5 Wonderful Engagement Gifts for Your Friends

One of your friends getting engaged is a joyful and exciting occasion to celebrate. Showing your friend and their new forever beau that you are happy for them with an engagement gift is a thoughtful and lovely way to commemorate this special occasion. At Venus ET Fleur®, we compiled a list of wonderful engagement gifts for your dear friends. 

Whatever your price point, there is sure to be a lovely gift idea that is guaranteed to make the happy couple smile. Whether thoughtful and personal or the iconic crowd-pleaser, there is no shortage of thoughtful gift options for you. 

1. Special Wall Art 

When it comes to art pieces, there are several personalized options you can go for. A customized couples portrait, pets included, is a unique way to celebrate their upcoming union. Personalizing the little details, such as the hair, clothes, and dog collar, will be a touching gift that will show your friend how much you love them. Plus, it will capture this special moment in time through individualized artistry. 

Another idea for spectacular and special wall art is customizing and framing a mountain range created from maps of their hometowns, where they met, or their wedding location. This is a hand-crafted and inspired piece of art that will be sure to tug at heartstrings. It is a personal and touching way to celebrate your friend’s journey to find everlasting love. 

If your friend loves stargazing and getting their birth chart read, then perhaps they would also appreciate an art piece depicting the constellations of the night they met, or the night they got engaged. It is a poetic and symbolic way to show that their love was written in the stars. Even if you and your friends are not ones to believe in cosmic forces, it is hard to deny the humbling beauty of capturing a momentous starry night sky. 

2. Raise Your Glass to True Love: Personalized Wine Gifts

Another classic and appreciated engagement gift to give your friend is a personalized wine bottle. While anyone can pick up a bottle of vino on the way to an engagement party, showcasing the forethought to bring a personalized labeled bottle recognizing this special date will be a memento your friend will certainly enjoy. There are many businesses that will inscribe the bottle with whatever message you choose, and then package it in a gift box, saving you time and effort gift wrapping. Even if the wine does not last long, the message on the bottle definitely will. 

A couple’s first year of marriage has several exciting milestones to celebrate and cherish. Show your love for the road ahead by selecting several of their favorite bottles of wine. On each bottle, place a tag that dictates the occasion for which this bottle is meant. Whether it’s a married couple’s first Thanksgiving, New Years’, or Valentine’s Day together in matrimonial bliss, they are sure to appreciate your loving forethought. 

Along with wine and liquor, drinking accessories are a wonderful idea for an engagement present. A customized shadow box is a perfect accompaniment to any wine bottle as an artistic way to use wine corks. It is almost certain that your friend and their fiance are receiving an influx of champagne bottles and toasts. 

A great way to show some thoughtfulness is by gifting a beautiful chilling bucket. Go retro-inspired with a mid-century glass style, showcasing that something beautiful can also be practical. Deliver your gift paired with your favorite bottle of champagne, ready to be perfectly chilled. A beautiful and detailed bottle opener will also add sparkling elegance to any bar cart. 

3. Beautiful Flowers for a Beautiful Couple 

Venus ET Fleur’s Eternity® Roses are a beautiful way to celebrate love and wish congratulations. Our flowers elevate and refresh the aesthetic quality of your home, bringing in a sense of refined and feminine opulence to your space. An upcoming wedding of someone you love is a lovely reason to shower them with the positivity and radiating elegance of our vases. The Fleur Vase combines our coveted Le Plein style arrangement in a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic Vessel. 

Our Maison Collection is inspired by classic Roman architecture. Each handcrafted porcelain vessel is created to embody a statuesque presence akin to the beautiful pieces that led the art world through one of its most visionary and symbolic time periods. Just like Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, our arrangements exude the wonderment that is the beauty of the feminine divine. 

The flowers featured in these arrangements are our new Eternity Hydrangeas and Gardenias, as well as the Eternity Garden Rose®. Each arrangement consists of Real Flowers That Last A Year™. 

Hydrangeas, recognizable for their simultaneously bold and delicate color and form, represent ideals such as forgiveness, gratitude, vanity, and boastfulness, depending on where you are in the world. With the stunning abundance of delicate petal flower balls and lavish accompanying leaves, these flowers have a magical essence fit for every moment. 

Garden roses are soft and supple, a flower that is classic for a reason. Gardenias, rounding up the arrangement trio, symbolizes trust, purity, friendship, and self-reflection. It represents admiration and grace, which is a beautiful message to send to celebrate a friend’s engagement.

4. Gift Boxes Galore 

Getting engaged is a monumental milestone in any person’s life. With the exciting buzz of celebration and realizing it is time to begin planning a wedding, it can be hard to remember to take some time to rest up and relax. 

Sending your friend a spa gift box filled with lotions, face masks, and nail polishes will be an amazing way to send a little self-care and love your friend’s way. Additional good options to include are cozy soft socks, an essential oil diffuser, a blank notebook and pen to write down their experiences, and a silk eye mask for some much-deserved shut-eye. 

5. Wedding Planning Equipment

The perfect gift for any couple about to embark on their wedding planning journey is a wedding planning gift set. This can include a book about wedding planning, a collection of wedding-themed magazines, and organizing journals and materials to help make this intricate process easy and clear. 

Another helpful and beautiful engagement gift is a lovely and thoughtfully chosen stationery set. Your friend will be writing many thank you notes, making this gift one that will definitely be appreciated. Choose something that reminds you of their taste and personality, making their notes even more special. 

Along with stationary, take all outgoing save the dates to the next level with a customized wax seal with the future spouses’ initials. A modern wax seal creates a letter-opening experience that is immediately both intriguing and elegant.  

If wax seals are not stealing your heart, an alternative option is a customized stamp and ink pad. You can either create a return address or a save the date crest to stamp on the backs of the envelopes. This will be a touching memento your friend will appreciate as they plan their special day. 

Final Takeaways Before You Begin Shopping 

An engagement gift, while not required, is a sweet gesture that shows your friend how excited you are for them as they embark on this exciting journey. Your gift should serve a purpose, such as helping organize wedding planning materials to keep track of the band, color schemes, and gifts received. 

Keep the couple’s interests in mind and tailor your gift to what you think they will both need and appreciate the most when shopping. If your gift is focusing primarily on one member of the couple, be sure to mention their other half in the card, so they do not feel left out. 

If the couple has it set up in time for their engagement party, you can also check out their registry and select something from there as an engagement gift. Take the same money you would spend on a bottle of champagne and put it towards a little something special that they will have forever. A personal gift, whether that be a piece of art, a monogrammed robe, or a new journal to remember this exciting time, is a wonderful way to show you care. 



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