the entire year. Another planty-aspect to consider is bringing in earthly elements such as pieces of wood or leaves into your home — they’re great for creating beautiful tablescapes and integrating the natural world and can be fashioned into a number of other suitable fall décor pieces.

Moving from your home’s décor to your wardrobe, earth tones are a great color to be in style because they incorporate seamlessly into your wardrobe. A blush turtleneck, a brown suede jacket, and a number of gray pieces make matching easy. Pair them with black and white for a timeless look, and select an accessory in a more vivid color (navy, pink, and orange are all amazing with earth tones) for a truly sophisticated, fall-ready look.


Dark fall colors reflect the changing of leaves from green to dark oranges and reds and add gorgeous colors to your home décor and wardrobe. 

Burgundy roses, also the color of leaves ready to fall, represent power and sophistication. Not only will it complement your other fall décor, but the Le Plein with burgundy roses makes a perfect self care or romantic gift. It will give your home a cozy and fall-ready style to warm up with that special someone or to indulge in the comforts of the season yourself.

To keep the spirit alive and to give yourself a sultry look for the season, consider a matte, deep red lipstick. It’ll elevate your look in mere seconds, and will make you look gorgeous and professional for your numerous Zoom meetings. A maroon dress is the ideal piece for a date night this autumn — find one that you love and dress it up with some gold-toned jewelry for an autumn-ready look that’s wildly romantic and timeless. With that dress and lipstick to match, you can sweep a man off his feet or send plenty of boys home wishing they had a chance.


We’re major fans of dark fall colors, especially the black roses that fit perfectly in fall flower arrangements. Maybe one of the best times of year to incorporate black in décor, autumn and Halloween provide tons of great colors, like orange, yellow, red, and even shades of purple, that go great alongside black flowers. If you are looking for eye-catching and stunning black décor, the black rose placed in a Le Mini Round marble hat box fits perfectly anywhere. It can accent other décors for events or stand alone in a small space in your home. It’s also available in more timeless box colors like white or gray for your closet. This pairs well with using the beautiful Fleura Vase in deep burgundy for your kitchen, dining area, living room, or other focal points of your home. 

As far as fashion choices go, you likely already have some black in your closet to go along with your fall wardrobe. Accent it with autumn and Halloween themed jewelry or other accessories for a look that's clean and stylish, but that also has some fun with the season.

Colorful Arrangements:

Just as autumn leaves come in different tones, you can punctuate your living room with a varied, colorful arrangement. If you love the colors of fall you can get them all inside one arrangement to tie together all your décor. Our Fluera Porcelain Vase with mixed orchids contains burgundy roses, green craspedias, and dianthus, as well as other flowers like purple orchids and plumb and hot pink roses. These Eternity® flower colors all contract with each other perfectly and are admired as a work of art for up to the entire year to come. 

With it being fall, consider placing a few vibrant pumpkins around your house. They’re fun, playful, earthy, and gorgeous — and this year, they’re on trend. We also love the look of a leather orange catchall tray, a cozy orange cashmere blanket on the couch, and a bowl of persimmons or oranges in the kitchen for a pop of seasonal color.

Incorporating the various colors of fall leaves a lot of options, but not necessary colors we’re all used to incorporating. To get yourself something in orange, an orange lip tone with otherwise nude, barely-there makeup or no makeup is a great, daring look that will brighten your face and make your natural features glow. Plus, you don’t have to spend on clothes you might only wear once a year. We also love the look of an orange sweater or long sleeved shirt with jeans and boots, and have seen a few incredible orange dresses on the runways. Elevate the look even more with some gold jewelry, and you’ll have a warm, gorgeous fall look.

Choose Your Color and Step into Fall Clothing and Décor

Looking great for fall doesn’t have to be tricky, for you or your home’s décor. Incorporating simplicity with the colors of fall will have you looking great and matching the ambiance of the season perfectly. To tie it all together or get started, shop with Venus et Fleur for all your fall arrangements.